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Hey everyone,

Here are the answers to yesterday’s World Showcase quiz. Since this was an “open book” test, I’m sure you got them all right. However, for those of you who decided to wing it, here is the grading scale.

24 – 27: A
20 – 23: B
16 – 19: C
12 – 15: D
11 and below: F

1. Mexico

What civilization’s culture is most represented on the pyramid found in front of the Mexico Pavilion?

A. Aztec
B. Mayan
C. Toltec
D. Inca
E. None of the above


A. The 36 foot high pyramid is a composite of Mesoamerican motifs dating back to the 3rd century with an emphasis on the Aztec civilization. The serpents’ heads represent Quetzalcoatl, the god of the priesthood, learning and knowledge, and guard the structure. The stairs lead to the temple of the high priests. These men were skilled in astronomy and mathematics and were unequaled in pre-Columbian cultures.

2. Norway

There is a wooden statue of a Viking in front of the Stave Church. Who does it represent?

A. Rögnvald
B. Eric the Red
C. Olaf II
D. Leif Eriksson
E. None of the above


C. As a young royal, Olaf Haraldsson took park in Viking raids throughout Europe. During his travels, he converted to Christianity and then returned to Norway, where he subdued his rivals and proclaimed himself king in 1015. He unified the country and forcefully completed Norway’s conversion to Christianity. In 1028, angry Norwegian noblemen rallied around Knut the Great (King of Denmark and England) to force Olaf II from the throne and exile him. Two years later, Olaf II was killed in battle while attempting to regain Norway’s throne. Today “Saint Olaf” is regarded as the Patron Saint of Norway and a symbol of national independence.

3. China

What is the name of the gate guests pass beneath to enter the China Pavilion?

A. Gate of the Golden Sun
B. Gate of Long Life
C. Gate of Good Fortune
D. Gate of the Dragon
E. None of the above


A. Guests enter the China Pavilion by walking beneath Zhao Yan Men or Gate of the Golden Sun. This gate is a reproduction of one found at the Summer Palace located nine miles north of central Beijing. Construction of the Summer Palace began in 1750 and covers an area of approximately 1.8 square miles. The Summer Palace contains a lake, hills, gardens, pavilions, halls, and temples. The purpose of the Summer Palace was to provide an escape for royalty so they could rest and entertain in lavish style. Today, the Summer Palace is open to the public and is a popular tourist destination.

4. The Outpost

What make of truck is the woodie seen at Refreshment Coolpost?

A. Ford
B. Chevrolet
C. DeSoto
D. Dodge
E. None of the above

The Outpost

B. In the area around Refreshment Coolpost are a number of crates ready to be shipped to faraway lands, all of them labeled Coca-Cola in the destination’s native language. This area obviously has a bottling plant nearby and the Outpost acts as a distribution center. This can be deduced from various details. First, several of the crates are labeled FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE, and KEEP ICE COLD. From these messages we have to assume the crates are filled with bottles of Coke. If these crates contained kola nuts, no such labeling would be necessary. In addition, an old Chevy woody is loaded up and ready to make local deliveries.

5. Germany

What company sponsors the Karamell Küche shop located at the front of the Germany Pavilion?

A. Nestle
B. Werther’s Original
C. Brach’s
D. Goofy’s Candy Kitchen
E. None of the above


B. The Karamell Küche shop is sponsored by Storck USA, makers of Werther’s Original Caramels. This candy company was founded in Werther, Westphalia, Germany in 1903 by August Storck. This store also has the distinction of being the only freestanding retail location for Werther’s in the world. A close observer might notice that a current TV commercial for Werther’s begins with an exterior shot of their shop here in Epcot.

6. Italy

What angel is depicted in the statue found in the Italy Pavilion courtyard?

A. Michael
B. Raphael
C. Uriel
D. Gabriel
E. None of the above


D. Angels were a common theme in art during the Holy Roman Empire and no depiction of Italy would be complete without a statue of one of these spiritual beings. Here we see the Archangel Gabriel. An observant eye might notice that this angel is an exact copy of the one perched atop the campanile.

7. American Adventure

Who did the Imagineers choose to join Ben Franklin and Mark Twain as the third host of the American Adventure, but was later dropped from this role?

A. Bob Hope
B. Theodore Roosevelt
C. John Muir
D. Will Rogers
E. None of the above

American Adventure

D. The Imagineers wanted the American Adventure to have three hosts, one for each century. The first two selections were somewhat easy to agree upon. Benjamin Franklin was chosen as a spokesperson for the 18th century and Mark Twain was selected for the 19th century. But when it came to the 20th century, the task became more formidable. A number of names were thrown into the hat, but for a variety of reasons, there was always something controversial about each selection. It was finally decided that Will Rogers would fit the bill as he didn’t carry any problematic “baggage.” However, when the Imagineers conducted focus groups with potential audiences, the vast majority of the public did not know who Will Rogers was. It was finally decided to stick with just Franklin and Twain, and Rogers was relegated to a minor role.

