Based on Your Enneagram Type, This Is Your Disney World Ride Soulmate

We love matching our personalities to Disney favorites!

Cinderella Castle

We’ve matched people with snacks, with movies, with characters, and with rides countless times based on your astrological sign, personality type, or general style. And you know what? It’s addictive! That’s why we’re back today to match you with your Disney World ride soulmate…based on your enneagram type!

In case you don’t know what an enneagram is, it’s a popular personality test that sorts people into nine different types, each designated with a number and a title. So before you read any further, go take the test if you haven’t already!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Are we good? Alright! Let’s dive into our list!

1 — The Reformer

We’re starting this list out at the beginning, with our type 1s, of course! The Reformer is known for being principled, purposeful, and having self-control. You also often see perfectionists get sorted into this category. So what fits?

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Why, Kilimanjaro Safaris of course! As Animal Kingdom’s flagship attraction, it’s a classic. It’s educational, adventurous, a fan-favorite, and reliable as all get out. It’s truly the perfect ride, rain or shine, and you can’t go to the park without riding it at least once!

2 — The Helper

Type 2 is The Helper, and these people are typically possessive, people-pleasing, and generous. They want to offer a little bit of fun and happiness for everyone, so we’ve got to choose something that’s a well-loved classic.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is the winner here! It’s thrilling, but not too overwhelming. It’s a favorite ride for many, and it’s very helpful if you’re trying to pass a kidney stone (IYKYK).

3 — The Achiever

The Achiever is Type 3, and they’re known for being adaptive and for excelling at whatever they put their minds to. They’re also driven and image-conscious, so there was an obvious choice for this one.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

We’ve got to give it to Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind! This newer ride is high-tech and top-notch with its smooth ride system, cool effects, and awesome soundtrack. A true rockstar!

4 — The Individualist

The Individualist (type 4) is known for being expressive, dramatic, self-absorbed, and temperamental. Which Disney World ride fits that to a “T?”

Rise of the Resistance

Yep, it’s Rise of the Resistance! From the multiple show elements to the on-theme Cast Members, this ride is all about the DRAMA. It’s over the top, and it can be a bit temperamental with its random shutdowns and broken animatronics. We love it anyway!

5 — The Investigator

For Type 5, we’ve got The Investigator. This type of personality is perceptive, innovative, secretive, and sometimes isolated. So we need a ride that’s WAY more than it seems from the outside!

Flight of Passage

Avatar Flight of Passage is our choice for this one! It’s an immersive experience unlike any other, and based on parts of the queue, you might never guess that you’re about to embark on a stunning journey through Pandora.

6 — The Loyalist

For The Loyalist, we need to pick something that’s fitting for a person who’s engaging and responsible, but also anxious and suspicious. I think we have just the ride!

Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion

Oh yeah, Haunted Mansion is PERFECT. A little bit spooky and eerie, you never know what’s going to come next. A great choice for a die-hard Disney fan and a tried and true classic.

7 — The Enthusiast

The Enthusiast (type 7) is definite by spontaneity and versatility but can be distractible and scattered at times. They’re an adventurous bunch, so that’s why we’ve got to pick something with some variety.

Soarin’ Around the World

Soarin’ Around the World is a great choice for our adventure-seeking friends! You get to travel all the way across the globe in just four minutes, and the change of scenery and scents help keep it from getting mundane or boring.

8 — The Challenger

When it comes to Type 8, The Challenger, we knew we needed a ride for someone who’s self-confident, decisive, willful, and confrontational. An attraction for someone who isn’t afraid to face the unknown head-on…

Space Mountain

…and that has to be Space Mountain! You’re literally riding in the DARK so it can be frightening at times, but those Type 8 people are ready for the challenges ahead. They know they can handle the unexpected!

9 — The Peacemaker

And last but certainly not least, we come to Type 9 — The Peacemaker. These people are receptive, complacent, agreeable, and reassuring. Relaxed, if you will. They just go with the flow and keep things chill.

PeopleMover POV

You know what that sounds like? The iconic Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover! This ride is smooth and easy, and it’s an easy pick to please everyone in your party. Go PeopleMover!

That’s a wrap on our enneagram types as rides, but stay tuned to AllEars for more Disney news and fun!

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