A Day in the Magic Kingdom

What a great day to be living in Florida! The weather was perfect and my wife and I were headed over to the happiest place on earth – The Magic Kingdom.

We pulled into the parking lot around 9:30 and were somewhat surprised to see that it wasn’t all that full. Anyway, we choose to take the monorail (rather than the boat) from the Ticket and Transportation Center over to the Magic Kingdom. We were able to get on the very first monorail that came along, as the line wasn’t very long at all.

Monorail entrance

The lines at the bag check and turn styles weren’t very long either.

Entrance to Magic Kingdom

As we entered the Town Square on Main Street there were a number of Disney characters there greeting their fans. We saw Chip and Dale, Daisy Duck and Pluto.

Chip and Dale

Daisy Duck


That walk down Main Street, looking at Cinderella Castle always takes my breath away; what a beautiful sight!

Cinderella Castle

It took us a little while to make it all the way down Main Street as Julie, my wife, wanted to look in a couple of the shops. I didn’t mind as I do enjoy looking at all the Disney merchandise that’s in the shops.

If you read my Fort Wilderness blog you know that I have visited the horse barn that is there many times. That barn houses all the horses used on Main Street and in the parades. Well, I saw a friend from the barn working today, his name is Fritz and he’s a big, beautiful horse. I was told by his Cast Member friend that he’s been pulling that trolley car in the Magic Kingdom for at least ten years.


On the Castle Forecourt Stage the Dream Along With Mickey show was being performed. Mickey and the gang sure know how to put on a show!

Dream Along With Mickey finale

From there we went to see the Storytime with Belle show at the Fairytale Garden. The Fairytale Garden is located to the right of the castle. Both Julie and I loved this show. Belle does a fantastic job telling the story of Beauty and the Beast. Belle asks children from the audience to help her tell the story. The children loved this show, as did the adults. I must admit that magical moments for me come when I see the faces of the children when they watch and interact with someone like Belle. Those are truly special moments. My advice to you is when in the Magic Kingdom take the time to see Belle tell her beloved tale.

Belle telling the story of Beauty and the Beast

Belle with the Beast

Within a short period of time we were able to do Mickey’s PhilharMagic, It’s a Small World, the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. The longest wait time was 20 minutes for Pirates. All the others only had a 10-minute or less wait time.

Entrance to Mickey's PhilharMagic

Entrance to It's A Small World

Welcome sign in It's A Small World

Part of It's A Small World

Haunted Mansion

We had lunch at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant. We hadn’t eaten there in years so it was a treat. The food was good, portions too big for our appetite and the service excellent.

Another indication that the crowds weren’t going to be very big was when we decided at the last minute to see if we could get dining reservations. We called the dining reservation number on our drive up to the Magic Kingdom. We were really surprised when the Cast Member told us we could have just about any time we wanted. That doesn’t happen very often.

Tony's Town Square Restaurant

When we came out of the restaurant the Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party was just getting underway.

Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party

After we watched the parade we went to ride the Liberty Square Riverboat.

Liberty Square Riverboat

By this time the crowds were building but still not very bad. The wait time for Splash Mountain was only 50 minutes

Splash Mountain

While we were in Frontierland we saw both Donald Duck and Goofy greeting guests and signing autographs.


Donald Duck

One of the other things we did was ride the Walt Disney World Railroad.

Walt Disney World Railroad

We wanted to see the Celebrate A Dream Come True parade so we found a place to sit on Main Street. While we were waiting for the parade the Dapper Dans Barber Shop Quartet stopped right in front of us to perform. At one point they added a fifth member to the group (me).

Dapper Dans Barber Shop Quartet

The quartet plus one

Here’s a nice picture of the Cinderella Castle with Main Street cleared for the parade.

Cinderella Castle

The Celebrate A Dream Come True parade is high energy and lots of fun. Don’t miss it!

Celebrate A Dream Come True parade

One of the parade floats

More of the parade

There has been a lot of talk about Space Mountain being closed down for a rehab. Well, a casualty of the Space Mountain closing is the Tomorrowland Transit Authority ride. Since it travels through Space Mountain that will be closed as well. The Cast Member I spoke with said it will not open until Space Mountain opens. The TTA cars are just sitting on the tracks.

Entrance to Tomorrowland Transit Authority ride

TTA cars

Also, the stage for the Stitch stage show is nearing completion.

Stitch theater construction

By 5 PM we were tired and ready to call it a day. We had a fantastic day in the Magic Kingdom but by then we were ready to head home. We did expect the crowds to be bigger than they were because we know it’s school vacation week in Massachusetts and some other Northeast states. We did feel at home seeing all those Red Sox hats and shirts.

The thought I want to leave you with is this: the next time you are in the Magic Kingdom go see Stoytime with Belle, you’ll love it!

