How High Are the Hollywood Studios Wait Times During a SOLD-OUT Jollywood Nights Party?

We were living it up last night at the first-ever Jollywood Nights celebration in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Oogie Boogie at Jollywood Nights

That means we tried all the new foods and experienced all the shows made just for this after-hours event. But if you’re hoping for low wait times at select attractions, is Jollywood Nights the party for you? Well, we kept our eyes on the wait times during Jollywood Nights, so let’s talk about it!

Hollywood Studios is home to some of the most sought-after rides in Disney World, so we were really curious to see how long we’d wait during a limited-capacity event. In some parts of the park, we saw some long lines for things like food, drinks, and characters. But what about the rides?

This area is BUSY!

The following rides are some, not all, of what will be open during the event:

Now normally, these big-ticket attractions wind up with some high wait times (we’re talking over an hour!). But during the party, we were hoping to find some shorter waits.

For a full list of attractions you can ride during Jollywood Nights, click here! 

Jollywood Nights

As it turned out, wait times drastically dropped when the party began. Before the party began at 7PM , wait times were very high; many were over an hour long. While some of those high wait times did dip into part of the party night, by 10PM, this is how things were looking. Not bad, eh?


We saw some MUCH lower wait times than earlier in the evening. In fact, the wait times were lower than you’ll normally ever see them on a normal park day! While lines for special party experiences were quite long, ride lines stayed low pretty much the whole night. Keep in mind, though, that Rise of the Resistance is only available to ride via the virtual queue.

Slinky Dog Dash

Stay tuned to AllEars — we’ll be updating you all night about all the latest Jollywood Nights news!

Check out all the new treats we ate at Jollywood Nights!

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What ride are you most excited to get on multiple times? Tell us in the comments!

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