Cool Wash — Epcot

I recently wrote about the Everest Shrine at the Animal Kingdom. In it, I pointed out how the shrine is the same shape as the mountains in the background. I thought everyone was aware of this little bit of trivia, but I found that many of you had no idea and were happy that I had pointed it out. Well, I have another bit of trivia that I assumed that everyone knew, but now I’m discovering might not be the case.

Off to the side of Test Track at Epcot you’ll find Cool Wash. Designed to look like a car wash, this structure sprays a fine mist on hot guests during the summer and often sells slushy Coke products to cool you down.

Cool Wash Near Test Track in Epcot

But have you ever paid any attention to the intermittent spinning of the two cleaning brushes? When in motion, they take on the shape of a Coke bottle.

Cool Wash Brushes

Cool, huh!

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21 Replies to “Cool Wash — Epcot”

  1. Knew about the shrine, knew about the cool mist of course as it’s obvious but the coke bottle is a new one. Geez, the things you miss when in a hurry to get to the next attraction. For our 11/09 trip this year, we’re going to pace ourselves a little more and take more things in. Perhaps I won’t miss all the subtle things 🙂

  2. I’m a former College Program cast member (Spring ’04) who worked at Test Track. I noticed the bottles right away, but had plenty of opportunity, as I walked by them countless times each night when closing down the park! Cool Wash was one of the saving graces of those long hot afternoons in my lovely orange and grey TT costume!

  3. I have to say, I noticed it right away. I am a business teacher, so I LOVE details like this!

    My husband does not recall this at all!

    (Does it make a difference that I’m a former Cast Member and I am open to seeing all of the details?)

  4. I just showed this to my 17YO son. He said, well, yeah I’ve noticed that! Gee.. apparently it is most visible to children and apparently, the young at heart. I will have to visit it again when we visit in July.

  5. Never noticed this either! What else can you tell us about that I can look for during my next trip in June?

    Answer: Stay tuned. I’m hoping to post some more hidden treasures in the weeks to come.

  6. I have noticed this before but its always good to know that someone else notices these things

    P.S. I love reading your blog

  7. Keep the info coming. I did not know about either of these Disney facts. The next time I am at Disney I will pay more attention to the Resort’s detailing. Thanks again!

  8. eh, i noticed those the first time I went. I thought it was obvious. Guess you need a childs mind to see such things(lol)

  9. Walked by this a million times and never noticed! We’re going to Disney for the Princess next week can’t wait to point it out to my family and see if they’ve ever noticed this!

  10. How many times have I just walked past this carwash – just watching others cool off and not paying attention to the brushes or other details. Now, I can’t wait to get back to EPCOT (I was just there yesterday!) to look this up. Thanks.

  11. I actually have noticed this one. I didn’t know that they sparyed mist or sold drinks though. I also never noticed the temple shiloutting mt everest though.

  12. I saw your post about the Cooling Station, and I had never noticed the bottle shapes before! Its amazing the detail sometimes that goes into stuff. As always anxiously awaiting your next Paris blog.

  13. Okay, get this–I just showed your blog to my 9YO, and he said, “Uh, yeah. I’ve noticed them.”

    “Since WHEN have you noticed them?”

    “Uh, since the first trip.”

    “Well, I’ve never noticed them.”

    “You’ve never noticed them for NINE YEARS?”

    Oh well…I guess I’m not the Disney expert I think I am! THANK GOODNESS for this blog Jack! Ha! Ha!

  14. Alright, Jack–I’ll give you this one! My kids may have noticed this one, but I can’t say that THIS Disney pro has caught that one before…

    Lordy, I have 1000s of pictures, but none of the brushes, so I’m going to say I’ve never noticed it!

    Good grief, I’m gonna have to tag along in your shadow one trip!