Are Guests CANCELING Their Stays At Disney World’s ‘Star Wars’ Hotel?

We’re less than three months away from the grand opening of the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel in Disney World, and we’re getting excited!


As Disney continues to share more details about the experience, we learn about what we’ll eat, what we’ll do, and what our schedule will be while “onboard” the Halcyon starcruiser. It’s a highly anticipated offering, and when reservations opened in October, many guests jumped on the opportunity. However, since then there has been a bit of confusion!

We’ve been following the availability of the new hotel online since reservations first opened over a month ago, and we’ve noticed some interesting trends along the way. For a while, things were filling up rapidly, with many dates selling out. In fact, on November 15th, all of April and May were sold out, with only a little bit of availability at the end of June and for one voyage in March.


Fast forward to now, when we’ve got three dates available in March and a whole host of them back open in May! June has continued to fill up as usual, but it’s odd that so many dates are available again.


There are a few things that are important to note when looking at availability for this new resort. First of all, availability is subject to change, and Disney specifically notes that the availability shown is for informational purposes and only updated periodically.


However, any date marked as unavailable on the calendar MAY NOT be booked over the phone. This is also explicitly written on the website. To get more details on availability and to book, you can call (407) 939-1800.


And as far as canceling your booking goes, the final payment is due 90 days before your arrival date. You can cancel and get a full refund of what you’ve paid so far if you do it 90+ days out, but if you cancel between 31-89 days, you’ll lose half of what you paid. If it’s less than 30 days, then you forfeit everything.


While that cancellation policy may affect trips in the next three months, it definitely doesn’t explain the resurgence of so much availability in May. Disney hasn’t shared any details about what’s going on and why it’s suddenly, wide open again, but there are some possibilities.


First of all, Disney has confirmed before that there are only 100 “cabins” at the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel, so it’s not like more rooms were suddenly made available to guests. It’s possible that not all 100 rooms were open for booking when reservations first dropped, but that doesn’t seem very likely.


Another possible scenario is that many guests are choosing to cancel their trips. (Again, Disney hasn’t confirmed this, but why would they?) There has been some online controversy with the Galactic Starcruiser lately thanks to the promotional video for the hotel being posted online. Many social media commenters were unsatisfied with the experience that the new hotel provides for the hefty price tag, and the video was later removed.


It’s possible that we’re seeing the fallout from that controversy in the form of guests canceling their trips, but there’s not really a way to tell for sure. Or, guests may be canceling because they initially made a reservation out of excitement and FOMO, and a few weeks later they’re realizing that it’s not financially feasible or they’d like to spend that money in a different way during their trip.


All we know now is that many dates that were previously available have reopened. So good news — if you’ve been searching for availability, you may have a chance! (You’ll definitely want to jump on that before it books up again!)

Sample Pricing ©Disney

No matter what is happening here, we’ll make sure to keep you updated with the latest Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser news and updates. We’ll keep watching availability online and let you know if anything else changes!

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6 Replies to “Are Guests CANCELING Their Stays At Disney World’s ‘Star Wars’ Hotel?”

  1. Money was the reason I canceled my 63 WDW trip for Feb. I sat down one
    day and started adding everything up. When I was done, I got on the phone and
    canceled the whole works. Never again, 62 was enough. I’m glad I got to go
    while Walt was still the spirit of WDW. He has now been completely banished
    and replaced by corporate greed.

  2. People are beginning to cancel because the M stands for money, not magic…not even Mickey. Sorry Walt, looks like the final deck chair arrangement for Disneyworld.

  3. The most common complaint about the fake cruise is that it looks like it was designed by people who never saw a Star Wars film. The imagineering that went into Galaxy’s Edge was not used on this resort. Disney phoned this one in and expects people to pay high prices. It’s too sleek and modern. Calling it the Star Trek cruise/hotel would be closer to the truth.

    1. We are booked and looking forward to our adventure. Disney most certainly did work with Lucas Films, as the guy they worked with was on stage with the Disney crew at D23, and they designed it so that the Galactic Starcruiser and it’s story will fit into the entire SW universe as you know it. It surprises me that so many people make comments about it not looking “like Star Wars” despite the story set up. Disney has shared with all of us that the Halcyon has been sailing for centuries, in different capacities. The ‘current’ capacity is as a luxury cruise liner – which will allow for a luxury setting and luxurious food. The story will fit into the Star Wars universe – that’s the whole point of all of this. Rey, Chewbacca, Kylo Ren… they’ll all be there. I expect that this fully immersive experience will be in a story setting that SW fans are not yet familiar with but will happily become familiar with during the adventure. Disney has already shared that Anakin and Padme cruised on the Halcyon and that before that it was a casino ship for the Hutts. Marvel Comics will publish the backstories in January – others who have been on the Halcyon include bounty hunters Aurra Sing and Sam Wesell, as well as Lando and Hondo who tried ‘liberate’ some priceless jewels from the Imperials on the ship. So everyone can keep complaining, but my family and I will happily eat luxurious food while we fully immerse ourselves in this Star Wars adventure. It is clearly too expensive, but it will be amazing!

      1. The Disney version of StarWars charaters are the stars NOT the orginals like most want and expect. 7 8 9.

        And when/if 10 ever comes out it will be reimagined to focus on that film.

        Enjoy eclectic dining and shopping.
        My family will vacation elsewhere somewhere on earth. With actual living real people.

        Thank you for supporting financially, this cosplay illusion.