People HATE When You Do This at Walt Disney World

Disney World can be a super fun vacation, but there are some parts of it that aren’t so fun.

Magic Kingdom

It’s important to keep in mind that you’re around a lot of people trying to have a nice trip. Some actions can be bothersome to others. Here are some things every Disney guest should avoid!

People HATE when you do this in Disney World:

Take Flash Photos on Dark Rides

The experience of a dark ride requires being in the dark — so much so that it’s in the name! It’s a real bummer when someone takes a flash photo and ruins the carefully designed lighting and effects.

Peter Pan’s Flight

Cut In Line

A big part of Disney World vacations is waiting in line and that can suck, but everyone has to do it. It can be super irritating when you see that guests have cut in front of you in line!

Be prepared to stand in some lines!

Ignore Personal Space

Sure, Disney World is crowded, but you should still try to give space to the people around you. This is especially true with the global health crisis. A lot of folks are a lot comfier with a little more space!


Break the Rules

Disney World is a fun place, but it does have a few rules. Remember, rules are there for a reason! Don’t bring in restricted items like selfie sticks, and don’t forget to follow the directions of Cast Members.

Pool Rules

Ignore Your Kids

It can be quite the bother when someone else’s kiddo keeps bumping into you in line or ignoring the rules. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on your rambunctious little ones to make sure they aren’t messing with other guests!

50th Anniversary Kids’ Mickey Shirt

Be Rude to Cast Members

Perhaps one of the worst things a Disney guest can do is be rude to Cast Members. Cast Members are awesome and tend to make a lot of magic so it can be super off-putting to see these beloved folks at the receiving end of some rude behavior.


Block the View

We know, we know. You really want your kiddo to be able to see the fireworks. But the five-foot-tall family behind you might have staked out their spot for hours. Take your kiddo off your shoulders, lower the cell phone, and make sure you’re not blocking the view of those behind you.

Magic Kingdom

Loudly Quote the Rides

Yes, we love the quotes on Haunted Mansion, but quoting them loudly can mess with the experience of those around you who may be experiencing the attraction for the first time!


Spoil The Magic

Regardless of whether you believe that’s really Mickey Mouse or really Tinker Bell, try not to loudly declare your disbelief to those around you. There are plenty of kids and adults, too, who are experiencing that magic, and you could be ruining it.


Block the Pathway

Disney World has plenty of space to walk around, but if you grab a seat or spread out your whole family, you could be in other peoples’ way!

That’s a LOT of People!


Disney World is non-smoking, but people still bring in cigarettes and vape pens. Don’t do this! It’s against the rules and can be a massive bother to (not to  mention a potential threat to the health of) other guests.

Smoking areas don’t even exist in Disney parks anymore!

Go Past Your Limits

Drinking around the world in EPCOT can be fun, and we love an afternoon spent at Nomad Lounge, but be careful not to over-imbibe. These are family theme parks, and you don’t want to ruin another group’s vacation by overdoing things.


Fight and Curse

Similar to some of the above items, Disney World is a happy place for many. Sure, tensions can run high, but try to refrain from loudly fighting and cursing when you’re out and around others.

Magic Kingdom

What bothers you in Disney World? Tell us in the comments!

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13 Replies to “People HATE When You Do This at Walt Disney World”

  1. We went in Dec with the whole family . 2 of us were riding scooters , they were marked with lights and flags . The whole week we dodged people who stopped in front of us after jumping over our scooters , I ran about 6 over the whole week and my sister ran over a few . We both got yelled at for running people over . I was sitting over on the side enjoying a cold drink and I was told by a upset woman that scooter s should not be allowed in Disney because they are hazardous to walkers! My response was short and sweet , I agree but due to not being able to walk with out pain I chose to be at Disney on a scooter !
    She left in a huff .
    I also hated when you get separated from your people because of people rushing by you

  2. By far it’s cutting in line. I understand if mom has to bring their child to the restroom and then goes back in line with her party. But when there’s a group of ten and they see their friends and then said friends cut everyone. Yeah. Not cool at all 😠

  3. Rides that have queue lines that go from single lines into another room or unassigned space. While cast members encourage everyone to fill in all available space it’s hard as you try not to disrespect others personal space and keep some social distance boundaries, however you are encouraged to cram together and when you don’t plenty of hurry up get out of my way teens will have no problem pushing and shoving them selves over you to get one or two spaces being asked by cast members which is encouraging rude and entitled behavior. Disney really needs to work on this it is def a hard problem to shake as every ride seems to encourage this and we see the fights break out.

    One other issue why oh why do people have to take the largest stroller that is the size of their car and mounded full of belongings hardly ever children. These strollers are so giant and they have no issue running over your toes with them since they can’t gauge distance

  4. I took two pictures on Pirates of the Caribbean after they added Jack Sparrow and I almost instantly regretted doing it. I just didn’t realize how badly distracting the flash on my phone was because the phone was fairly new and I hadn’t taken any pictures in the dark. I haven’t done that since, nor will I again.

    1. Back in 1999 we were at one of the “after hour” events – back when it was resort guests only and cost about $15! We actually rode Pirates alone – not just our boat but the only ones on the ride! After we finished it hit us that we could have taken pictures.

  5. Don’t talk politics loudly. In these polarized times, we all need a break from divisive rhetoric. Disney parks are NOT the place to expound about your political beliefs!

  6. Walt said in an interview in 1956 that he did not want alcohol in his park ” Disneyland ” and if he was still kicking, it would apply to all of his parks! And they are disobeying his instructions!

  7. Stopping in the middle of traffic flow while walking in the parks! Move over to the side and be consider it of others behind you. Drives me nuts!