I Go To Disney World (Almost) Every Day. Here are the Worst Things Guests Do.

Walt Disney World is literally the Most Magical Place on Earth, (It’s their tagline after all), and I’m lucky enough to visit almost every single day.

Does it get better?

My job as a Content Manager for AllEars, means I hit the theme parks (primarily Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando) to make content for our YouTube channel, social media, and website, about 4-5 days a week.

Now, I don’t know if you know this, but theme parks are certified as the greatest place in the world to people watch. (Certified by me.) Sometimes that means you encounter cute moments — like hearing a kid’s reaction to seeing Tinker Bell fly for the first time. And sometimes, that means you watch the worst moments (like people yelling at Cast Members).

I’ve seen all kinds of wild behavior, from adults walking barefoot through World Showcase to people proposing on Space Mountain (they used the on-ride photo. It was v. cute.) I’m not one to judge, and I truly hope Disney and Universal parks can be used as an escape from reality for all who visit. Wear whatever you’d like, ride and eat whatever you’d like, have a 30 minute photo sesh with the Castle if you’d like. But what really grinds my gears is when guests’ behavior negatively impacts other guests. Nothing will send a fury through my body faster than someone ruining a magical moment for someone else.

Here are some of my perpetual pet peeves which consistently ruin the magic and enjoyment for those around the offenders.

Here are the WORST Things People Do at Theme Parks 

1. Being Rude to Cast Members / Team Members

This isn’t my first time (virtually) yelling about this, and it probably won’t be my last. In fact, it was the thing I noticed most about 2021 in the parks. But there is no faster way to get my side-eye thrown at you than to yell at a Cast Member.

Cast members at the Tower of Terror!

I understand things don’t always go according to plan during your Disney World trip. I also understand theme parks are incredibly expensive, and it can be very frustrating when things go wrong.  I even understand that Genie+ is confusing, that crowds are annoying (and sometimes unexpected), and that people (both guests and Cast) make mistakes.

What I will NEVER understand is when people yell at Cast Members and Team Members. For starters, that is another human being — and that human being quite possibly has the key to solving your problem. Do you think they’re going to help you fix your Lightning Lane if you’re yelling at them!? I wouldn’t.

That Cast Member didn’t make that ride break down, they can’t control the weather, and they didn’t invent Genie+. But they CAN fix a lot of problems, so by all means seek them out if something goes wrong! Speak kindly, and you never know what could happen. But at the very least, you can rest assured knowing you’re not a grown adult yelling at another person over a theme park incident.

2. Taking Flash Photos on Dark Rides

Oh em gee is this annoying, for about 100 reasons.

For starters, this isn’t even allowed, and you’ll likely be told over the loudspeaker to stop. (How embarrassing.) When a Cast Member has to talk on a loudspeaker, it plays over the attraction audio — so all other guests who were vibin’ to ‘Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirate’s Life for Me’, are now interrupted by “FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT ALLOWED.”

Frozen Ever After

Not only that, but the flash will light up a huge chunk of the ride, ruining the dark effects for not only your family but many others around you. There’s a reason dark rides are dark — the Imagineers carefully design them a particular way, so only certain things are visible. By lighting up a whole area, you’re going to reveal things that are meant to be hidden. Or in the case of the projection animatronics (like Frozen Ever After), you’re literally going to erase the characters’ faces when the flash is on them.

If ruining a classic dark ride for those around you isn’t enough, then know that your photos will be terrible. Your kids will have red eyes, the animatronics and figures won’t look right, and the ride itself will be ruined in the flash photo.

By all means, take all the non-flash pictures you want. Film the whole thing if you’d like (put your screen on low brightness so as to not obscure anyone else’s experience)!  But every time someone’s flash goes off on Pirates of the Caribbean, a little piece of my soul dies because I think about how it’s likely someone’s VERY FIRST time on that ride, and it’s being ruined by someone taking horrible photos.

3. Reciting the Ghost Host’s Spiel (and other audible offenses)

Without fail, every single time I step into the Stretch Room of the Haunted Mansion, SOMEONE tells me this chamber has no windows and no doors. (And it’s not just the Ghost Host.)

Stretch Room at the Haunted Mansion

I’m really proud of you for knowing the whole Ghost Host spiel. Really, I am. But…no one else cares.

