Why You Won’t Buy a MagicBand+

Disney World has welcomed in a ton of new changes! We’ve seen technological additions in the form of Disney Genie and Genie+, as well as major park transformations like Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

Cosmic Rewind

And pretty soon, we’re expecting the official release of a new addition — MagicBand+! It will be an upgrade from the classic MagicBand many already have. And, seeing that the classic MagicBands will still remain functional after the transition to MagicBand+, we asked our readers if they’ll be upgrading anyway.

We took to Facebook to ask our readers, “Will you pay $29.99 for the new MagicBand+?” Here’s what they said!


A lot of our readers were excited about the new MagicBand+! The main factor that pushed our readers to want the new accessory? Price! (Not used to hearing that when it comes to Disney!)


One reader said, “Actually I thought they were going to make you give up your first born for them, so I am oddly excited to pay $30.” Another commenter agreed, and said, “Absolutely. I figured they were going to be in the 50+ range.” Another simply said, “Yes, take my money.”

Check Out Some MagicBand+ Features!


Others were against snagging a new MagicBand+, as they already have the classic MagicBand!

Look at those colors!

One reader said, since the classic MagicBands can still be used, she will use her own for “a few more trips.” Another reader said, “Nope. We recycle our old ones.” One commenter said they didn’t see any features that came across as “useful” in advertising.

Check Out How MagicBand+ is Different from the Classic MagicBands!

As a refresher, before we get an official debut date for MagicBand+, here are some of the ways it differs from the classic MagicBands:

  • MagicBand+ is rechargeable and comes with its own charging cord
  • MagicBand+ is bigger and longer
  • MagicBand+ can interact with elements throughout the parks, including 50th-anniversary statues
  • MagicBand+ allows you to sign up for virtual bounties in Galaxy’s Edge
  • MagicBand+ can light up during fireworks shows
Look at the difference!

Thank you to all of our readers who weighed in! If you want to join in on the next discussion, be sure to follow our Facebook page! And, for the latest Disney news, stay tuned to AllEars!

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Will you be snagging a MagicBand+ when they release? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “Why You Won’t Buy a MagicBand+”

  1. I have a bunch of traditional MagicBands. Batteries are at various levels (or basically on life support). Does anyone know if you can replace the batteries rather than buy new ones going forward?