Disney World Just Released Its Most Expensive Ears EVER!

There are some seriously expensive merchandise items in Disney World.

50th Anniversary Tiara

Whether you’re buying crystal models of Cinderella Castle or pricey jewelry, there are plenty of ways to blow through some cash. However, the newest pair of designer ears in Magic Kingdom may take the cake!

Earlier this year, we got a preview of Disney World’s Luxe Logo 50th Anniversary collection. Today, many of the items dropped in Disney World, including some new ears. And the Mickey Mouse Ear Hat is $1000!!!


Yeah, you read that right…1000 with three zeros. HUH?! To be fair, they’re completely glitzed to the max, with jewels all over and sparkly golden background. You’ll also get a black dust bag and decorative 50th Anniversary commemorative box included with your purchase.

They are sparkly, that’s for sure.

If you want to drop a grand on the newest ears, you can find them in Magic Kingdom at Uptown Jewelers. If you’re feeling particularly budget-conscious, you can just walk by and admire them in their display case, we won’t judge.

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Would you ever spend $1000 on a Disney World souvenir? Tell us in the comments!

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