World Showcase Quiz – Questions


World Showcase Quiz

Over the last year, I have written a number of blogs about Epcot’s World Showcase. Today, I’m going to test what you’ve learned by reading my blogs. But don’t worry; I’m going to make it an “open book” test as all of the answers can be found within my blogs. To help make things easier for you, I have provided you with the link to each article.




The Outpost



American Adventure




International Gateway / World ShowPlace Events Pavilion / Showcase Plaza

United Kingdom


Let’s begin.

1. Mexico

What civilization’s culture is most represented on the pyramid found in front of the Mexico Pavilion?

A. Aztec
B. Mayan
C. Toltec
D. Inca
E. None of the above


2. Norway

There is a wooden statue of a Viking in front of the Stave Church. Who does it represent?

A. Rögnvald
B. Eric the Red
C. Olaf II
D. Leif Eriksson
E. None of the above


3. China

What is the name of the gate guests pass beneath to enter the China Pavilion?

A. Gate of the Golden Sun
B. Gate of Long Life
C. Gate of Good Fortune
D. Gate of the Dragon
E. None of the above


4. The Outpost

What make of truck is the woodie seen at Refreshment Coolpost?

A. Ford
B. Chevrolet
C. DeSoto
D. Dodge
E. None of the above

The Outpost

5. Germany

What company sponsors the Karamell Küche shop located at the front of the Germany Pavilion?

A. Nestle
B. Werther’s Original
C. Brach’s
D. Goofy’s Candy Kitchen
E. None of the above


6. Italy

What angel is depicted in the statue found in the Italy Pavilion courtyard?

A. Michael
B. Raphael
C. Uriel
D. Gabriel
E. None of the above


7. American Adventure

Who did the Imagineers choose to join Ben Franklin and Mark Twain as the third host of the American Adventure, but was later dropped from this role?

A. Bob Hope
B. Theodore Roosevelt
C. John Muir
D. Will Rogers
E. None of the above

American Adventure

8. Japan

What company sponsors the department store found in the Japan Pavilion?

A. Mikimoto
B. Shinkansen
C. Mitsukoshi
D. Teppan Edo
E. None of the above


9. Morocco

What facility once occupied the spot now inhabited by Tangierine Café?

A. Center of Tourism
B. Gallery of Arts & History
C. Fez House
D. Madina Arts
E. None of the above


10. France

The bridge leading into the France Pavilion was inspired by what Parisian overpass?

A. Pont au Change
B. Pont d’Austerlitz
C. Pont des Arts
D. Pont de la Concorde
E. None of the above


11. International Gateway

What is the name of the shop found at International Gateway?

A. Disney Traders
B. World Traveler
C. Port of Entry
D. Gateway Traders
E. None of the above

International Gateway

12. United Kingdom

Who regularly entertains in the Rose & Crown Pub?

A. Pearly Band
B. The Hat Lady
C. World Showcase Players
D. “Ye Haa” Bob Jackson
E. None of the above

United Kingdom

13. World Showplace Events Pavilion

When this venue opened on October 1, 1999, what was it called?

A. Millennium Central
B. Showplace of Nations
C. Epcot 2000
D. Millennium Village
E. None of the above

World Showplace Events Pavilion

14. Canada

What is the name of the island that Moosehead Mine and the O’Canada 360 CircleVision movie are located on?

A. Salmon Island
B. Chinook Island
C. Trout Island
D. Rocky Island
E. None of the above


15. Mexico

Who are the three stars featured on the “Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros” attraction?

A. Donald Duck, Juan Carlos, and Pájaro
B. Donald Duck, Juan Carlos, and Panchito
C. Donald Duck, José Carioca, and Pájaro
D. Donald Duck, José Carioca, and Panchito
E. None of the above


16. Norway

What is the name of the movie seen at the end of the Maelstrom attraction?

A. The People of Norway
B. Spirit of Norway
C. Maelstrom Movie
D. Fjords of Fun
E. None of the above


17. China

What structure in Beijing is the centerpiece of the China Pavilion based on?

A. Temple of Heaven
B. House of Good Fortune
C. Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests
D. The Royal Summer Palace
E. None of the above


18. The Outpost

Disney recycles many of its paper products by sending them to what African country where they are transformed into beads?

A. Kenya
B. Senegal
C. Uganda
D. Ivory Coast
E. None of the above

The Outpost

19. Germany

What company’s trains and structures are used on the garden railroad that sits next to the Germany Pavilion?

A. Lionel
B. Atlas
D. Bachmann
E. None of the above


20. Italy

The cart and donkey seen at the Italy Pavilion represents those found where?

A. Sicily
B. Sardinia
C. Tuscany
D. Aosta Valley
E. None of the above


21. American Adventure

What is the name of the a cappella group that performs at the American Adventure?

A. Voices of Freedom
B. Voices of Independence
C. Voices of America
D. Voices of Liberty
E. None of the above

American Adventure

22. Japan

Tori gates are associated primarily with what religion?

A. Buddhism
B. Shintoism
C. Confucianism
D. Taoism
E. None of the above


23. Morocco

In what city did Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Charles de Gaulle plan European strategy during WWII?

A. Casablanca
B. Rabat
C. Marrakesh
D. Fes
E. None of the above


24. France

What animated character chats with guests at the Les Chefs de France restaurant?

A. Belle
B. Remy
C. Marie
D. Cogsworth
E. None of the above


25. United Kingdom

What is the motto of the Rose and Crown?

A. Otium Cum Dignitate (Leisure With Dignity)
B. Totus Es Exspectata (All Are Welcome)
C. Porro Ago Rex (Long Live The King)
D. Amicitia Ut Totus (Friendship To All)
E. None of the above

United Kingdom

26. Canada

Canada ranks _______ in size among the countries of the world?

A. First
B. Second
C. Third
D. Fourth
E. None of the above


27. World Showplace

What attraction was once planned for this area?

A. Communicore
B. Innoventions
C. American Adventure
D. Imagination
E. None of the above

Showcase Plaza

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8 Replies to “World Showcase Quiz – Questions”

  1. I love the quizzes, thank you for putting them together. They are some of my favorite blogs. I’ve done mine and I can’t wait to see the answers.

    I also agree with an above poster, what a great reason to go back and re-read the blogs!!!

  2. Hi Jack! I think I did very well! I can’t wait ’til you post the answers! Thanks for brightening my day!!!

  3. I LOLed at the photo in #16…We always skip the Norway film and, as seen in this photo, so does most everyone else.

  4. Very cleaver Jack, Even though I thought I knew alot of them I still went back to look and ended up reading alot of the blogs again. Great questions, really makes you want to review them all over anyway.

  5. What a clever way to get people to re-read your blogs! Do you have a masters degree in marketing? LOL

    And I love how you worked in a model railroading question (#19).

    Well done, Jack!


  6. hey jack
    your quizes are always so much fun and they also brings in a challenge. I decided not to use the open book option and see how well I could do without it. Some of the questions were fairly easy while others had me going back and forth between answers. can’t wait to see how I did and as always keep up the great work.

  7. You just gave me a great smile this morning reading the quiz. As always informative. I love the Donkey cart. We call him Dominick, like the Christmas Donkey song. Every trip I take a picture of my daughter with him so we have a record of her growing up on each trip.