NEWS: Disney Begins Cancelling More Reservations for Mid to Late May

As the closures continue at both Disney World and Disneyland, guests with existing reservations have begun receiving notifications from Disney, including several options when it comes to modifying or cancelling their upcoming stays.

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Last week, Disney began notifying guests with reservations through May 16th that their travel would be impacted. While no official announcement has been made yet regarding a reopening timeline, many guests with reservations further into the month of May were beginning to question whether or not they would be able to travel.

Due to the extended closures, guests with reservations between May 17th, 2020 through May 23rd, 2020 are beginning to receive notices from Disney indicating that their trips will be impacted. Guests with bookings during those dates may now have the option to modify or cancel those reservations.

Reservations for both Disney World and Disneyland are currently available for June 1st, 2020 and beyond, although a reopening date for either resort has yet to be identified or announced.

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Disney World guests with impacted reservations can take advantage of a Free Dining offer. This offer is exclusive to guests with cancelled reservations as a result of the park closures. The Free Dining offer is good for arrivals between June 1st, 2020 through September 30th, 2020. Guests must book by May 31st, 2020 to take advantage of the offer.

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Have you had reservations for Disney World or Disneyland that were impacted by the closures? Let us know in the comments.

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10 Replies to “NEWS: Disney Begins Cancelling More Reservations for Mid to Late May”

  1. I also had two trips booked one in March, was suppose to arrive the day they closed, and return in May 11th with my daughter for a trip. It was extremely disappointing to have both trips canceled due to closure, but I must say that we were able to get back all the monies for both trips including airfare. I truly believe that if you explain your circumstances to the cast member they can work magic, I have had it done!!!! These are all trying times and we all need to be safe. Disney has always done what’s right you just need to be polite and persistent. We ve been to Disney over 25 times since 1993. And always had a positive experience and some where they were actually magical for my children, they had serious medical issues on a couple of trips.Just be patient!!!

  2. Been to Disney 8 times in last 12 years. I am a DVC member for 11 years. Was coming May 10 to celebrate a birthday and Mothers Day. Can’t get a refund on almost $3000 of tickets. ABSOLUTLEY HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE during this unfortunate situation we are all in. I am laid off going on 7 weeks and my wife is a nursing supervisor working 14 hour shifts sometimes 6 days a week. Really making me do some thinking. Everything up to this point has been nearly perfect all these years.

  3. We were booked on the Disney Dream May 22 and opting for full refund. They said that will take 30 days. Then reschedule our WDW trip from May to first of August. We were eligible for free dining plan but there’s a catch. You can’t combine it with a lower hotel rate that’s the sun and fun promotion; it’s either/or so we opted for the lower hotel as we never get the dining plan normally as it’s too much food.Otherwise our hotel would have been full rate! Not really a deal at all.

  4. Our family trip was scheduled May 11th through the 19th. I’m a bit disappointed with the handling of this situation-very unDisney-like. The free dining is only available if you rebook and travel by September? The park tickets are nonrefundable?
    Waiving the cancellation fees is not much of an “I’m sorry”.

  5. Yes we were to be there May 10 through the 16th. We bought season passes last year and made 2 trips last year and this was going to be the third before they expired. Now we have reservations in June and were able to redo our flights for then in a timely manner, where we live sometimes flying out is a problem, so we are hoping for the best and are looking forward to the trip if all goes well. My husband and our friend are both ER nurses and they need this trip. So we hope everything goes well for all.

  6. Had a trip planned for May 15th. So glad they cancelled. Don’t feel safe, and my family is to precious to me to put in deaths path. Thank you for staying closed.

  7. We originally had a trip 4/20-4/24 that was cancelled and just yesterday our 5/18-5/21 was cancelled. These cancellations are heartbreaking. I hope our trip in a few months will work out!!!!

  8. We had a trip scheduled in March, rescheduled to April 17th when the parks were going to open April 1st, now rescheduled to June 1st, hoping the 3rd time really is the charm!

  9. We had a trip scheduled april 3rd. We rescheduled for august 1st. Hoping it opens by then, it will be my kids first trip.

  10. We have a trip scheduled for the last couple of days of May, so we are just waiting it out. It hasn’t been canceled yet and we are waiting to see what the Florida gov says today.