Construction Update: Character Skyliner Gondolas! Check It Out!

While we await official news about the opening of Disney’s Skyliner gondola system, we can’t help but peek over the construction walls to see what we can see.

Character Skyliner Gondola

Our latest glimpses of the gondolas have us trying to figure out what’s underneath that protective wrapping (see above). The far end of the one gondola seems to be kind of  “Goofy”, and below might be Donald’s orange feet? Maybe? Or are we trying too hard?

Character Skyliner Gondola

We can at least tell that for sure this gondola’s background color is a vibrant green. No matter what, we’re really excited to see these colorful vehicles running down the lines!

Character Skyliner Gondola

But that until opening day, we’ll just have to keep trying to peek under the wrapping!

Character Skyliner Gondola

What “Skyliner with Character” would you like to see? Let us know with a comment! 

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4 Replies to “Construction Update: Character Skyliner Gondolas! Check It Out!”

  1. I can’t get too excited about this transportation ride. I envision it being too much like the closed down and removed skyliner from MK of long ago. Slow to load and slow to arrive at your destination with the added worry of being caught in a pop up downpour of rain. Plus, no air conditioning/heat could make it too hot to enjoy during the summer months and too cold for winter time and many nights.