Why We’re Worried About the Opening of Disney World’s NEW Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Ride

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is set to open in Summer 2024.


This ride is housed in the ride building that used to be Splash Mountain in Disney World and Disneyland. It’s the same ride just with different theming (don’t worry the big drop isn’t going anywhere!), and we can’t wait to see what it’s like. However, if we’re being honest here, we are VERY worried about the opening of the ride.

Both versions of the ride across the country from each other are looking great. It appears they’ll both make their opening timelines, but we’ve been fooled before…MANY times before.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure construction

The problem is that Disney doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to meeting their own deadlines. Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic got in the way of EPCOT’s Transformation and TRON Lightcycle/Run, HOWEVER both of those projects took YEARS longer than originally expected.

TRON Lightcycle / Run

Thankfully we’re not worried about this project not happening at all since it’s well underway, but that’s happened with a lot of Disney’s projects, as well. They’ll announce that something is on the way, only for nothing to happen and quietly remove it from their set of projects. We’ve seen this happen with EPCOT’s PLAY! Pavilion, the proposed dark ride for Mary Poppins.

Now obviously, that’s not going to happen here. The ride is well underway to completion. We’ve even seen Disney Cast Members riding it!

Looks like they enjoyed it!

But we already have a summer timeline, so isn’t that enough? Well…no, to put it simply. Back in late 2023, Disney said all the EPCOT walls would be down by the end of 2023. You know what happened? THERE ARE STILL WALLS UP. Now the new projection is they’ll be down in June and Communicore Hall and Plaza will finally open.

Communicore Construction

But that’s the thing — we have that opening date now for Communicore Hall: June 10th. And we’re still waiting on one for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Overall, we’re holding out hope that this ride really will open on time, but until we get an official opening date, we’re still a little concerned.

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4 Replies to “Why We’re Worried About the Opening of Disney World’s NEW Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Ride”

  1. I think they’ll make their Summer 2024 timeline; but I also think most people forget Summer doesn’t start until June 20th and ends September 22nd so Disney still has 5 months to still be on time.

  2. Not only am I not worried, but I think they may open earlier than summer with soft opening previews…..perhaps in late May, early June.

  3. I honestly am not worried. Construction has moved along very nicely. And frankly, more people care about rides than lights and flowers, and I think Disney has finally recognized that.