EPCOT Is Rated as the #1 Disney World Park but People Are Outraged by Magic Kingdom’s Ranking

We’ll be the first to say we think EPCOT is one of the most underrated parks in Disney World.

Spaceship Earth at EPCOT

Most people think exclusively of Magic Kingdom when they think of Disney World (especially if they’ve never visited), but EPCOT has always had our heart. However, it seems like EPCOT isn’t as underrated as we thought, at least according to Yelp reviews. Why? Because on Yelp, EPCOT rates higher than Disney World’s other three parks!

Yes, you read that right. Yelp reviewers have rated EPCOT as the best Disney World theme park. From over 2,700 reviews, EPCOT has an overall rating of 4.2. Some reviewers call EPCOT “captivating,” while others refer to it as “beautiful” and “the best.” We might actually agree, but we’re surprised others think like us. EPCOT is pretty amazing.

Japan Pavilion at EPCOT

However, what’s really surprising is that Magic Kingdom falls WAY behind on Yelp ratings. Magic Kingdom has an overall rating of 3.9, which puts it in third place behind Disney’s Animal Kingdom, which has an overall rating of 4.1. Yes, Animal Kingdom is rated higher than Magic Kingdom. When reviewers talked about Magic Kingdom, they used words like “disappointing experience” and “food was awful.” Ouch.

Turns out folks don’t like Magic Kingdom as much as they like EPCOT

Coming in last with Yelp ratings is Disney’s Hollywood Studios with a 3.7. Some folks referred to it as a half-day park, while others say the rides there aren’t worth the long waits.

Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Meanwhile, we’re surprised with Disney’s Animal Kingdom coming in second, but there are a lot of reviews praising the “realism” of Animal Kingdom, as well as calling it beautiful and magical. Okay, we can understand the Animal Kingdom love, and we do think it’s well-deserved.

Animal Kingdom

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