8. Japan

What company sponsors the department store found in the Japan Pavilion?

A. Mikimoto
B. Shinkansen
C. Mitsukoshi
D. Teppan Edo
E. None of the above


C. For more than three centuries, the Mitsukoshi Organization has striven to impart the spirit of “Hospitality with Sincerity” in every aspect of their business. Today they are a leading department store in Japan with an impeccable reputation. One of their branch stores is located in the Japan Pavilion.

9. Morocco

What facility once occupied the spot now inhabited by Tangierine Café?

A. Center of Tourism
B. Gallery of Arts & History
C. Fez House
D. Madina Arts
E. None of the above


A. In the early years of Epcot, the area now occupied by Tangierine Café, was home to “Center of Tourism.” At this spot, guests could obtain literature useful in planning a vacation to Morocco. They could even book flights on Royal Air Maroc (commonly known as RAM), the official airlines of Morocco.

10. France

The bridge leading into the France Pavilion was inspired by what Parisian overpass?

A. Pont au Change
B. Pont d’Austerlitz
C. Pont des Arts
D. Pont de la Concorde
E. None of the above


C. Guests touring World Showcase counterclockwise enter the France Pavilion via a pedestrian bridge. This overpass recalls the old Pont des Arts, the first metal bridge in Paris.

11. International Gateway

What is the name of the shop found at International Gateway?

A. Disney Traders
B. World Traveler
C. Port of Entry
D. Gateway Traders
E. None of the above

International Gateway

B. International Gateway features one shop, World Traveler. The exterior of this shop combines elements from the Belle Epoque (the beautiful age) of Paris with an old style European customs house that might be found at a port of entry. The interior of this shop is designed in the Art Nouveau style. The merchandise sold here consists of Disney souvenirs and some refrigerated bottled beverages to cool down with.

12. United Kingdom

Who regularly entertains in the Rose & Crown Pub?

A. Pearly Band
B. The Hat Lady
C. World Showcase Players
D. “Ye Haa” Bob Jackson
E. None of the above

The Hat Lady

B. One of the highlights of the Rose & Crown Pub is the Hat Lady. This eccentric American has made the United Kingdom and hats her passion. Her collection of headwear is extensive and each has a tale. During her performance, she will select a hat then regale the audience as to how it came to be in her possession and sing an appropriate melody. She also knows a long list of the best loved pub songs and encourages the bar patrons to sing along.

13. World Showplace Events Pavilion

When this venue opened on October 1, 1999, what was it called?

A. Millennium Central
B. Showplace of Nations
C. Epcot 2000
D. Millennium Village
E. None of the above

Millennium Village

D. When Millennium Village opened on October 1, 1999, more than 50 countries had signed on to be part of the celebration. Some exhibits consisted of little more than a small area where cast members could chat with guests about their homeland. Other countries presented interactive exhibits where guests could play games, watch movies, or participate in some sort of cultural ceremony.

14. Canada

What is the name of the island that Moosehead Mine and the O’Canada 360 CircleVision movie are located on?

A. Salmon Island
B. Chinook Island
C. Trout Island
D. Rocky Island
E. None of the above


A. On Salmon Island guests enter Moosehead Mine. This is the preshow area for the O’Canada movie. Inside the mine you’ll find the remains of the Klondike era. Picks and shovels line the walls and old timbers hold back rock and earth.

15. Mexico

Who are the three stars featured on the “Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros” attraction?

A. Donald Duck, Juan Carlos, and Pájaro
B. Donald Duck, Juan Carlos, and Panchito
C. Donald Duck, José Carioca, and Pájaro
D. Donald Duck, José Carioca, and Panchito
E. None of the above

Three Caballeros

D. On January 2, 2007, “El Rio del Tiempo” closed to make way for an updated attraction. In its place came “Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros” opening on April 6th of the same year. This new ride is much lighter in concept and features Donald Duck, José Carioca (the parrot), and Panchito (the Mexican charro rooster) from the 1944 Disney animated film “The Three Caballeros.” For the most part, the three-dimensional portions of the ride remained, only the film strips were changed.

16. Norway

What is the name of the movie seen at the end of the Maelstrom attraction?

A. The People of Norway
B. Spirit of Norway
C. Maelstrom Movie
D. Fjords of Fun
E. None of the above


B. For the Norway Pavilion, the Imagineers decided to reverse things and place the film (Spirit of Norway) at the end of the movie to better continue the modern story of Norway. Unfortunately, this didn’t work out quite as well as they had hoped. If riders disembarked just as the six minute movie was beginning, they were forced to stand around in the seaport waiting for the doors to open and the next showing to begin. This did not please people. Once the theater doors finally opened, over half of the guests dashed through the hall and skipped the movie altogether. Recently, the Imagineers decided to leave the theater doors open all the time, allowing guests to either exit the theater immediately or take a seat and enjoy the show. And since the movie doesn’t really have a storyline, you can start viewing at any time without losing continuity.

