The Perfect Time to Ride Jungle Cruise in Disney World

There are certain rides in Disney World that often seem to have long lines.

Let’s go into the jungle!

Slinky Dog Dash, Rise of the Resistance, Flight of Passage, and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train are all culprits of this. Another ride we could add to that list is Jungle Cruise in Magic Kingdom. It’s a classic, but it can be a pain to wait in the line — so when is the best time to ride?

For the Lowest Wait Time

Jungle Cruise can be incredibly popular, despite the fact that it was an opening day attraction in Magic Kingdom. The line often gets a wait time of more than an hour, but there are two times of day where you could get in the queue and probably wait less.

Jungle Cruise queue

Probably the best time to get in line for Jungle Cruise is first thing in the morning. This ride isn’t included in Early Theme Park Entry for resort guests, so even if you’re staying off-site, you’ll have an equal chance to get in line first thing in the morning.  Because it’s closer to the front of the park, the line can form quickly, however, so don’t dilly-dally when getting over there.

Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise is also a great ride to hop in line for at the end of the night. Many people prefer to ride it during the daytime, so the wait often drops after dark. And once the fireworks are over in Magic Kingdom, many visitors will leave the park. As long as you get in line before the clock strikes closing time, you should be able to ride without too long of a wait!

For the Best Experience

Our team battled it out over this one! Many people argued that the best time to ride Jungle Cruise was during the daylight hours because there are so many hidden details you can only notice when it’s light outside, and they’re probably correct. However, you should keep in mind that the Jungle Cruise queue and ride can get a little toasty midday, especially during the summer.

Jungle Cruise Skipper

If you’ve already ridden Jungle Cruise during the daytime before, we recommend checking it out at night at least once! It’s an entirely different experience, and it’s almost a little bit spooky, especially when you get to the temple scene. You might not see as many details, but the weather will be cooler and it’ll have a different vibe altogether.

Jungle Cruise

So there you go — our recommendations for riding Jungle Cruise in Magic Kingdom! Stay tuned to AllEars for more tips and tricks for navigating the parks.

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