Tips about Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

While we have been to Disney World numerous times for the Halloween party, we have found that instead of going to the parks that day, since your Halloween party ticket is also park admission, we use that day to swim, shop at Disney Springs, do laundry and nap. The park allows admission after 4 p.m. with your party tickets and you have plenty of time to put on your costume and all night to party without being tired from a day in the park! - Diane H.
One of the best times we shared at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party was just sitting and watching. We missed the first parade, so we made our way back down Main Street to wait for the second. We just sat down facing up Main Street. The stream of dressed up people leaving the park was wonderful. We got to see Ursula, the Flintstone family and lots of pirates and princesses. The best part was this little fire hydrant that quietly roamed the street squirting passers-by. It was GREAT. - Georgette from New Jersey
MNSSHP - After making the mistake of going to another park before the Halloween party (we ended up exhausted), we now go to a water park, Disney Springs or just enjoy our resort beforehand. We go to the Magic Kingdom for the Halloween Party at 4 p.m. and everyone is ready for a fun evening. - Kathy Craig
MNSSHP - For those with food allergies who are worried about trick-or-treating at an upcoming Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, don't be. I have severe food allergies and wasn't going to bother trick-or-treating. However, I overheard a Cast Member telling a family in front of me that if they went to City Hall, they could request allergen-friendly candies. I took my trick-or-treat bag and true enough, there were the candies. They present you with a chart of allergen-friendly candies, from which you can pick a few or all. - Laura
If you're concerned about your kids sweating away under layers of Halloween costumes, make smarter costumes. Assemble or sew your costumes from real fabrics rather than the cheap non-breathable polyester of store-bought costumes; avoid uncomfortable wigs, hats, masks and props that you'll end up carrying by the end of the night; use face paint to create a memorable look instead of relying on layers of clothes; wear a costume that incorporates a bag or backpack so it does double duty; and consider costume themes that are appropriate for warm weather like safari guides or surfers... You don't have to be a seamstress (although if you are, that's great) -- you can assemble your own costumes from thrift stores, or sales and clearance items. We've been attending MNSSHP in themed, homemade costumes for 10 years. Among our costumes: pirates, sorcerers, ancient Romans, the casts of Scooby-Doo and the Wizard of Oz (OK, I'll admit, our Cowardly Lion costume was very, very warm). This past year, we used old formal clothes and lots of face paint to look like the Mexican Dia de los Muertos. Every year we've learned more about how to make costumes that are both comfortable and distinctive. What makes the MNSSHP so special is seeing all the guests in costumes, with their creativity unleashed. - Jeremy Jacobs
Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party - Just wanted to let everyone know a couple of things about the Villains Sinister Soiree (an add-on to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party). First, it's awesome! Next, you need to get a lanyard. Most cast members we asked had no idea what we were talking about. You need to go out past where they check your bags when you enter. There is a little gazebo before the bag check. That is where you pick up your Villains passes, then you head up to the castle for check-in. We went a half-hour early, which gave us more time with the characters. It was a great, great time! Would do it again and again! - Amy F.
MNSSHP - We made dinner reservations at Crystal Palace for 6 p.m. on Halloween night in 2010. When dinner was over Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party had started (7 p.m.). This worked out very well for timing and we didn't have to deal with food lines for dinner. We will be going this year again and reservations have already been made. - Earl Brittian
If you're going to Walt Disney World anytime between September and December, consider attending one of the special parties in the Magic Kingdom -- Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party or Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party (and go during the week so it's less crowded). You can save money by not buying a park ticket the day of the party. Sleep late, enjoy the pool at your resort and/or go to Disney Springs. If you're visiting in November or December, check out the fabulous Christmas decorations in any of the deluxe resorts. Get to Magic Kingdom at 4 p.m. and you will get to enjoy the park until closing time at midnight. Both parties are really great! - Kim
MNSSHP - If you're a fan of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs don't miss out on seeing and taking pictures with all of the Dwarfs! Get there early as this is a very rare occurrence (usually only at MNSSHP) and therefore the line forms rather early. Last year they were located next to the queue near Splash Mountain (near the restrooms), but check your MNSSHP map for their exact location. - Dana Spinelli
MNSSHP - My best tip for attending MNSSHP pertains to costumes. If you are attending in September or even early October, it is still very warm at night. I always feel bad for all the kids dressed up with layers of costumes in that heat. In order to combat the heat along with staying in the Halloween spirit, I have been making family t-shirt costumes for the past 8 years. I buy t-shirts for the whole family in Halloween colors (orange, green etc.) and I decorate them with puffy paint, decals, stickers, glitter, etc. The front always says the "Horan Family Halloween Costume". Not only does it make it easier to spot your family, but everyone stays cooler during the party while being in "costume". We've gotten many compliments from other guests as well as cast members, plus we have a souvenir from each year! - Angela Horan
MNSSHP - 1. Schedule some "down time" the afternoon of the party so everyone is well rested.

2. Don't try to be there right when the party starts, either go early or go a little later so as to avoid the back-ups on the buses and any crowds leaving the parks that are NOT attending the party.

3. If you have younger children, try hitting the characters/ trick-or-treat early and shoot for watching the second parade. That way they can trick-or-treat before getting too tired to walk and can just relax and watch the fireworks/parade before heading out (best of both worlds)! - Heather MacGregor
MNSSHP - Be sure to get there in advance and get the best seating, which is on the curb right in front of the Castle. From here you will be able to see the dance show on stage, then turn right around for the parade, which will follow immediately after. Once it is complete you can go toward Tomorrowland easily across the bridge, then head up toward Fantasyland, which is the most popular for children to trick-or-treat! Be sure to stop by the Haunted Mansion for a unique queue experience and ride! Once here you can go back down the bridge toward the castle to get a great view of the fireworks and pictures along Main Street! - Chad Simpson
MNSSHP - Make sure you and your family eat a good meal before you get to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party because many of the restaurants in the MK close before the party begins, and the ones that are open are packed with people trying to eat and change their little ones into costumes before the magic of trick or treating begins! Last year, which was our first time at the Halloween party, my family and I entered the MK before the party began, hoping to eat a nice meal before the festivities. Unfortunately, many of the restaurants were closing early. We ended up at the Pecos Bill counter service restaurant as a last resort, and it was very crowded and noisy. It took a long time to order and get our food. Next time, we'll eat somewhere outside of the park, so we won't miss a minute of the fun! - Susan Brown
HALLOWEEN - Now that we are into the Halloween season, all the costumes in the shops at Disney have had their tags changed. Little girl princess dresses that used to be under $45 are now $64.95. I did not look at the pirate jackets, but I remember last year they went up more than $15. I would recommend buying a new one from a store at home before you come to the parks. - Vanessa
The easiest way to get good seats for the parade is to wait for the second one of the evening. Many families will pack up and leave after the fireworks. (Kay)
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