The Ultimate Fastpass Suggestion List

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If you want the shortest wait times, it’s imperative that you pick the right attractions for your FastPass+ selections. But certain popular attractions are hard to get, so plan early to make sure you can snag one for your next trip. We’ll go over our short list of attractions we suggest you book a FastPass … Continue reading "The Ultimate Fastpass Suggestion List"

FastPass+: Do You Really Need to Bother?

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Do you really need FastPasses to enjoy a day at Disney? And if so, which experiences should I get a FastPass for? In short, yes, you’re going to want to take full advantage of Disney’s FastPass+ system to streamline your day. The difference between having these line-skipping beauties can make or break your entire trip. … Continue reading "FastPass+: Do You Really Need to Bother?"

How to use new FastPass+ system at Walt Disney World

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As of last week, all four Walt Disney World theme parks have converted to the FastPass+ system. Gone are paper FastPass tickets, and some other key changes are now in place. Here's what you need to know to cut your time spent waiting in line for attractions during your next visit to the parks. For annual passholders and those not staying on Disney property, collectively known as "day guests" -- we can only book our FastPasses in the park on the day of our visit. That is, until we receive MagicBands. Annual passholders have been told they will receive the RFID bands this year, but no promises have been made to other guests not staying at Disney hotels.