What Happens to the Disney Skyliner on a Particularly Windy Day?

It was a rather blustery day today in Disney World and that seems to have caused some problems for the Disney Skyliner! We were trying to catch a ride from Epcot today when we noticed that the Skyliner gondolas had a bit of a sway to them.

Disney Skyliner en route to Epcot

We know when the Skyliner first opened, both the heat and wind were some of the concerns guests had with the new transportation system. So, what actually does happen with the Skyliner on a windy day?

Due to the high wind, the Epcot Skyliner Station was temporarily closed today. While it was closed, there were Cast Members on hand to help direct guests to boats and buses to make sure they were able to get where they needed to go.

Skyliner Closed

We also spotted maintenance up at the Skyliner stations. Potentially they were there to help close the line since the winds got too high.

Skyliner Closed

While the Skyliner certainly had a bumpy start, for weather-related delays like they experienced today, the Cast Members were on top of making sure guests’ safety was the top priority, and were helpful in directing everyone to the next best mode of transportation to get where they needed to go!

What are your thoughts on the Disney Skyliner? Have you loved the ride through the sky — or would you rather stick to the buses? Let us know in the comments below!

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7 Replies to “What Happens to the Disney Skyliner on a Particularly Windy Day?”

  1. I love, love, love the Skyliner. It was so fun to ride. Much better than bused or even the monorail. I’d ride it any day. I just wish that the Skyliner went to all of the parks.

  2. The real problem is at Epcot where a closure means walking all the way to the front of the park to catch a bus (boats don’t go everywhere and a pitifully slow). Unless they come up with a way to dispatch buses to the international gateway, a closure at Epcot would be infuriating.

  3. As someone who is afraid of heights I do NOT want to see the Skyliner extended as they will then reduce the sometimes pitiful bus services even more. I can choose not to go on ToT and EE, if the Skyliner becomes the normal mode of transport everywhere I wouldn’t be able to chose NOT to go on that. As it is we will no longer consider any resort on the Skyliner route until such time as they choose to restore full bus service.

  4. We rode the Skyliners several times last week. They are so much faster than the buses and the views are pretty. I don’t like heights and enclosed places, but I had no problems riding.

  5. We loved the Skyliner. We hope to see it expanded to include more parks and resorts. We loved the almost non-existent waits.

    Although it did get windy a couple days we were there they didn’t have to close but as long as they added buses to compensate, we’d be very understanding. We appreciate putting safety first.

    1. I rode the Skyliner several times in December 2019. One time it was raining and a bit windy, but the ride was still comfortable and the swaying wasn’t anywhere as bad as I’ve experienced on sky lifts during winter ski trips.
      I only had one wait of about 10 minutes; really quick loading and unloading.
      I was concerned that the Skyliner would obstruct some of the views around the parks, but it isn’t all that bad.