PHOTOS & VIDEOS: See the NEW ‘Mary Poppins’-Inspired Rooms at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

At long last, the Resort Studios at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa have officially opened!

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

After months of construction and renovation, the studio rooms in the Big Pine Key building of the hotel reopened on June 23rd. The lobby of the building also received some updates, along with the one-, two-, and three-bedroom villas at the hotel. Today we’re taking you on a tour of the new Disney Vacation Club Resort Studios at the Grand Floridian!

The 200 studios have been decorated with a subtle Mary Poppins Returns theme throughout. So without further ado, let’s get right into what the rooms look like!

When you walk into the room, the bathroom is on your left and the beds and main space of the room is straight ahead. Next to the bathroom is a small kitchenette (really just a countertop with a coffee maker, ice bucket, and some coffee mugs and glasses). There is also a drawer and, hidden behind a decorative cabinet, a mini-fridge.

A very small kitchenette

Above the coffee maker is one of many subtle Mary Poppins Returns touches you’ll find throughout the room. In this ornate wallpaper, you’ll be able to find Mary Poppins’ umbrella, and in the center, Mary Poppins herself with the Banks children.

Small ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ touches

Now let’s take a look at the rest of the room.

Starting off with the most important part: where you’ll sleep. There are two beds with a dark teal-colored headboard. Like other Disney World hotel rooms, the bedding is white. There is a blue and white decorative pillow on each bed.

The beds!

There is ample space underneath the beds that guests can use for extra storage for their suitcases or other luggage they want kept out of the way.

There’s lots of space under the bed!

The floors of this room are wood, and beneath the beds you’ll find a large rug that is blue and white to match the theming in the rest of the room.

Across from the beds, there is a blue couch, with paintings hanging above it that also add to the Mary Poppins theme. In the paintings, you can see Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane, with Mary Poppins floating in the air with her umbrella. For more sleeping space, this bed also folds down and becomes a day bed, so the room can sleep a total of 5 people.


Next to the couch is a dresser with four large drawers, and above the dresser is the television.


Beside the dresser is a door that leads to the room next door, which would be used if you and your party booked adjoining rooms.

And next to the door that leads to the adjoining room, across from the bathroom, there is a small vanity table and stool.

Vanity table and chair

Guests could use this area to get ready in the morning if someone else was in the bathroom, and since there is a mirror hanging above it, it’s a great place to check your appearance before you head out for the day.

Mirror above the vanity table

The mural behind the mirror shows some birds with greenery and adds to the overall sophisticated, delicate theming of the room. Now, let’s get into the bathrooms.

The bathrooms are laid out so that the sinks are separated from the toilet and shower, so multiple people can be using the space at once.  The shower and toilet are separated from the sinks by a sliding door. The toilet is pretty standard, and the shower has a tub and a glass sliding door, as well as gold fixtures to create a very elegant look.

Shower and toilet

The main event of this bathroom is certainly not the shower and toilet though — it’s the bathroom mirror! This mirror is very large, has gold detailing along the outer edge and is lit from within. You can see the lights show a detailed border that also contributes to the elegance of the room.

This mirror is amazing!

The vanity itself is white with gold fixtures on the sinks. There is also more Mary Poppins artwork in the bathroom as well.

Painting in the bathroom

Studio rooms are some of the smallest when it comes to Disney World hotels, so having enough storage space to put all of your stuff is important. In addition to the dresser beneath the television, there is also a closet in this room next to the beds.


The closet doors have floral wallpaper and inside there are some hangers, an extra pillow and blanket, and luggage stands. There are also some other subtle nods to Mary Poppins Returns throughout the room. For example, this elegant gold chandelier has bird lightbulbs along the outer rim!

There are bird lightbulbs!

In terms of lighting, there are also small lamps next to each bed, and built-in reading lights on the bedposts. For your electronics, there is a small ledge you can put your phone on, with an outlet underneath for easy charging.

Light next to the bed

The room we toured had a balcony attached with a view of the Seven Seas Lagoon.

This room has a balcony!

You could even spot the Polynesian Village Resort across the water!

Can you spot the Polynesian?

The balcony itself is a relatively decent size, and it fits two chairs and a table, so you can relax outside after a day in the parks.


And that’s what a Resort Studio with a lagoon view looks like at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa! Now, these are Disney Vacation Club rooms, but they can be booked by anyone, so keep that in mind for your next stay.

The Grand Floridian isn’t the first Disney World hotel to be renovated to add subtle touches of Disney throughout. Polynesian Village Resort recently received an update where touches of Moana were added.

Polynesian Moana-inspired room

And over at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, the rooms have been renovated with subtle nods to The Incredibles

As always, make sure to stay tuned to AllEars for the latest Disney World news and updates!

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What do you think of these new rooms? Let us know in the comments!

Disclosure: We were invited by Walt Disney World to attend the grand opening of the new DVC Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. This did not affect our reporting of the event — our opinions are our own

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4 Replies to “PHOTOS & VIDEOS: See the NEW ‘Mary Poppins’-Inspired Rooms at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort”

  1. Where do people eat in this room? Guess you would have to sit at the vanity or outside. No table and chairs or even a desk. They should take a page from the Grand Californian which has a much better layout.

  2. Pros: Solid surface floors, Bathroom mirror lighting, Mary Poppins wallpaper.
    Cons: Teal (Ugh…is it 1960 again?), Rug pattern (What do palm fronds have to do with Mary Poppins?), Fabric headboards (how clean will that be?), Color combo (bright teal & blue clash with the calming pastels. They should have staying with the pastel pallette.)

    Overall: It looks like a team designed this room without consulting with each other.

  3. The newly decorated studios are very nice; you would be hard pressed to realize a Mary Poppins theme. They could have gone further. Also, there appears to be no small sink by the coffee maker. That sink is used a lot, I would miss it. Funny that you think after a long day at the park, guests would relax on the tiny patio. I can assure you that guests splay themselves out on the nearest bed. Lastly, whoever thought that removing the small table with two chairs was a benefit, they are wrong. The bench with mirror isn’t necessary. We loved the small table. The only place to sit is the couch, and I can tell you the couches at Saratoga Springs are already wearing out. Beauty over function seems to be current Disney thinking. Can’t they both exist?