Have a Seat in Walt Disney World – Part 3

Like everything that Disney does, theming is paramount. In this multi-part blog I’ll be touring all four parks and pointing out benches, chairs, and other seating options that have been themed specifically for a land or area. For the most part, I’ll be concentrating on non-restaurant seating.

Part 1 covered the Magic Kingdom.
Part 2 covered Epcot.

Let’s move on to the Animal Kingdom.

The first benches you come to here are on Discovery Island. These multi-colored, multi-shaped seats are made out of recycled plastic products.

Recycled Milk Carton Bench

Also on Discovery Island is this lovely wall and bench.

Rock Wall and Bench

Africa has several large planters with wrap-around benches. In addition, some seating is incorporated into the actual building.

Africa Planter/Bench

Africa Wall-Bench

Behind Tamu Tamu Refreshments is a secluded courtyard called Fort Harambe. A number of trees and overhangs create a shady spot where you can sit at tables and recharge your body.

Tamu Tamu Table and Chairs

Another shady spot can be found next to the entrance to Tusker House. Numerous tables and cushioned chairs are on hand and live entertainment takes place in this area — not to mention the Dawa Bar is nearby serving luscious libations.

Dawa Bar Seating

Perhaps the most charming spot to sit in at the Animal Kingdom can be found at the entrance to Asia. Here, a simple wooden bench has been placed between the paws of a crumbling idol. This same bench can be found in other nearby locations, but none are so interestingly placed.

Asia Idol Seating

Asian Basic Bench

Across from the Flights of Wonder bird show is a pleasant spot to take a break. This covered area has a number of tables and chairs to relax in and is seldom busy. Notice that the chairs are mismatched. This would be typical in some of the poorer nations of Asia.

Asia Table and Chairs

Next to the Drinkwallah beverage stand is one of the most unusual seating spots in Asia. This sentry post features several hand-crafted barstools and offers good views of Discovery River.

Asia Sentry Post

Sentry Post Barstools

Although more of a photo op than a place to spend time, this rickshaw is enticing.


Simple, weathered benches like this next example can be found throughout Asia.

Asian Weathered Bench

I complained earlier that some of the benches in Epcot were as hard as a rock. Well a few of the seating choices near Expedition: Everest literally are rocks.

Expediton: Everest Rock Bench

Next stop, Dinoland U.S.A.. As Restaurantosaurus was originally a hunting lodge, the benches in this area are rustic and simple.

Restaurantosaurus Bench

Over at Chester and Hester’s we find a variety of seating options. Next to the gift shop is this interesting bench with glass dinosaurs embedded into the surface.

Dinosaur Bench

Dinosaur Bench Close-up

Near the old barn are a number of picnic tables. These are especially useful to those of you who have brought your own food into the park.

Dinoland Picnic Table

Over on the midway the benches are painted in bright colors. This fits in perfectly with the carnival like atmosphere of the area.

Midway Bench

The seating in front of the Finding Nemo show is an example of a fence being used as a bench.

Finding Nemo Fench/Bench

Our last stop in the Animal Kingdom is Camp Minnie-Mickey. The benches here are built out a real branches. Because of this, no two are exactly alike.

Camp Minnie-Mickey Bench

Camp Minnie-Mickey Bench

Camp Minnie-Mickey Bench

Camp Minnie-Mickey Bench

Camp Minnie-Mickey Bench

Camp Minnie-Mickey Bench

The final park on our tour is Disney’s Hollywood Studios, so stop by tomorrow!

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13 Replies to “Have a Seat in Walt Disney World – Part 3”

  1. I completely missed some of the seating areas in Africa, such as the seating incorporated into the actual building. I;ll be on the hunt next time! haha

  2. My husband loves the benches in Camp Minnie-Mickey! He loves them so much that when we were there in November he took pictures of them hoping to try to replicate them at home. Hasn’t tried yet, but I can’t wait to see if he really does it!

  3. Love the story about the differant seats. Some you see and some you miss as we go thru the parks. Our favorite seats are the ones in Camp Mickey-Minnie due to the fact they were built by a craftsman less than a mile from our home.

  4. I liked the original AK benches that featured real, extinct, & fantasy animal cutouts in a row on the seat back. I don’t remember exactly what animals they were as it’s been too many years since we’ve been there to WDW, but they were colorful recycled plastic ones like the turtle benches in the top picture.

  5. I always enjoy reading your blogs. We always find the benches at the exit to Dinosaur a great spot to rest with little ones while the big kids go enjoy the Dinosaur ride. It’s shaded and quiet. A quick walk down the path brings you right to Chester & Hester’s.

  6. Sometimes ya can’t see the forest for the trees. I too hadn’t ever noticed the bench nor the crumbling idol surrounding it. A definite must see next time!

  7. I appreciate this tour of benches through out the world. I think I am going to try to seek out more interesting places for my behind to be placed on my next trip. Thanks!

  8. Jack,

    I absolutely love your blogs! I have always loved and appreciated the fine details that makes Disney World so special to me. I would love to see more blogs like this – how about something about the theming of the plants and flowers?

    Tracy Discher

  9. I just love your blogs, they always have the most interesting stuff describing details I never would have noticed myself!

  10. Super awesome as always! Animal Kingdom has the most excellent theming. Loved that pic of the bench in Asia by the crumbling idol, and the benches in Camp Minnie-Mickey are so cute!

  11. You forgot the best bench ! While you’re traveling through the oasis, right before you see the Tree of Life, in a cave-like structure is a bench. It’s the best bench for the summer because the sunlight never reaches there and it is always cool and hidden!