Virtual Boarding Passes Activated for Rise of the Resistance Opening; Passes Possibly Gone for the Day

Rise of the Resistance is officially open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and if the virtual line — which Disney calls Boarding Groups or a Boarding Pass — is any indication, guests are flocking to experience it!

Rise of the Resistance Entrance

Disney Parks Blog confirmed this morning that Rise of the Resistance will use Boarding Groups to manage the guest experience. That means instead of walking up and joining a gargantuan Standby line, guests will check in using the My Disney Experience app and reserve a spot in line… if there are spots available.

Boarding Pass on MDE

There are some caveats. As of earlier this morning, all Boarding Groups were full. That’s not to say Disney won’t release more throughout the day, so if you’re on-site (yes, you need to be IN Disney’s Hollywood Studios to join the virtual queue), keep checking!

Join the virtual queue before you join the regular queue!

You’ll need My Disney Experience in order to join the queue. To see if Boarding Passes are available, navigate to the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge section of the app. You’ll see a button to “Join Boarding Group.” If that is gray and unclickable (as it is in the image above), the current Boarding Groups are all full. Check back later to see if others are released.

If you manage to get yourself into a Boarding Group, check to be sure your push notifications are enabled. When your group’s turn arrives, you’ll get a notification in the app and have two hours to return to the ride and check in. Then you’ll join the real life line and enjoy Rise of the Resistance.

Want to know what the ride is like? We rode yesterday and have all the details (minus some so we didn’t spoil everything!) here.

Worried about accessibility or wondering what amenities are available in line? Click here for our essentials of Rise of the Resistance.

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10 Replies to “Virtual Boarding Passes Activated for Rise of the Resistance Opening; Passes Possibly Gone for the Day”

  1. Is it safe to assume that anyone who doesn’t utilize a smart phone with Disney app is unable to participate in this ride? I realize virtually everyone has this tech on hand, but I also bet there are a few who would like to leave the tech behind and simply wait in an old fashion line to ride. More likely, would be a foreign guest who may struggle with the system.

  2. Do you know if it’s possible to show up at the park just long enough to join a boarding group and then leave the park and come back later?

  3. Say you go to another park such as animal kingdom on a day they are having 8 am early morning extra magic hours, and then planning to hope over to HS around 9-10. Would you be able to join the queue as long as you are in A PARK already that morning or do you have to be in Hollywood Studios at the time you join the queue?

  4. I read that the ride broke down after the first 18 minutes this morning. I think it might be a better idea to wait a while before trying to experience this attraction.