Well, that’s all for now. As my good friend says “see ya real soon”…DizneyMike

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10 Replies to “A Day in the Magic Kingdom”

  1. I’m a big fan of your blog. I especially love the GREAT photos! My hubby and I visited WDW in 1996 and we are currently planning to visit in June of 2010 with our 9yr old son. Planning and researching this trip has become a hobby for me. Thanks for the photos and tips. Your Disney enthusiasm is infectious and visiting your blog and viewing the fabulous photos will help me pass the time this next very long year. Thanks for sharing, Mike!


    DizneyMike replies: Donna, Thanks for the very nice words about the blog; they’re much appreciated. I hope you have a blast planning your trip. In some ways I loved the planning as much as the trip itself. Please let me know if I can help in any way. Thanks again…Mike

  2. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful blogs. I have not been to WDW in almost 5 years. However I am hopeful that next year will be the year, until then I will read your blogs close my eyes and feel like I am back in the magic. This is a wonderful site thank you so muck for all you and everyone at allears does for all of us that can’t get to the magic fast enough.

    Thanks bunches,

    DizneyMike replies: Ashley, “Thank You” for the kind words about the blog and Allears.net. I do hope your dream comes true and that you are able to visit soon…Mike

  3. I really enjoy your blog and photos. Reading it gives me that Walt Disney World warm and fuzzy feeling!! Can’t wait to go back in September for our 20th wedding anniversary (without the kids!).

    DizneyMike replies: Darlene, Glad that you like the blog! My wife and I really enjoyed our trips to WDW without our children more than the trips with them. The adult Walt Disney World experience is fanstastic, so I know you’ll really enjoy that 20th anniversary….Mike

  4. A couple years ago my hubby and I were riding the TTA while Space Mountain was having a breakdown issue. When we went through, all the lights were on in Space Mountain. I was kinda torn when I saw it. On the one hand, after visiting Disney every year since I was 3, I was fascinated to have a personal peek inside Space Mountain with the ride stopped and lights up. But, on the other hand, it did kinda kill a bit of magic.
    I still had to ride the TTA 4 times in a row to get a good look though…lol.
    But I can certainly understand why Disney wouldn’t want everyone getting that peek.

    btw, I noticed that you had on your D23 shirt. Did any of the Disney cast members mention it or give you some extra special Disney magic when they saw the shirt? (over the last couple years I’ve noticed that cast members are getting slightly clueless when it comes to knowing about Disney and I’m constantly looking for that magic to come back.)

    DizneyMike replies: Jeanie, I was a Cast Member at one time (concierge, Contemporary Resort) and I’ve taken a number of the backstage tours, so I understand what you were saying about the concern about losing the magic when things like that happen. However, given the chance, I’ll go backstage to see how things are run any chance I get. I love learning about how these things work and how Disney operates. It’s just facinating to me and even though I was concerned at first, it hasn’t spoiled the magic for me.

    As far as my D23 shirt goes, I’d say that out of the CM’s that I came in close contact with only one out of every ten CM’s commented on my shirt. However, not all of them knew what it stood for. Not surprisingly, some thought I was asking if they were 23 years old. Once they saw the back of the shirt they understood. Thanks for the comments…Mike

  5. Hi Mike!!!
    Thanks a lot for sharing your pictures with the rest of us, that cannot visit so often as we wish the most magical and happy place in the world!
    I live in Chile (South America)and for about 15 min, I travelled to MK and felt the sun, the sounds and music of my favorite place in the world!
    I hope to visit WDW very soon (very soon means in December for Christmas) and live once more all the magic and fun that I love.

    Thanks again.

    DizneyMike replies: Marianela, December is such a wonderful time to visit Walt Disney World. It’s my favorite time to be there. I’m glad you like my blog and the pictures. I really enjoy writing the blog; it’s a tough job but someone has to do it. -:) Happy planning….Mike

  6. Hi Mike!

    I just called Pop this morning to confirm my room request! 9 more days until I am emersed in the magic! I cannot wait! Hope to run into you there!

    See you real soon!


  7. Hi,
    Thank you for your lovely photos! I just returned from Disneyland and was so disappointed in that park . There were no characters walking around like at WDW and no music playing! It was my very first visit and probably my last because WDW is the most Magical Place in the World!

  8. Ooohhh Mike…….you’re killing me here, can’t remember when I saw the sun last. Cold, rainy, and foggy, ugh! Life in Wisconsin, I can tell ya–it’s not a magical place!

    But seriously, thank you for the photos….one moment of happiness while transported ever so briefly to my favorite place on earth.

    Love “It’s a Small World” and the TTA is my favorite ride, too bad it was closed for refurbishing.

    Some day Mike, some day…..I will be living closer to Disney World.

    Thanks for the micro-vacation!

  9. Thanks for the reminder about going to see Storytime with Belle. It’s so cute and if you have little kids they love it. Going back in Aug, so thats a stop we have to make. Thanks for the reminder again

  10. Isn’t Disneyland, California “The Happiest Place on Earth?” I thought the Magic Kingdom at WDW was “The Most Magical Place on Earth.”



    You’re probably right, however, I’m the type of guys who is “happy” even in “magical” places. -:) Thanks for the comment….Mike