AllEars TV: Are Disney World Hotels Worth THAT MUCH Money?

You’re paying a premium to stay in a Disney World hotel, but is it actually worth it?

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Today we’re talking about hotels, and whether the current perks of staying in a Disney hotel are actually worth it or if you’re better off staying at a non-Disney owned hotel nearby when you visit the parks.

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4 Replies to “AllEars TV: Are Disney World Hotels Worth THAT MUCH Money?”

  1. I made a mistake my last trip by staying at the Riviera it wasn’t my cup of tea. I actually discovered I prefer a few moderates for shopping and quick service. That being said it’s a roomy resort which is nice. Next year I’m staying at the Polynesian

  2. Currently at 50, I love the boardwalk hotels and Animal Kingdom Lodge. When my kids were little, the Wilderness could not be beat for Magic Kingdom location. Disney resorts let You immerse yourself into that Disney Bubble! Disney is always a nostalgic, magical escape for me and the theming and ability to stay out of my car is HUGE by staying in a Disney resort. I have learned over many years of being a child at Disney taking my kids to Disney… and now going with friends or even by myself———use David’s DVC points! Thanks to you guys for introducing me to this concept through your videos. Game changer!! Even with Disney coupons and cheaper times of year ; staying through Disney has really outpriced me out of their hotels that I find worth it for a magical vacation. Renting points is my forever GO TO NOW 🙂

    1. Like you said in the video it depends on your group & what you’re willing to put up with. Going to Orlando the last week in September & it’s going to be a group of 7 adults. Even with a 30% discount, it was going to cost almost $6000 for a 7-night stay at a value resort. Found a 3 bdrm suite off site for about $1500 including tax & resort fees with better amenities such as kitchen, washer/dryer & separate bedrooms. That’s a difference of about $4500 so staying at a Disney resort isn’t worth the extra cost. So much that I’ve read about the “free” transportation doesn’t seem worth it because as one guidebook put it, it may be free but it’s not fast. Many of the “perks” are drying up faster than a miser’s heart. For my family I would say Disney has definitely outpriced us. That’s sad!!

      1. You are making the right decision. It used to be “magical” to stay in WDW. The “magic” is gone.