The Disney World Hotel That’s Not For Everyone

Disney World has a LOT of different hotels, and some of them aren’t for everyone.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

In fact, some Disney guests have had some pretty terrible experiences at the hotels, which can make you question if on-property hotels are even worth it. It can also make you wonder if these hotels should even exist in the first place. So, we asked a bunch of Disney fans which hotel they would get RID of at Disney World — here’s what they said!

Disney’s All Star Resorts

One of the most popular answers was the All Star Resorts at Disney World. These are Value Resorts, and many people would get rid of them, despite their “value!” One person said “They are just so big and the amount of people that use them needs to be cut at least in half.” They can be quite busy!

All Star Sports

Specifically, All Star Sports was mentioned the most out of the 3 All Star hotels. One person said, “All star sports. Nothing magical about sports.” We think a lot of people would say sports are magical, but we totally understand!

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Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Okay, this one is a bit surprising! The Grand Floridian is a Deluxe resort and often considered the nicest resort on Disney World property, and it’s definitely one of the most expensive. But, that is what some people have issue with.

Grand Floridian

One Disney fan said “most expensive hotel with outside room entrance? And, people still book it?” Yikes — we get it. It’s not super fun to walk from the lobby to your room in the rain when you’re paying $700 a night.

New rooms

But, a lot of the rooms at the Grand Floridian are getting a makeover, and they look gorgeous, so keep that in mind!

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Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

Saratoga Springs is also a Deluxe resort, and it’s a Disney Vacation Club resort. So, you would think people love it, right? Wrong. One person said “I don’t know anyone who is passionate about it. It just – exists.” Yeah, we do have to admit the theming doesn’t really blow us away here.

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort

One person said they wouldn’t completely get rid of it, but would give it a re-theme, saying “It’s proximity to Disney Springs could inspire a whole new direction.”

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Disney’s Riviera Resort

And here we have another surprising answer! Disney’s Riviera Resort is the newest Disney hotel on property (well, besides the Star Wars hotel), so this answer confused us a bit, but many people agreed on this one!

Disney’s Riviera Resort

One person said it’s “boring looking and dull” and another said “just pick it up and move it. It does not fit in the Caribbean Beach area at all.”

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Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resorts

Okay, these aren’t technically Disney World hotels, because they’re owned by Marriott, but they’re on Disney property and have a lot of the same perks as a Deluxe resort. Also, a lot of people said they would like to get rid of these hotels!


One person said ” I think their design is hideous and ruins the feel when over by the BoardWalk and Yacht and Beach.” These buildings are SUPER noticeable in that area, that’s for sure! Like…there are giant fish and swans on top of them.

Swan Reserve

Another person said they specifically aren’t a fan of the new Swan Reserve, saying it “Has no theme, looks like a high rise in a major city, not at all Disney.”

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Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Many people also mentioned Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort as one they’d want to get rid of. One person said “It’s so big and confusing to get around. And any food options are just ok.”

Caribbean Beach Resort

Another said “that place needs a major overhaul in the rooms!” Well, the Pirate Rooms are becoming unavailable in 2023, so you might be getting part of your wish!

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Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Another Value resort that was mentioned was Disney’s Pop Century Resort. One Disney fan said it “Has no real logic to its theming. Re-do it and make it Art of Animation East, maybe theming to match what they’re doing in the new hotel at Disney Sea in Japan – Peter Pan, Frozen, and Tangled.”

Disney’s Pop Century Resort

That’s not a bad idea, but we do know a lot of people also enjoy this resort, it often coming in as the top Value Resort at Disney World.

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Other Hotels

A few other hotels that were mentioned several times included Disney’s Old Key West Resort, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, and the Star Wars Hotel — AKA the Galactic Starcruiser.

Star Wars Hotel Atrium

The Star Wars hotel is an experience unlike any other at Disney World, and is more of a cruise on land than a regular hotel. Some Star Wars fans might not agree with the overall decision made on theming, or they could be against that hefty price tag!

Star Wars Hotel Atrium

A fabulous answer we got from one Disney fan said “Maybe the Hollywood Tower Hotel? They’ve really let that place go. The outside hasn’t been repaired since the lightning strike and the inside looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in decades. The place is kinda creepy. And don’t even get me started on the rickety old elevators!” Okay, that’s amazing. 😂 Tower of Terror FOR SURE would need a makeover to be a functioning hotel, but we love it as the spooky attraction it is!

Tower of Terror

And finally, many people also said they wouldn’t get rid of any of the Disney World hotels, because each is appealing in its own way and there’s something for everyone.

Wilderness Lodge Waterfall

And, we definitely agree — all of the Disney World hotels are so different from each other, so it all depends on your preferences. Some hotels are closer to your favorite park, while others have a price tag that works better for you. And, some hotels also have extra perks.

Yacht & Beach Club Pool

If you want to know more about the Disney World hotels, you can check out our posts like The Disney Hotel Rooms That Need to Be on Your Bucket List, Why Staying in a Disney World Hotel is WORTH It, and The WORST Disney World Hotel Experiences Ever.

Stay tuned to All Ears for more Disney World news, updates, and info.

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Which Disney World hotel would you choose to get rid of? Tell us in the comments!

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4 Replies to “The Disney World Hotel That’s Not For Everyone”

  1. We love the All Stars, all the oversized theming adds to the magic. Stayed at both sports and music, both fulfill their purpose of offering more affordable but comfortable place to sleep, with wildly oversized crazy creations.

    And at the end of the day we personally (traveling from the UK) have no intention of spending our days at the hotel, the parks are where we are spending our time. We choose Disney all stars for budget and transport convenience. They are clean, comfortable and made my kids go wow when they first saw all the cool oversized features. My only complaint is at the end of a long day in the parks, the bus que can be a little long as they use 1 bus to service all 3 hotels, but I can live with that 😎⭐👍

  2. I’ve never stayed at Caribbean Beach but it has too many bus stops and is too spread out for my liking, so I can see why that resort is listed on here. I have stayed at All Star Movies but never Sports. The Sports theming personally doesn’t appeal to me. The Riviera looks nice – I wish you could walk to Epcot from there. I don’t care for the skyliner. I tried riding it and got stuck on it at the highest point on a windy day. Not for me!

  3. Love Love Love Saratoga Springs. Perfect for adult only trips. Its right next to Disney Springs which speaks for itself. Its also quite, and more peaceful. I can sit on my little patio and drink my coffee and sometimes not see anyone else in the morning. How many places on Disney property offer that. Do I think its for people who only go once or twice ever? No, but for frequent flyers as myself its the perfect get away when you looking for something more relaxing on a longer trip.

  4. Who has a problem with the Grand Floridian? Its expensive but seriously, you know that going in. You can walk to Poly or MK and they have the best overall restuarants and its not even close. I even asked my nanny and butler and they agree with me