5 Top Secret Disney World Bathrooms in Animal Kingdom

It might not be the hottest topic, but it certainly can make itself a priority when necessary.

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Disney World bathrooms can bring out the most passionate feelings among us and our readers in the best and worst ways. We recently asked our team which of Disney’s Animal Kingdom bathrooms were their picks for TOP SECRET bathrooms and we got some strong opinions.

Sometimes you just have to take the advice of the ones who might know it best and we’re telling you, we know our way around Disney’s Animal Kingdom, especially if you might be in a hurry and need to know where you’re headed in advance.


When we asked our team about their pick for the top-secret bathrooms we had some resounding answers followed by solid reasoning. Here’s some insight into the few that made our shortlist!

1. Bathrooms By Finding Nemo: The Big Blue… And Beyond

We know these might not be everyone’s pick but hear us out!

Finding Nemo: The Big Blue…and Beyond!

When the show’s in session, these bathrooms are amazing! They’ve got plenty of space, are well-kept, and smell fresh. For these bathrooms to work you’ve really go to catch them at just the right time, like during the showtimes. Once the show lets out though, it’s one of the first places everyone seems to head to because it’s so convenient.

2. Bathrooms In Pandora’s Entrance

These might be one of the first bathrooms to greet you after you pass the entrance, but you’ll certainly appreciate them if you need them.

Pandora entrance bathrooms

They’re super convenient coming into Pandora and well hidden by the land because your eyes are naturally drawn to so many other things surrounding you there. Most people just walk right past these bathrooms hiding in plain sight.

3. Bathrooms By Satu’li Canteen

This is another bathroom that’s kinda hit or miss but also, a welcomed gem.

Pandora bathrooms by Satu’li Canteen

During busier dining times you’ll probably want to avoid these because they are so close to the food options in Pandora, but it’s a double-edged sword because that’s exactly why we love them. They’re well hidden due to the theming of the rest of Pandora and most folks aren’t venturing towards them unless they know they’re there already.

4. Bathrooms In The Conservation Station at Rafiki’s Planet Watch

Ok, let’s talk necessity! Disney Imagineers certainly knew what they were doing when they laid out the plans for this park!

Conservation Station

These bathrooms are a savior when you make the short train ride over to Rafiki’s Planet Watch and you’ve really got to go! These bathrooms get bonus points because they’re indoors, away from most of the Animal Kingdom crowd, and have air conditioning.

5. Bathrooms Halway Through Avatar: Flight Of Passage’s Queue Line

And the prize for the most hidden bathrooms certainly goes to the ONLY set found inside a Disney ride queue.

Mid-queue bathrooms

Avatar Flight of Passage is known to have some pretty hefty wait times which makes it incredibly hard to leave the line and return to your spot. That’s why these bathrooms were deemed a necessity and added to the queue for convenience and to keep up with necessary demand.

These are our picks for the best, hidden bathrooms around Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Would you have chosen differently? As always, stay tuned with us at AllEars for the latest in theme park news.

4 TOP SECRET Bathrooms in Magic Kingdom

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Did your favorite bathroom make our top-secret list? Tell us your pick in the comments.

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