No one paid $$$ to hear you speak over the most iconic pre-show in the Disney Universe. (Note: this also applies to Rod Serling in Tower of Terror, Dr. Grant Seeker in Dinosaur, and any and all other preshows. Also…on rides. ESPECIALLY in shared ride vehicles. I’ve been on Pirates of the Caribbean with a family in front of me that spent the entire ride LOUDLY discussing their lunch orders. Now is not the time!!)

You wanna sing quietly along to “You Can Fly” while in your OWN pirate ship during Peter Pan’s Flight? Go for it. Poke fun at your friend during a competitive round of Toy Story Mania? Sure! Laugh your way through Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (which you can only do at Disneyland these days)? Why not!

But keep in mind when you’re in a shared space, it’s probably someone’s very first time on that attraction. And while you shouldn’t be silent — of course you should scream on Expedition Everest and laugh at Muppet*Vision 3D — try to be respectful of others around you.

4. Disrespecting the Wildlife

There are tons of adorable creatures all around Walt Disney World — and not just at Animal Kingdom! There are bunnies, ducks (and ducklings!), and other cuties just living their best life.


But sometimes, guests of all ages, cannot seem to control themselves around the wildlife.

Ready to be sad? See how that one duckling is sitting down while the rest are standing? He was limping around after his siblings and mother. When I asked the Cast Member guarding them what happened, she said A DRUNK ADULT PICKED HIM UP AND THEN DROPPED HIM. Are you KIDDING ME!?

They also cannot give out cans in Animal Kingdom anymore and must pour drinks into a cup because people were THROWING SAID CANS AT THE DINOLAND CROCODILE.

Not to mention the number of people who feed the animals on the regular, which then trains them to be more aggressive towards humans and steal food. (I know you want to feed the ducks popcorn but it’s actually not good for them.) Or people who let their kids chase off bunnies and ducks who are minding their own business.

There is absolutely no excuse to mess with the animals in Disney. Hard stop.

5. Ruining the Magic

If you’re reading this, I assume you know how the magic of Disney characters is brought to life. But just in case you don’t, skip to the end.

Believe in the magic to infinity and beyond.

But just because YOU know how characters work, doesn’t mean everyone around you does — especially those little ears.

Even if you don’t have kids in your party, it’s likely there’s one around you. And let’s be honest, kids are always listening. Try to avoid saying things like “WOW, I bet the guy in the Goofy suit is SUPER SWEATY” or “Whoa, that’s a cool wig on Rapunzel, I bet it’s heavy.” (The answers are yes he is, and yet it is. Now you don’t even need to wonder.)

Part of the magic of Disney (and Universal! They have fun characters too!) is seeing beloved characters IRL in shows, parades, and meet and greets. Try and suspend reality just for a moment, and believe in the magic. And while that may be too far for most adults, at least don’t ruin it for those around you.

Well there you have it, friends, the five worst things other guests do in theme parks on a regular basis. Try to avoid these behaviors if you can…and you totally can. 😉

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Have you experienced any of these theme park offenses? Share your story in the comments so we can all heal together.

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Molly is a lifelong Disney enthusiast, and former Walt Disney World Guest Relations Cast Member and tour guide. Her Walt Disney World favorites include Festival of the Lion King, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Fantasmic!, Mickey-shaped pretzels and rice krispie treats, and anything with Buzz Lightyear! She lives in Orlando with her husband (who she met in Guest Relations) and their two rescue dogs, Kronk and Cruella de Vil (Ella for short!)

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36 Replies to “I Go To Disney World (Almost) Every Day. Here are the Worst Things Guests Do.”

  1. Wait.. what?? Person “inside” Goofy suit?? 😉
    We love your videos btw. Spot on with all the advice! Thanks 😁

    1. Hi. No, we actually pay for everything just like any other guest at Walt Disney World. If we are ever at a special media event, however, we always make sure to notate that so our readers are aware.

  2. You are spot on for each if these! Being rude to anyone is horrible and all the other ways ruin the magic for everyone! If you aren’t there to be a part of the joy and happiness don’t come.

  3. When I was younger I can say I was one of those guests who recited the Ghost Host…. Then I grew up… but hey Haunted Mansion is my favorite ride! As for being rude to cast members. That’s just wrong on way too many levels!

