Why This Disney Character Should Be President

With so much seriousness in the world today, we thought we’d indulge in just a bit of fun today.

Disney has gifted us with a ton of role models. Many of them have exceedingly wonderful qualities that would seem to make them perfect to serve in public office. BUT a huge chunk of them also have major downfalls or do not meet the qualifications to become a public servant… especially not president of the U.S.!

Princess Aurora at Cinderella’s Royal Table

Here are a few reasons some of our favorite characters should NOT be president, as well our top choices for which Disney characters might make an AWESOME Commander-in-Chief.

Let’s start with the first and obvious choice: Mickey Mouse.

He is a leader, the face of the company, he handles pressure and pretty much every situation well… But Mickey doesn’t really know how to say no, does he? He would take on way too much, because he wants to help those around him so much. He is a people-pleaser, which is fine, but he is so darn sweet that people might take advantage of him. It also seems that he may have trouble prioritizing situations and sometimes makes poor choices (have you seen “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”?). So maybe not, Mickey. Sorry.

Hello from Mickey during After Hours


Let’s take a look at Simba…

The biggest problem with the young Lion King is that when times got tough he ran away from his responsibilities. Simba literally did NOTHING for YEARS after his father died. Hakuna Matata, y’all. He knew what his duties should be after Mufasa’s death, but he was too scared to perform them. Mind you, he was a child, he felt guilty thanks to his Uncle Scar, but it took Nala to bring him to his senses. So you’ll just have to wait to be king… er, president… a little longer Simba.

What about Elsa… ?

Elsa IS a queen, after all… she should know how to run a country.  But she also ran away from her people and responsibilities when things got a little rocky. What is with Disney characters running away when times get tough? Elsa is also a bit of a hothead… Still, it would be pretty cool (no pun intended) to see the White House covered in ice! Unfortunately, Elsa happens to be from Norway… disqualifying her from running from the highest office in the United States.

Elsa ©Disney

OK, you can’t deny that Woody would be a good candidate…

He is loyal to a fault, never shirks from a leadership role and takes good care of his friends — after all, his theme song IS “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” That would make a great campaign slogan!  But Woody often struggles with jealousy — not very attractive. He also can behave pretty entitled, which can make those around him upset. So, reach for the sky, Woody! You’re not presidential material, after all.

Sulley! Let’s nominate Sulley — he would be a good choice, wouldn’t he… ?

He is a natural born leader and he is a very hard worker. He not only meets but surpasses his goals. And his size is rather imposing – he would never have to back down in any negotiations. But… he might take advantage of our laughter to power Monstropolis. Instead of paying taxes, we might have to pay in laughter… who knows? I guess we’re not ready for a big, hairy, blue president.

We could also nominate Bob Parr AKA Mr. Incredible…

He is passionate about his family and is very determined to succeed. Strong, virtuous, he’s someone you can count on… But let’s face it, he would often be out of the office doing hero work. Also, power sometimes seems to go to his head — Have you seen the Incredibles? He has to be the best of the best. He has also been known to break the rules, plus we have seen that he isn’t too fond of a desk job. It’s a shame — wouldn’t you love to see what “Presidential” suit Edna Mode would create for him? No capes, though!

Mr. Incredible

Mulan, Mary Poppins, and Merida would all be wonderful options… Strong women, with minds of their own and abilities to overcome all sorts of obstacles.

BUT like a number of others mentioned above, these three ladies are NOT U.S. citizens. Sadly, per our rules — and we have to have SOME, don’t we? — they could not be president of our great country.

What about Judy Hopps? She would be perfect, wouldn’t she?

Judy Hopps

Look at her. She works hard and was top of her class! She’s very conscientious, even when the job is beneath her capabilities. She admits when she is wrong and can make friends with all different types of personalities. She is relatable but persistent, she breaks the norm and bends the rules at times, but only in the name of justice and doing what’s right. But, Judy is so small and easily overpowered. She would need a really wily running mate to make to the office of the presidency… maybe she could partner up again with Nick Wilde?

OK, what about Tiana?

Not only is she hardworking, she is humble and passionate. She has held down a job and knows what it means to have to work hard to realize her dreams . She isn’t driven by money. She’s a U.S. citizen, but she isn’t quite old enough to run yet. Sad… She will be a great candidate when she is older, though!

We thought long and hard about our old friend Jiminy Cricket.

Our conscience, the voice of reason, plus he’s really good with kids. What better person to hold the office of the President? Jiminy would be perfect, but he’s just a little cricket — who would pay attention to him? If Pinocchio is any indication  — no one!

This leaves us with the character who should have been our choice all along…  Kermit the frog. 

Kermit may be a Muppet, but he’s been in the Disney family for decades, and admit it, he would be an awesome president! Kermit is both kind and loyal. He’s trustworthy and does whatever he can to help those around him. Kermit works well with different types of people and is a great leader — everybody loves him! He is patient, selfless and he uses his personal talents for good. He’s been an actor and entertainer, like another previous president, he’s the right age, and he’s from the swamp, so we assume he meets the citizenship requirement. Sure, he gets frustrated and loses his cool at times, but who doesn’t? For the most part he just keeps rolling, or hopping, along!

Can’t you just imagine Kermit in the Hall of Presidents? He would look so cute! And Miss Piggy as First Lady? This is the First Couple we need! Yes!

Miss Piggy and Kermit

Which Disney character do you think would make an awesome president? Who wouldn’t? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 Replies to “Why This Disney Character Should Be President”

  1. Seems the moral of this story is that all people (presidents) are flawed and any quest to find the perfect candidate is futile.

    Also, paying taxes with laughter. Now that as a campaign slogans I can support.