Have a Seat in Walt Disney World – Part 2

Like everything that Disney does, theming is paramount. In this multi-part blog I’ll be touring all four parks and pointing out benches, chairs, and other seating options that have been themed specifically for a land or area. For the most part, I’ll be concentrating on non-restaurant seating.

Yesterday we covered the Magic Kingdom.

Our next stop on this seating tour is Epcot.

There are very few benches between the turnstiles and Spaceship Earth, yet plenty of seating can be found here. All of the planters in this area have a wide projection that acts as a seat and the fountain’s ledge provides a perfect photo opportunity for groups to sit on.

Epcot Entrance Planter/Bench

Epcot Entrance Fountain

The following two benches are located in Future world. The first picture illustrates the seating found within the Innoventions Courtyard and on the walkway leading to World Showcase. Although it can be seen in various colors, its simplistic, modern design remains constant in these areas. The second bench is positioned throughout Future World East and West.

Innovention Benches

Future World Benches

Let’s start with Mexico on our tour around World Showcase. The benches here are somewhat simple, being made up of wrought iron ends and wooden slats.

Mexico Bench

The benches in Norway are slightly more detailed than those in Mexico. If you notice, the bench’s back is more elaborate than its Latin American neighbor.

Norway Bench

In China we find a traditional Asian design. Pleasant to the eye. Hard on the butt.

China Bench

African Outpost offers a number of tables and chairs. This is a good spot if you need to relax for more than just a couple of minutes.

African Outpost Table and Chairs

In between many of the pavilions you’ll find a very generic bench. It was chosen as it would blend into any surrounding without detracting from the distinct national architectures found around World Showcase.

World Showcase Generic Bench

In Germany you’ll find another simple slat bench. But you’ll also find a number of tables and chairs situated around the Saint George fountain. This is another good spot to while away some time.

Germany Bench

St. George Fountain Table and Chairs

Like China, Italy offers some rather hard seating options. Carved marble might be lovely to look at, but after a couple of minutes sitting on one of these beauties and you’ll be back on your feet in no time. For a slightly more relaxing choice, pick one of the nearby metal-work tables and chairs.

Italy Bench

Italy Table and Chairs

The only benches I could find outside of the American Adventure were in the American Gardens Theater — and these are only available during performances. The seating options here are either on the brick planters or the cushioned tables and chairs adjoining the Liberty Inn Restaurant.

American Adventure Planter/Bench

American Adventure Table and Chairs

Like China and Italy, the seating options in Japan are rock hard.

Japan Benches

In Morocco we find yet another stone bench. But the nearby fountain is beautiful enough to make you forget for a moment that you’re sitting on a hard surface.

Morocco Bench

Morocco Fountain

France offers a wooden bench, but don’t plan on leaning back. The support is somewhat lacking. However, sidewalk-café styled tables and chairs are available on the water’s edge for a more leisurely moment.

France Bench

France Table and Chairs

One of the most lovely spots in World Showcase can be found in the United Kingdom and there are plenty of benches in this area to sit on and enjoy the atmosphere.

United Kingdom Bench

And of course, one of the most famous seating areas in World Showcase is found on the UK’s waterfront. This is a great place to watch Illuminations (and have a beer), but you must stake out your table an hour in advance — sometimes more — if you want to watch this nightly spectacular.

UK Table and Chairs

With a view of the Rockies, these simple but stylish benches in the Canada Pavilion are a great place to escape and catch your breath.

Canada Bench in the Rockies

Near the Le Cellier Restaurant we find a more rustic bench, appropriate to the great outdoors.

Le Cellier Bench

With Epcot complete, tomorrow we’ll look at Animal Kingdom

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14 Replies to “Have a Seat in Walt Disney World – Part 2”

  1. it’s so cool to think back and remember actually sitting and resting at a few of the spots you’ve mentioned!! Great topic!!

  2. I love these entries! Who knew I could have so much fun looking at benches? 🙂

    I just have a warning though, from someone who sat down too soon. The fountain at the entrance to Epcot really is a great place to sit, but make sure you put your hand down first to check the temperature. It can get very, very hot. I sat down once without checking and got a very unpleasant surprise.

  3. “Pleasant to the eye. Hard on the butt.”

    I laughed out loud at that comment! 🙂

    By the way, great pictures. Can I ask what camera you use?

  4. Such fun! I’m really enjoying this series. (And I’ve begun the countdown to my next trip in which I can check these out for myself!)

  5. I think the best place in the Epcot to get a true feel of the country is in France by the Patisserie.
    Sit there with a pastry and something to drink, really makes you think you are in France!

  6. Loving this blog. My boyfriend thinks I should do a similair one of “Toilets of the world”

    My biggest regret is that as Brits, we only come about every 2 years and we just hit the parks commando style to cram it all in. My hope is that one day we are able to just vists and smell the roses like you do!

  7. Cute! I have several pictures of my kids on these benches and fountain ledges. Brings back memories and makes me feel like I’m there again!

  8. When did you go to the parks? There is not a single person in any of your pictures!

    Jack’s Answer:

    I arrived at all of the parks promptly at opening (9am) and made a mad dash around each land or area taking pictures. This was the only way I could get the benches empty.

  9. I found a great spot in Japan when we there at the beginning of October. Outside of the department store, there is a wooden platform that runs along the side of the building, much like the planters you mention. It was not the most comfortable, but my wife was in the store so I knew I would be there a while and it at least got me off of my very tired and sore feet (it was the next to the last day of our week long visit!) and more importantly, was in the shade!

  10. Hi Jack,
    Another great set of seating options! We have sat in many of those seats on the long walk around World Showcase. When looking at your pictures from today and yesterday, I noticed how empty the parks look. Where is everybody?! What a great time to be there!

  11. Jack

    Another favourite seat of mine is under the arches in Italy where they are shaded and a great place to just sit and watch the world go by.

    As usual informative and interesting.