Six Pavilions We Wish Would Come to World Showcase

Epcot’s World Showcase is easily one of the crown jewels of Walt Disney World. The collection of eleven pavilions situated around World Showcase Lagoon provide some of Walt Disney World’s most stunning architecture, experiences, and (of course!) food and drink.

China Framing 1
China Pavilion, World Showcase

But just because we love World Showcase doesn’t mean it’s perfect. The primary issue we have with this internationally-inspired area: Disney hasn’t added a new country to the Showcase since Norway opened in 1988, and the Park is long overdue for a new addition.

But we’ve got six possible new pavilion additions that we think could give World Showcase new life!

Remaining space for World Showcase nations


Anyone familiar with Disney concept art has likely seen the rendering for a potential Russia pavilion that was nearly built in the early 1990s. Dominated by a recreation of Moscow’s St. Basil’s Cathedral, the area would have boasted an animatronic show detailing the nation’s history, a possible boat ride, and the requisite Russian food, drinks, and shops.

Disney’s rendering of a possible Russia pavilion

The pavilion was abandoned when the Soviet Union fell, and it has yet to be officially revisited. While diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Russia are still… frosty, we think the country would offer an entirely new take in the World Showcase.


If World Showcase nations must have an instantly identifiable icon to serve as their centerpieces, Egypt would have a great case for its addition to the World! How exciting would a recreation of the Great Pyramids complete with a fully explorable Pharaoh’s tomb be? Need we say more?

Of course, the argument could be made that World Showcase already has a pyramid in its portfolio (we see you, Mexico pavilion), and that could be a sticking point in the argument against Egypt.

Mexico Pavilion


World Showcase is desperately lacking in South American representation, and Brazil seems like an exciting country to fill that void. In addition to Brazilian food and drink, the pavilion could feature a Disney-fied Carnival celebration or an attraction that takes guests on a journey through the Amazon rainforest. This would even provide a  natural opportunity for Disney to further explore its message of conservation.

World Showcase Lagoon Construction Progress

Current internet buzz suggests a Brazil pavilion could be announced in the near future, but until anything is officially confirmed, we’ll have to keep daydreaming.


Honestly, we’re surprised there’s not already an Ireland pavilion in World Showcase. Concepts like an authentic Irish pub and restaurant, the recreation of an Irish village, and an attraction based around Leprechauns – done in a tasteful and respectful way, of course – seem tailor-made for Epcot.

United Kingdom Pavilion

On the other hand, the United Kingdom pavilion already represents Northern Ireland, meaning an Ireland pavilion could be redundant. Still, we do love the Ireland food booth at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, and the Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant in Disney Springs satisfies our craving for Irish-inspired cuisine, so maybe this one offers a little less new than some of the other concepts.


Rumors of an India pavilion being added to World Showcase have been around nearly as long as the Park itself, but speculation has picked up in recent years thanks to the success of the live action version of The Jungle Book. Some have even imagined that the pavilion’s centerpiece would be a massive E-Ticket boat ride based on the film.

The Jungle Book

We’d welcome an India pavilion for its food, too! And how exciting would it be to see the Taj Mahal flanking the Lagoon alongside the other recreated world landmarks?

Equatorial Africa

An Equatorial Africa pavilion was scheduled to be added to Epcot shortly after the Park opened in the spot where the Refreshment Outpost is currently located. However, for political and economic reasons, the pavilion was never built. While many argue that Animal Kingdom’s elaborately-themed Africa negates the need for an Africa pavilion, we feel it would fill a glaring hole in the World Showcase lineup.

 What nation would you love to see added to the landscape of World Showcase? Let us know what you think about our suggestions — or leave a suggestion of your own — in the comments below!


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49 Replies to “Six Pavilions We Wish Would Come to World Showcase”

  1. These are the missing (obvious) countries. Except Equatorial Africa which is not needed considering the African area in Animal Kingdom The three other countries that would also be obvious additions are: Australia, Spain (think tapa’s restaurant), and Holland (World Showcase needs a windmill). Switzerland is also a good option.

  2. The Caribbean, South America, Australia / New Zealand, sub-Sahara Africa, and South Asia (India / Pakistan / Bangladesh) are missing from thw World Showcase.
    And Antarctica might be fun.

  3. Whatever countries are added, keep them based on the culture of the countries and not another Disney movie. Let’s all learn something about the country.

