The Eight Most Overrated Rides at Walt Disney World, According to YOU!

There are so many beloved rides at Walt Disney World. And, inevitably, some rides are more beloved by AllEars readers than others.

Cinderella Castle

But we were curious about the other end of the spectrum. So we recently posed a question to our Facebook followers, asking if there were any rides they found to be “overrated” at Disney World. Our readers were quick to share their thoughts — and their picks may surprise you!

These Were YOUR Picks for the Most Overrated Rides at Disney World!

8. Tomorrowland Speedway

One of the original Walt Disney World attractions, Tomorrowland Speedway allows guests to race around a track in their own gas-powered race car. 

Tomorrowland Speedway

While some consider the ride a classic, our readers ranked this as the eighth most “overrated” attraction at Disney World, citing the slow speeds and the scent of fumes caused by the gas-powered vehicles.

7. Na’vi River Journey

Part of the newest land at Animal Kingdom, Pandora, Na’vi River Journey takes guests on a calm boat ride through a bioluminescent forest, climaxing with one of the most ambitious animatronics Disney has ever created.

Na’vi River Journey

While readers were quick to point out the impressive imagery and technology behind the ride, commenters also called the ride “boring”, with one reader pointing out that it looked like “a queue for a much better and interesting ride.”

6. Dinosaur

This rocking jeep ride takes guests way back in time, all the way to the Cretaceous period in search of an Iguanodon dinosaur.


Why did the ride make our reader’s list of most “overrated”? Several commenters pointed out that they found the ride less “scary” than “jerky”, writing that the ride was too rough for them.

5. “it’s a small world”

Yet another classic to make the list was “it’s a small world”, arguably one of the most famous rides at Disney World.

it’s a small world

What was it about this iconic attraction that gave it this spot on our readers’ list? Well, the resounding answer seemed to be just what makes it so famous — its titular song!

4. Test Track

Out of all of the the rides on the list, all of our readers who picked Test Track seemed to be in agreement on the reason why they considered it “overrated”.

Test Track

The general consensus seemed to be that the original Test Track, when the ride was sponsored by General Motors, was superior, with readers declaring the newer installment to be inferior, and ultimately, in their opinions, overrated.

3. Frozen Ever After

A surprisingly large amount of newer rides made the list, including 2016’s Frozen Ever After.

Frozen Ever After

Readers who named Frozen Ever After as their top pick wrote that they were disappointed the ride was a newly themed overlay to its predecessor, Maelstrom. Many commenters mentioned that they wished a franchise as big as Frozen had gotten its own original ride layout, as opposed to a re-theme of the Maelstrom ride system.

2. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Since its debut in 2014, Seven Dwarfs Mine has consistently been one of the most popular rides at Magic Kingdom, Perhaps due to that popularity, our readers ranked this as their second most “overrated” attraction at Disney World.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Some of the reasons they gave included the ride’s consistently longer wait times, combined with the ride’s length being relatively short.

1. Peter Pan’s Flight

One of the common themes amongst reader’s picks for most “overrated” rides was the attraction having too long of a line. That was the main explanation almost every single one of our readers gave for their top pick, Peter Pan’s Flight.

Peter Pan’s Flight

The classic attraction is a popular one, often garnering one of the larger wait times at Magic Kingdom. Many of our readers seemed to be in agreement that the short attraction was “not worth the wait” and ultimately felt the popularity and hype surrounding the ride made it their top pick for most overrated ride.

Did YOUR pick make the top ten? Let us know what your pick would be in the comments below!

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15 Replies to “The Eight Most Overrated Rides at Walt Disney World, According to YOU!”

  1. Unpopular opinion, but I’d say Splash Mountain… it’s such a long boat ride, there’s nothing good to see, and a huge buildup for a disappointing drop. At least they’ll change the theme.

  2. It’s a Small World and Peter Pan’s flight are rites of passage! The only one I don’t really enjoy is Na’vi River, but I LOVE boat rides, so it will do.

  3. I’ve never been a big fan of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It just doesn’t have anything special that makes me want to ride it over and over. The rides based on classic Disney movies are all favorites of mine. I can’t believe anyone doesn’t absolutely
    Love the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, although it is a little short.

  4. Na’vi River Journey should definitely be number one. It almost always has a long line for a ride with no thrill or plot. Dinosaur is one of the best attractions however, and it always seems to be under 30 minutes.

  5. Maybe I can agree on speed way and frozen—but gee, its a small world, peter pan,7 dwarfs—these are GREAT attractions–Disney magic !!!

  6. Any of the rides that are just characters going around in a circle (Dumbo, Magic Carpets, Cinderella’s Carousel, etc.) belong on this list. You can do something like those rides at every carnival and regional amusement park on the planet and doing them at WDW wastes precious touring time that can be better spent doing many of Disney’s unique attractions.

    1. Lol I LOVE Dumbo and Astro but I kind of agree with you. I only ride these rides because I’m a passholder. I wouldn’t ride them if I were someone from out of state, visiting once a year or less often.

  7. I disagree on small world and especially Peter Pan. They define magic. Ihaven’t been pin frozen yet so i can’t say, but there’s such an anti-frozen cult, including over maelstrom, so I take that with a grain of salt. I would have said Toy Story Mania – so not worth the wait and Buzz Lightyear, and add the Falcon ride.

  8. The biggest disappointment about It’s a Small World is the show build. Unlike all other versions of the ride, this one does not a have an impressive, whimsical standalone facade.

    1. I agree. there is something about seeing it in Disneyland that is so mesmerizing on outside to the blah look at WDW. I also wish they would add the characters to WDW version like Disneyland.

      1. Journey into imagination with Figment is hokey effects, animation doesnt even look like Disney quality, it’s way too much wasted space…

        1. In reply to Karlene’s comment on Journey into Imagination: The original theme and ride from many years ago, which included dream finder, were far superior to what we see and experience today. It seems that often times the re-furbed or re-themed attractions don’t live up to their originals.