PHOTOS and VIDEOS from Our Day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Jambo from Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Tree of Life

We’re back in the park today, and we’re giving you a full walkthrough of our day at the park! And, we think it’s time to buckle up and get your game faces on because there’s a LOT to see in one of the most gorgeous parks in Disney World.

As Molly has started her day in the parks, she’s been keeping up with our AllEars readers to see what YOU want her to explore in the park throughout this fine Wednesday!

But, before anything — we had to start our day off with coffee (the only right way to begin the morning).

Morning Starbs!

As we stepped into the park, the macaws were GOING OFF, making sure Molly was wide awake to start the day at Animal Kingdom.

We know she’s cool, you guys. But, you’re being just a little bit… loud.


On the way into the park, we also spotted the CUTEST Babirusa…

Babirusa Sign

…and her baby!

Babirusa and Baby

Riverside Depot

With coffee in hand, we took a trip to Riverside Depot, where they are currently having a sale on this summer’s neon collection!

Neon Collection

The entire collection is 30% off, which can be stacked with your Annual Passholder discount.

Neon Collection

Another new addition at the store was a new Leopard Print Loungefly, available for $90.

Leopard Print Loungefly

Plus, we spotted plenty of the new Halloween collection at the store!

Halloween Collection

Read more about Disney’s newest Halloween collection here!

Kilimanjaro Safaris

From there, we took a trip to Kilimanjaro Safaris

Kilimanjaro Safari

…which had a short wait time of only five minutes!

During our trip on the safari, we noticed some rhinos chomping away…

Rhinos on Kilimanjaro Safari

…and lions taking a cat nap in the shady area!

Lions on Kilimanjaro Safari

While we were on the ride, we also spotted a new structure forming inside a trench area of the Kilimanjaro Safari.

New Animal Kingdom Structure

Once our safari was done, we headed over to the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, where we spotted a gorilla that was photo ready!

Gorilla Falls

There he is! It’s a hot day in Florida, so we fully understand the need for a midday nap.


Expedition Everest

After seeing all the animals, we thought we’d encounter a REAL beast like the Yeti on Expedition Everest! The actual wait time was shorter than the posted wait time…

…which means that we just felt tempted to hop back in line to ride again!

Expedition Everest

While some people might be more scared of Disco Yeti’s epic raves…

Expedition Everest

…other people are not really there for the Carnotaurus who pops out to surprise time travelers!


Because, of course, our next stop was to visit Dr. Grant Seeker in his quest for the Iguanadon!

Dinosaur Pre-Show

But, don’t worry! We know exactly what to expect on the attraction (and now you do too, thanks to Molly’s storytelling skills!).

While the ride was an attraction with no wait, we still think it’s worth seeing this sweet guy (even if you get a little scared during the ride).


Dinoland USA

As we left Dinosaur, we realized how EMPTY DinoLand, U.S.A. was after Primeval Whirl has permanently closed.

DinoLand, U.S.A.

Buuuut, we also can’t get over how colorful and cute this dinosaur-patterned bench is in the area for a quick break to rest your feet.

DinoLand Bench

Yak and Yeti Store

We’ve had plenty of trouble finding cleaning supplies in the stores recently. But, we happened to find hand-sanitizer spray and Clorox wipes while we were near Yak and Yeti.

Yak and Yeti Store

Read more about our cleaning supply find at the Yak and Yeti store here!


Even though riding all the attractions in Pandora and eating Cheeseburger Pods can be fun, sometimes it’s just important to take in the STUNNING view of the land’s detail.


The Na’vi River Journey has had a few of the highest wait times in the reopened park recently. But, we were able to get on the attraction in less than the posted wait time so we could jam out with the Shaman!

We were happy to see her back, after reports that the iconic animatronic had been missing for several days.

Shaman Animatronic

We just want to take a moment away from our ride-hopping and exploring to point out something many visitors don’t take the time to experience.

Animal Kingdom Atmosphere

The Animal Kingdom is full of so much…

Animal Kingdom Atmosphere

…incredibly thoughtful…

Animal Kingdom Atmosphere

…and well-placed details that we could spend HOURS in the parks finding new things! The next time you’re in Animal Kingdom, we recommend going on a hunt for some hidden gems in between your Dole Whip breaks.

Animal Kingdom Atmosphere

Obviously, we’re having a blast taking you with us on our adventures around Animal Kingdom today!

Molly in Animal Kingdom

Let us know what you think of our photo and video tours from the day! Do you like taking a virtual trips to the parks with us? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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