Secret Bathrooms in Disney World Where You Can Actually Get Some Privacy

One thing that pretty much EVERY guest has to do in Disney World? Use the bathroom.

Tangled bathroom

If we all have to do it, there’s no sense in shying away from talking about it. And trust us…not all bathrooms are created equally. Some are terrible and some that are actually kinda luxurious. So today, we’re sharing the “secret” bathrooms in Disney World where you can actually get some privacy!

Near Hotel Lobbies

Let’s start by discussing those fancy hotel lobby bathrooms! While the restrooms aren’t anything special at the value resorts, the deluxe resorts typically have pretty nice facilities near the lobbies.

Bathrooms on the second floor of the Grand Floridian

If we get the chance, we prefer to use the bathroom at spots like Disney’s Beach Club (located by Martha’s Vineyard) or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge (located off the main lobby) because they’re kept clean, nice-smelling, and stocked with necessary toiletries. Some of these spots even carry complimentary hygiene products, especially in the women’s restrooms.

Disney’s Beach Club Resort

As long as you don’t visit the bathrooms right next to the front door or by the entrance of a popular restaurant (the ones near Capt. Cook’s at the Polynesian get a lot of traffic), these deluxe resort facilities are usually on the quiet side. Sometimes privacy is just what you need!

Inside Convention Centers

And speaking of privacy, you’ll find some of Disney World’s quietest bathrooms inside the convention centers…as long as there’s not a convention going on! Multiple Disney resorts have convention centers attached, and their restrooms are very close to the main part of the hotel.

Bathrooms in the Contemporary Resort convention center

Some of the best ones are located on the second floor of the Contemporary Resort or down the convention center hall at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotels also both have convention spaces with public restrooms, so try those as well.

Outside the Park Entrance

Making our way over to the theme parks, you’ll find some of the calmest bathrooms outside the park entrance. While the one at the entrance of Animal Kingdom sees a fair bit of traffic, the other three parks have great little-visited options.

Bathrooms outside of EPCOT

At Magic Kingdom, the restrooms are to the right of the entrance, located near Guest Relations. The bathrooms at the Transportation & Ticket Center (if you drove to the park) are also not too busy, unless it’s a particularly crowded day.

Magic Kingdom bathrooms

At both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, the outside-the-park facilities are located to the left of the entrance. For Hollywood, you’ll need to make the stop before you go through security, and at EPCOT it’s after. There’s also a restroom on your way to the EPCOT bus stop, but that one can get a little more crowded.

Near Quieter Attractions

And finally, we’ll talk about some inside-the-park restrooms. If you want one that’s quiet and not crowded, you’ll need to head to one of the less popular attractions. At Hollywood Studios, great examples of this are the restrooms near Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy or the ones inside Animation Courtyard. Just make sure not to stop by right when a show is letting out!

The restrooms back here are usually quiet!

EPCOT also has a few great options. One of our favorites is the American Adventure bathrooms, which are almost always clean and have a TON of stalls. You can also find quiet bathrooms inside The Seas Pavilion and on the backside of Journey Into Imagination with Figment.

The bathrooms behind the ride are usually very quiet.

So there you go — some of our favorite restrooms in Disney World for when we need peace, quiet, and a spot that’s nice and clean. We’ll make sure to keep you updated with more tips for your next vacation, so stay tuned to AllEars!

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Which bathrooms are your favorite in Disney World? Tell us in the comments!

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7 Replies to “Secret Bathrooms in Disney World Where You Can Actually Get Some Privacy”

  1. What a stinky topic…though the absolute worse is at the Liberty Tree Tavern…Go up a bunch of squeaky creaky stairs… you have arrived at your destination, you’ll be transported back in time…similar to a Tower of Terror moment

  2. For all the years we’ve been to Disney World the restrooms were kept very clean. However, on our last trip in January 2022 things were different. Paper towels thrown everywhere, paper towels holders were empty, floors were in need to be cleaned, sinks were dirty. According to my wife, there wasn’t any toilet paper in the stall. She made sure that only happened once. 😉 The same goes for park trash cans overflowing with trash. I think Disney didn’t have enough workers to keep up. Hopefully, things will be better when we return in January 2024.

  3. Well, one thing’s for certain now: these ‘secret’ bathrooms are now no longer secrets. Thanks for telling whole world where they are located. 😂🤣

  4. Remember to thank the cleaners in the restrooms whenever possible. These people work hard in nasty conditions so that guests can have pleasant experiences.

  5. Agree with everything except the Seas bathrooms. They are tiny, cramped, and always super busy, especially during hot months. 🙂