  4. Back in 2019, waiting in line to meet Donald with the kids and a young woman was not being very kind to Donald, grabbing his tail, his outfit, other areas of his body which is a no no! Donald was not happy, neither was the cast members and other guests. She found this hilarious, she and her friends were quickly moved away. No need for this behaviour

  5. One of my pet peeves are strollers. I’ve had strollers slam into the backs of my legs/feet,
    run over my feet, and just stop dead in front of me (and everyone else) while an adult fussed with
    the child in the stroller or went looking for something. No reason to pull out of everyone’s way and
    then stop.

    On another note, a friend used to work at Pirates of the Caribbean up in the room where they monitored
    the cameras that watched everyone. When some teenagers were doing some things that they shouldn’t have,
    she couldn’t resist and announced over the speakers, “We can see you, you know!” Her bosses weren’t
    very happy about her announcement, but she said it was worth the look on the teenagers faces.

  6. I agree with everything, including foul language and children controlling their grandparents’ electric scooters, as some mentioned in the comments. I work on property and it truly is disheartening to see the amount of rudeness and vulgarity coming from guests. The worst to me is animal cruelty, specifically at Animal Kingdom. Some of my colleagues have witnessed wildlife being killed by guests, while they were at work. I myself had to yell at a kid who was running after a duck to kick a field goal. His sister and mother, who were trying to catch up, told him he was in the wrong and to see how he got in trouble. Thankfully they supported me yelling at him to stop, because I was genuinely scared for the animal. People visiting the Disney properties need to be respectful of others and remember no amount of money spent entitles them to hurt others or break the rules.

  7. Your list was perfect. Guests today are rude, inconsiderate and act like idiots at Walt Disney World. People push you around, run their stroller into you, etc. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been hit by a stroller. I’ve had kids run into me – one even knocking the pop out of my hand. I rarely get an “I’m sorry”.

  8. My favorite is the short person who gets in front (because they are short) then the hold up their phone in your face to film everything.
    What about preciously carrying the memory and pocketing the phone?
    I got very little out of the show because the row of cellphones were always up in front

  9. Believe it or not I’ve had cast members ruin the experience. My family was dining at Sci-Fi Dine In Theater and and a waiter recited the sound track EVERY time he passed our car and let us know the length of the film loop and other info. we didn’t need to know. I get they get bored but please don’t ruin the magic for those of us that have waited years to experience one of our favorite restaurants/attractions.

    1. I agree. We just got back and had 3 cast member encounters that were horrible. Unfortunately, that will overshadow the 50+ positive interactions. We do pay for the Disney experience and that comes with a certain expectation of amazing customer service. If we want less, we’ll go to Six Flags.

  10. Only exception: I kinda love it when people yell “..if I had gotten my cup of coffee!!” At the end of the Mummy🙈

  11. The ableist of guests is rampant, too. As a person in a wheelchair, whenever I am in the parks people (who I don’t know!) push my chair w/o asking, hit me in the face with their belongings in line for rides and get mad at me for asking them not to, I’ve also been cussed out for accessing disabled parking spots and fireworks viewing areas being told I’m ‘taking them away from children’… It’s really scary.

  12. I was in Disney World many years ago. I’m 75% disabled and was using my personal mobility scooter. I had the speed turned down as far as I could to go slow because I was in a crowd moving slowly shoulder to shoulder. Everything was going fine, until a lady walked in front of me and completely by accident I ran over her foot. She turned and screamed profanity in Italian at me. I immediately started to cry. Another guest said to me that he saw the whole thing and it was her fault. He tried his best to console me, saying she didn’t even look and barged right in front of you. You were moving along with the crowd. Don’t let her ruin your time here.

  13. How about people with the electric scooters that use them irresponsibly. I understand why they have to use them. But I have been run into and had my foot run over and the response of the person on the scooter was to laugh. I was stunned (this happened in the Haunted Mansion line) Also people who allowed their grandchildren to ride the scooter in the resort halls to keep them entertained and the kids run into the walls creating damage. Some people have this entitled mentality and don’t consider the impact on others.

  14. I’ve got a two-fer: Disrupting wildlife and interfering with other guests’ enjoyment: Several years ago, my family was dining on the terraces behind Flame Tree Barbecue. We were seated by the water and two kids seated with their family several tables away (the parents watched and encouraged all of this) walked over and began to spread crumbs from their meal out on the railing – basically attracting all the birds to our table. We told them firmly that A) they shouldn’t feed the birds and B) if they’re going to do it anyway to do it at their own table and then they can deal with the birds divebombing their lunch.

