AllEars TV: We Used How Many FastPasses in One Day at the Magic Kingdom?!?

Want to get the MOST out of your Disney World vacation? Hate waiting in line? See how Molly skipped the line at every. single. Magic Kingdom ride!

Under the Sea FastPass Entrance

No paid upgrades, no gimmicks, just FREE FastPass+ reservations and a whole lotta perseverance! We’ve got the tips to help YOU score a few extra rides on your next Disney trip.


How many FastPasses have you used in one day? Let us know in the comments! 


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Sarah has built a career in communications and marketing that started when she was the editor of her high school newspaper. She has written for since 2018, and enjoys sharing Disney news and updates with the AllEars community. She's been a Disney fan ever since her first visit to Walt Disney World when she was 5, and has been known to arrange trips around visiting a Disney park!

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5 Replies to “AllEars TV: We Used How Many FastPasses in One Day at the Magic Kingdom?!?”

  1. Also, is it just me or did Peter Pan seem a tad drunk? Like, maybe, hitting the pixie dust a bit too hard? Seriously, just watch that part again (at roughly the 4-and-a-half minute mark), and now that I put that idea in your head, you won’t be able to unsee the drunkenness.

    (For the record, I don’t believe he really WAS drunk, but something about his vocal inflections just took my brain there.)

  2. I’m thinking, as more quick service places start rolling out mobile order, then there definitely will be “FastPass for coffee.” Even more magical times ahead!