The “Boring” Disney World Rides We Absolutely Love

Disney has so many attractions that there’s something for absolutely everyone.

Cinderella Castle

The parks can have some pretty big thrills, like The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror or Expedition Everest. But some attractions are a little — or a lot — tamer. Might some even say boring? Well, not us! Even though these seven attractions don’t have big drops or super modern tech, we actually love them.

7 “Boring” Disney Attractions We Actually Love

Living with the Land

Hop on a gentle boat ride and cruise through different biomes before touring Epcot’s very own indoor greenhouse.

Living With the Land

We love Living with the Land because it’s the perfect mid-day break in the AC (and the thunderstorm in the tropical biome is so soothing). Plus, during the holiday season, a special Merry and Bright Nights overlay lights up the greenhouse!

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros

Another gentle boat ride, Gran Fiesta tour features Donald Duck and his friends Jose Carioca and Panchito. The trio explores Mexico and gets into a little bit of mischief!

Gran Fiesta Tour

Even though Donald was recently replaced with a plant, this ride has such a hummable tune and is a great break from our trips around Epcot’s World Showcase.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

The slow-moving PeopleMover takes guests on a high-in-the-sky tour of Tomorrowland, cruising through attractions like Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

PeopleMover Test Run

We love riding this one anytime of day (or all day long). At night we can see the park illuminated, and during the day we can people-watch or sit back and enjoy the breeze! The PeopleMover is currently under refurbishment, but we’ll keep you posted with updates here at AllEars!

Country Bear Jamboree

In this opening-day Magic Kingdom show, audio-animatronic bears serenade guests with various country songs.

Country Bear Jamboree

Some may find this one un-bearable, but we can’t help but clap our hands and sing along with Big Al and the crew. It’s impossible not to get in the groove with some of the band’s hits!

Carousel of Progress 

The Carousel of Progress made its debut in the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair. The rotating show takes guests through the twentieth century.

Carousel of Progress

The show’s timeless tune, “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”, gets stuck in our heads for days. Plus, Rover the family dog is adorable!

Spaceship Earth

This long, dark, and slow-moving ride takes guests through human history from cavemen through the future. The track travels through Epcot’s geosphere park icon.

Spaceship Earth

This one’s a classic! We love smelling Alexandria burning, searching for Hidden Mickeys, and creating our own future on our touchscreens.

Wildlife Express Train

Last year, the Wildlife Express Train reopened, transporting guests once more to a reimagined Rafiki’s Planet Watch.

Wildlife Express Train

We love how the train winds through snippets of Animal Kingdom’s backstage, giving us a glimpse into how all the animals are cared for.

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Would you add or delete any rides from this list? Let us know!

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4 Replies to “The “Boring” Disney World Rides We Absolutely Love”

  1. Confession: one morning on “Living with the Land” I brought out cheese cubes and grapes and we nibbled breakfast while going through the dark parts. Now it’s a tradition! And I love going through the greenhouse to see what’s growing. I just discovered this year that they decorate the greenhouse during the holidays, and at night it’s really beautiful!

  2. I travelled to Disney World with my retired parents in November 2019. They loved all of these rides and they were a welcome respite from the long days of walking.

  3. Would the Teacups be considered “boring”? Because if they are, then they are my favorite “boring” ride.
    I also like The County Bears’ Jamboree and Spaceship Earth.