How to Deal with ANNOYING People in Disney World

Ah, Disney World. A place filled with rides, treats, characters, and (unfortunately) people. These days, it’s much harder to avoid crowds in the parks, and being in close contact with so many people can be a little stress-inducing for some! What’s a person to do?!

Isn’t it glorious?

While we can’t wave a magic wand and wish the crowds away, we can offer up a few tips to help deal with some irritating Disney World guests. Not all guests get under our skin, but for those especially irksome people you can’t avoid, you might need a little help — that’s where we come in!

There are a few options for handling annoying people in Disney World, so let’s break it down.

1. Point them in the direction of help

Sometimes, all people need is a little assistance! If someone is obviously lost or confused, you could point them in the direction of a nearby Cast Member. After all, Cast Members are sort of the Disney experts!

Cast Members are happy to help!

Disney frequently has Guest Experience Cast Members stationed around the parks (look for the blue umbrellas), or guests in need of help could visit a Guest Services location!

Guest Experience Team…to the rescue!

When people are frustrated, some tend to take out their anger on those around them. Sometimes, all it takes is a little communication and the problem can be solved! Luckily, Disney has a whole team of Cast Members trained for these situations.

A Former Guest Relations Hostess’ Guide to Complaining at Walt Disney World

2. Three words: direct eye contact

For some people, all it takes is a stern look to stop them in their tracks! This is a safe option for those looking to avoid confrontation while still communicating their message (nonverbally, of course).

His stare scares us!

Anyone who’s received the look from their parents knows the feeling…it’s powerful!

3. Set an example

You’re the expert here! If you’ve been to Disney World multiple times, you know the ropes better than the average park-goer. When people don’t know what to do, they look to others!

Make sure little ones can see the fireworks, too!

Next time you’re waiting in line for security, set an example by preparing for the screening process – others will likely follow! The same goes for other little things throughout the parks; offer up a seat on the bus, make sure little ones can see the parade…you get the idea!

People HATE When You Do This at Walt Disney World

4. Try and visit during the least crowded times of the year

The fewer people around you, the less likely you are to encounter annoying people! It’s that simple.

Can’t get annoyed if no one’s around!

Although it can be hard to predict when and where the crowds will be, do a little research ahead of time to avoid those pesky crowds!

 12 Tips for Avoiding Crowds at Walt Disney World

5. Report bad behavior

Of course, we don’t suggest that you alert Cast Members to every little annoyance that you encounter, but if you see a guest doing something they shouldn’t be, tell someone!

We just want everyone to be safe, that’s all!

We’ve definitely seen a guest or two breaking the rules – what about you?

The 5 Rules Almost Everyone Breaks at Walt Disney World

6. Try your best to ignore them (we know — easier said than done!)

Nothing fuels an aggressor more than engagement! If you get the feeling someone is in an angry mood, steer clear.

Some people are just looking for trouble!

Don’t give them the satisfaction of a squabble – there’s no winning in these situations, we promise.

How Other Guests Can Totally Change Your Experience in Disney World

We hope these little tips help you keep your sanity next time you encounter an annoying Disney World guest! Of course, take these ideas with a grain of salt and use your best judgment — some people just can’t be helped! In the meantime, stay tuned for all the latest Disney World news and updates!

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Have you ever encountered an annoying guest in Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “How to Deal with ANNOYING People in Disney World”

  1. My advice is to ignore them. I know it is hard sometimes, but whatever exposure you have with them will be short lived. It may be an hour , but it will end and you can go about your business and the odds of you encountering them again are quite small. (I am not speaking of situations like the people in the next hotel room type of thing) You may say you shouldn’t have to ignore them, that you have the right to enjoy your day, but I think you need to remember we live in a world now where people feel entitled and that they feel they have a right to ‘stand up for their interpretation of their rights’. I don’t know what world you think you live in, but people now feel that threatening others they disagree with, hitting flight attendants because they don’t like the rules they have to enforce and so many other examples are commonplace today. Thinking a Disney cast member is going to put their safety in jeopardy for $15/ hr is not fair to the cast member. They shouldn’t have to. So let it go. Because trying to get others to do the ‘right thing’ may wind up making your day far more unpleasant and complicated than you want. This other person may think they are getting away with something, but rest assured everyone in the vicinity KNOWS what a jerk they are. Don’t stoop to their level. You will feel a whole lot better about things, as will your children, if you focus on why you are there and not on the occasional unpleasantries. And after a few minutes, your smile will be back and you can enjoy your day.

  2. I would love tips with how to deal with:
    1. Line cutters
    2. People swearing around kids
    3. People giving up secrets of the ride while in line for the ride
    4. People climbing things / going around barriers they shouldn’t be
    5. People placing their belongings on prime seats for 30 minutes or more until returning

    1. Hi Brandon, in every single instance listed here, my advice is to speak with a Cast Member. They may not always be able to help, but they would be the ones you would go to.