AllEars TV: Should You Pay More for Less at This Disney World Hotel? Riviera Resort Tour

Disney’s Riviera Resort is a controversial hotel that some love and some think might NOT be worth the $$$.

Riviera Resort

With unique but small rooms and limited but AMAZING dining, join Quincy as she takes a FULL TOUR. Check out the rooms, the food, the pools, the theming and more to see if this resort is right for YOU!

Click Below for Quincy’s Tour of Disney’s Riviera Resort

Have you ever stayed at Disney’s Riviera Resort? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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One Reply to “AllEars TV: Should You Pay More for Less at This Disney World Hotel? Riviera Resort Tour”

  1. My teens didn’t like the Riveria Resort. We are actually planning a stay at Art of Animation in a Cars Suite next trip. We stayed at the Riviera a few weeks ago I loved grabbing a coffee before heading to the skyliner or bus each morning. Overall we had a great trip but my older kids felt like the Riveria was stuffy. They also felt like the quick service was on the heavy side so during most of our trip we ended up heading to carribean beach for quick service meals and even shopping. It really depends on what you are looking for I think. I mostly booked the Riveria because my husband and I were looking for a romantic atmosphere to celebrate our anniversary/ honeymoon we never had. The views and the 1 bedroom villa gave off those vibes. As far as kids really loving the Riveria that was a bit lost in translation. It’s definitely one of those resorts you want to do pros and cons on because you will be spending major moolah on it lol. I’m looking forward to having a more fun and low-key vibe on our next trip at AOA