  4. These are all great suggestions. I personally really want to see the Russia and India pavilions come to life. I also think an Australia and a “Tropics” pavilion (combinations of places like the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Bermuda, Fiji, etc.) would be really awesome! Peru with an Emperor’s New Groove ride could be so much fun, as well.

  5. All very good pavilion suggests. Others to consider: Holland for the addition of a windmill to the architecture, Scotland over Ireland so a Brave attraction could find a home, and Australia is clearly missing (unless it eventually lands in Animal Kingdom). Another South American possibility is Peru with the infusion of Inca legend and a recreation of Machu Picchu. Although Peru would be an ideal setting for a Dinoland replacement if the decision was ever made to add an Indiana Jones overlay in Animal Kingdom.

  6. Maybe Peru? One of the best cuisines in the world + Michu Picchu + The Emperor’s New Groove attraction + 🦙 llamas!

  7. Would love to see SPAIN because of the amazing food, music, history, and traditions. GREECE because of the architecture, history, and food. BRAZIL because of the culture, food, and there is no country from South America represented. AUSTRALIA because of the food and rich tradition.

  8. New Zealand with a Maori village restaurant doing a hangi. Also something extreme like virtual bungee jumping or zorbing.
    Jordan with a recreation of part of Petra..

  9. I’d like to see an Australian pavilion. Also I think that Ireland, Scotland, and Wales should be individually represented as each has its’ own character and customs.

  10. My picks would be Russia, Australia/ New Zealand, Israel, India, Brazil, and something in central Africa. I’d also really love to see the boat ride get built in Germany true to its original intent and not related to some movie.

  11. Thank you for the quarantine distraction! We had a long discussion/debate at our house and here’s what we came up with!
    And then like an island chain like the Bahamas or French Polynesia!

  12. Definitely Greece. I love their food. If they needed a meet and greet, they could use Hercules and Meg. Australia would be really cool also. Instead of Brazil, how about Peru with the Incans and their different landscapes. They could use Cousco and Kronk in their meet and greet.

  13. EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.
    Prototype is a Greek word meaning first!
    Greece is credit for so much from the Olympics to democracy to medicine to philosophy and so much more! The world owes Greece for all its done! No offense to the other countries on this list but Disney has to do what’s right!

  14. Thailand or Vietnam would be great! It would be kinda neat to pass through a “Suez Canal” on the way to Central or South America.

  15. My first four top choices would be Brazil, India, Puerto Rico, and Australia. Those all represent parts of the globe with no country representation: South America, South India, Caribbean, & Australia.

  16. I wonder to what degree Disney bases its “future pavilion” decisions on how easy it will be to include character meet ‘n’ greets in each country, because they seem to have found a way to include preexisting characters in just about every country and have them be suitable and representative in some way – Mary Poppins and Alice in the UK, Aladdin and Jasmine in Morocco, etc. This kind of synergy seems important to Disney whenever possible.

  17. Greece would be nice & the architecture is very different from what is already there. India would be good too.

    Ireland is too similar to UK and Egypt is probably too similar to Morocco as well. We were at WDW during the millennium celebration when they added that building with Brazil, Israel, & whatever the 3rd country was (can’t ever remember).

    1. Ireland is…sigh…completely culturally different to the UK. And an independent country for almost a century. And a former colony…like much of the US (and the world – nobody thinks India is similar to the UK)…so the fact that we speak English shouldn’t be construed as similarity of ethnicity or culture!

      In fairness, I can understand your confusion when somehow the UK pavilion has misappropriated uniquely IRISH products to sell, such as Guinness and Baileys.

      The quest to help people understand that Ireland is NOT linked to the UK continues!

  18. Greece! The architecture is amazing as well as the food. And with the incredible history of the country I think it would make a fantastic addition to the World Showcase. I would actually rather see this next instead of Brazil.

  19. I would love for them to add a Venetian boat ride to the Italy pavilion. It needs more than a very perfumey shop and 2 restaurants. Or even a boat tour you board in France and meander through countries seeing animatronic sights with stops here and there like the train in Magic Kingdom that stops at Fantasyland and the front of the park.

  20. I definitely agree with Russia. Ireland not so much. India would be great as well. No desire for anymore Brazilian stuff. The rude tour groups are enough. AK has Africa covered and Morocco is IN Africa. As for Egypt, they could build the Sphinx instead of the pyramids as the icon and problem solved!