  15. I still 100% pretend Mickey or Donald or Minnie *are* the character. I talk to them by that name. I talk about them *as* that character. Because you’re *in* the Disney™ Magic® and that’s what they want you to believe.

  16. Molly I couldn’t agree with you more on your list. Sometimes people need to take a step back and understand that many of us have sacrificed in saving for this special trip to WDW. It’s a chance to get away from the everyday grind in our lives and take in the Magic of Disney and the Imagineers who made this all possible. Please people be kind and enjoy the cast members and all the people involved to make you trip Magical.

  17. YES. The dark ride thing is THE WORST. A whole family (5 people, Mom and a bunch of young girls in about 4 clams in a row) filmed the Nemo ride in Epcot with FLASH the entire time. It totally ruined the ride and tbh it gave me a headache. I was like what is wrong with you!? You can’t even see the ride??

  18. Molly, we were in Animal Kingdom years back and we saw a man kicking at a Male duck because he thought it was attacking a Female duck we had to go over to him and say leave them alone the male is trying to mate with the female, he is not hurting her. We live on a lake and we see how aggressive Male Ducks can be during mating season, it appears lots of people who live in the city have no idea how nature works. And I agree DONT MESS WITH THE ANIMALS AT ALL.

  19. You also have teenagers running around not paying attention. Last year in Epcot I screamed because out of nowhere a teenager boy literally ran right into me banging into me and then left immediately without apologizing.

  20. While queuing to meet ‘Stitch’ (my wife is a huge Stitch fan) our 4 year-old son shouted out “Mummy!”, “It’s just a person in a costume”…

  21. That makes me sick to my stomach about the duckling. I can’t stand people. I am in 100% agreement with everything on this list. I don’t think I’ve EVER been to WDW where I didn’t see parents allowing their kids to chase the ducks. Every. Single. Time. I think people should be escorted out for this. Take your brat and go.

  22. Thank you Molly for this! You are absolutely right and many of these actions make me nuts as well. I just wish that more grownups would act like the children I usually see.

  23. People cutting in front of you to see the parade. I’ll happily make room for their little ones to stand in front so they can see, but not the whole family full of taller people that me (5 feet) when I’ve been waiting in that spot for an hour! Also people putting their kids on their shoulders during fireworks. I don’t mind you holding your child so they can see but they shouldn’t be higher than your head. I’d like to see, too!

  24. Totally agree with everything you said. And even as an adult I don’t think at all about the people in the costumes. When I am there they ARE that character 100%, it doesn’t really occur to me otherwise until I am reading articles like this.

  25. How about when a group of people jump ahead in line cause their freind or family member was already on line

    1. Yes!! We were there this past week and it happened on literally every ride we waited for. Don’t get in line if your party isn’t all together. We rope dropped Test Track and a teenage boy came running past everyone to get in the front of the line, and once he got there the other 9 members of his family joined him after catching up.

      1. That is 100% not ok. Now, someone who has been standing in line for a long amount of time or with a child… getting out of line to use the restroom in my opinion is fine. Just be sure to let the CM at the ride know. I saw a mom on my last trip do just that and a family gave her a hard time when she came back and wouldn’t let her through… that isn’t ok. It’s not like she came back with popcorn and whatnot.

  26. Under #3, may I add the use of foul language? It is shocking to me that a certain four letter word is frequently heard use as a verb, noun, adverb & adjective by both adults and teens in WDW parks. It has gotten increasingly worse since WDW began selling alcohol in it’s parks.

  27. Right on Molly! I agree with all of these and if folks could just think of being considerate of the fact that we all spend a great deal of money to be there then perhaps these situations wouldn’t happen as often. I also add kids on shoulders and holding up your giant iPads and phones to record fireworks…

    1. Kacie, I do understand. Due to cancer I have to use a wheel chair. I had another guest look me up and down for several minutes while in line for the Toy Story Mania ride. I mean from the top of my head to the tip of my well polished toes. I finally said to her ” when you get rectal cancer and don’t recover fully you too can ride in a wheelchair”. She didn’t have any thing to say just turned around. She was in front of me anyway.