PHOTOS: A New Attraction Is OPEN in EPCOT — This Is What Crowds Look Like 🫣

We’ve been “standing on the edge of the water, long as we can remember.”

Let’s go inside!

We’ve been standing here eagerly for Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana to open and now it finally has! Today is the day that all park guests get to visit and play with water, and the crowds are telling us that we are not the only ones impatiently waiting for this day. Let’s take a look at what EPCOT looks like on this historical day!

As we walked into EPCOT, we expected a busy day.


As we journeyed further into the park we noticed the crowds were pretty intense, but not quite as bad as we’d seen in the past.


Keep in mind that Park Pass Reservations are not sold out for EPCOT today, and the new attraction has had a soft opening for the last few weeks, so that could affect the crowds.

Journey of Water

The new attraction is using a virtual queue which helps with the line, but we still noticed the area around the attraction to be quite busy!


The line was long, but it moved quickly. We waited around 20 minutes in the queue before making it to the attraction.

It was pretty speedy!

As we walked through the trails, there were lots of people splashing and playing along with water!

Playing with the interactive elements

While we were able to experience much of the walkthrough without trouble, there were a fair number of people alongside us — so some of the photo ops were a challenge to get without crowds included.

Journey of Water

Those are the crowds we’re seeing today as this new attraction opens! We hope you’re able to enjoy Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana on your trip to Disney World!

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When will you get to go through this new attraction? Let us know in the comments!

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