Paper Straws Pop Up in Magic Kingdom

We have seen a number of signs of Disney’s corporate-wide move to reduce or eliminate the use of plastics in its parks since it was announced. Many resort rooms and Disney Cruise Line state rooms now have refillable amenities in the rooms, reusable shopping bags are available for purchase in all parks, resorts, and Disney Springs.

Hollywood Studios Reusable Bags

Now, we are seeing paper straws replace single-use plastic straws in Magic Kingdom.

Wall-mounted dispensers of shampoo, body wash and conditioner in Disney World resort showers ©


Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream Refillable Toiletries

We found paper straws on our latest visit to the Magic Kingdom at the popcorn stands, churro carts, and most counter-service locations.

Paper Straws in the Magic Kingdom
Paper Straws in the Magic Kingdom

The straws come individually wrapped in some locations, and unwrapped in locations where they are in a dispenser.

Paper Straws in the Magic Kingdom

Learn more about Disney’s commitment to reduce plastics in the parks here.

Have you seen paper straws in either Disney World or Disneyland yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 Replies to “Paper Straws Pop Up in Magic Kingdom”

  1. Just got back from Disneyland. The paper straws are awful! Fizzy sodas taste terrible with them. And the worst thing is they start falling apart. So not refreshing on a hot day to go to sip your drink and taste paper! We already put a handful of real straws in our disney bag for our next trip so we don’t have to use those those awful straws again.

  2. I’m happy they’ve switched to paper straws. Yes i miss the little bottles of shampoo with the mickey ears but really this is better.

  3. 1. Now when I take the hotel shampoos, I have to bring a screwdriver and a wrench.
    2. Wouldn’t the straws be even more earth friendly if they didn’t use additional ink to print the words Earth Friendly?
    3. Aren’t the people pushing paper straws the same people telling us to save the trees?
    4. The paper straws and wrappers have been bleached white. That cant be good for the environment.
    5. The only reason man exists Was to invent plastic. The earth needs it in it grand scheme and didn’t know how to do that on its own.
    6. Aren’t the all mighty magic bands a derivative of plastic?
    7. There would be no WDW without plastic.