PHOTOS: You Have to Look REAL Close to See The Latest EPCOT Update!

As we approach the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary, Disney fans may forget one of the other milestones that Disney will be celebrating this October — EPCOT’s 40th Anniversary!

EPCOT Entrance

To honor the occasion, the EPCOT entrance area has been getting quite a few new additions including new lighting and music. And, while many of these have already debut in the park, there is still more to come on Spaceship Earth!

When the anniversary celebrations begin, Spaceship Earth will light up with a brand new color scheme featuring lights that twinkle like stars across the reflective paneling. Disney has shared a behind-the-scenes look at the new technology (which is super cool) and we’re starting to see the lights installed on the exterior!

Today, when we were passing by Spaceship Earth we could see something different up on the top right of the structure.

From afar, Spaceship Earth doesn’t look much different

Thanks to zoom on our phone, we were able to check out the new lights that had been installed! From what we could tell, it looks like the lights are in a clusters of 12 right now.

But, there’s something NEW on the exterior!

Once complete, Spaceship Earth will come to life with hues of purple, green, and blue and complete the EPCOT entrance glow-up!

Concept art for Spaceship Earth’s 50th anniversary makeover © Disney

We’ll continue to check in on the progress of all the 50th anniversary preparations around Walt Disney World! Stay tuned to AllEars for the latest!

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Will you be visiting Disney World for the 50th anniversary celebrations? Let us know in the comments!

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One Reply to “PHOTOS: You Have to Look REAL Close to See The Latest EPCOT Update!”

  1. I really love Epcot . The new additions look like they will be great . My problem is why are buildings unoccupied . For the cost of admission , nothing should be empty or not active ( unless it’s a reno ) . Disney’s biggest flaw is the lack of actual rides throughout all their parks. I would love to see Universal and Disney merge ( obviously not reality ) to create the ultimate park . Universals ride options and Disney’s theming would be most excellent.