17. China

What structure in Beijing is the centerpiece of the China Pavilion based on?

A. Temple of Heaven
B. House of Good Fortune
C. Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests
D. The Royal Summer Palace
E. None of the above


C. The centerpiece of the China Pavilion is a reproduction of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests which is part of the Temple of Heaven complex located southeast of central Beijing. The complex was built between 1406 and 1420 during the reign of the Yongle Emperor, who also oversaw the construction of the Forbidden City. The temple is constructed completely out of wood and was built without nails. It was here that the emperor would make sacrifices and pray to heaven and his ancestors at the winter solstice, asking for a good a harvest in the coming year. The circular blue roof represents the sky and heaven. Red is the color of royalty.

18. The Outpost

Disney recycles many of its paper products by sending them to what African country where they are transformed into beads?

A. Kenya
B. Senegal
C. Uganda
D. Ivory Coast
E. None of the above

The Outpost

C. The latest vendor to set up shop in the village takes up residence in Bead Outpost. This entrepreneur arranges for old Disney guide books and other out-of-day Disney paper products to be sent to his family in Uganda. Here, the paper is hand rolled into beautifully colored beads which have been strung into necklaces and bracelets. The finished product is extremely durable and water resistant and makes a wonderful gift for yourself or a friend. You can actually wear a bit of recycled Walt Disney World with these pieces of jewelry.

19. Germany

What company’s trains and structures are used on the garden railroad that sits next to the Germany Pavilion?

A. Lionel
B. Atlas
D. Bachmann
E. None of the above


C. LGB stands for Lehmann Garten Bahn (Lehmann Big Railway) after the company’s founder, Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk. All locomotives, track, and accessories are built to run in rain and snow – which is why the Epcot train continues operating even during summer downpours. LGB trains are “G” gauge (scale), meaning the track’s rails are 45 mm (1.772 in) apart. During the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, LGB often has a booth in this area selling their wares, along with some specially designed Disney engines and cars.

20. Italy

The cart and donkey seen at the Italy Pavilion represents those found where?

A. Sicily
B. Sardinia
C. Tuscany
D. Aosta Valley
E. None of the above


A. Another site seen around the Italy Pavilion is the Sicilian cart and donkey. Ornately decorated carts like this one were introduced to Sicily by the ancient Greeks and reached their peak in popularity in the 1920’s when thousands could be seen traversing the island. Horses were used primarily in urban areas where roads were readily available. Donkeys were used in the country where rough terrain was often encountered. The carts were used for hauling miscellaneous light loads, such as produce, wood, wine, and people. They were also put into service at weddings and festivals.

21. American Adventure

What is the name of the a cappella group that performs at the American Adventure?

A. Voices of Freedom
B. Voices of Independence
C. Voices of America
D. Voices of Liberty
E. None of the above

American Adventure

D. Usually between the hours of 12 noon and 6:30pm, an a cappella group called the Voices of Liberty performs in the rotunda. This group of 8 or 9 singers usually begins their performance 15 minutes before the American Adventure show. Dressed in elaborate period costumes, they sing patriotic and inspirational songs that delight the audience. Although some numbers are sung at every performance, others are rotated throughout the day. The lead singer will encourage guests to move forward and sit directly underneath the dome, claiming the acoustics are better here. Take his or her word for it. The music does sound better in this location. This is one of the most popular acts at Epcot and is a “must see” show.

22. Japan

Tori gates are associated primarily with what religion?

A. Buddhism
B. Shintoism
C. Confucianism
D. Taoism
E. None of the above


B. Torii gates are associated with the Shinto religion and are commonly found at the entrance to Shinto shrines. However, some Buddhist temples also incorporate the torii gate into their designs. Torii gates symbolically mark the transition from the “profane” to the “sacred.” It is believed that walking or sailing beneath a torii gate purifies the individual and makes him or her worthy to enter sanctified ground.

23. Morocco

In what city did Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Charles de Gaulle plan European strategy during WWII?

A. Casablanca
B. Rabat
C. Marrakesh
D. Fes
E. None of the above


A. Morocco also played an interesting part in the history of WWII. From January 14 to 24, 1943, the Casablanca Conference was held in the Anfa Hotel in Casablanca. Here, Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Charles de Gaulle planned the European strategy of the Allies. Joseph Stalin was also invited to this conference but he declined to attend due to the ongoing fighting in Stalingrad.

24. France

What animated character chats with guests at the Les Chefs de France restaurant?

A. Belle
B. Remy
C. Marie
D. Cogsworth
E. None of the above


B. The three founding chefs of this establishment were recently joined by a fourth epicurean prodigy. Chef Remy (from the Disney-Pixar film “Ratatouille”) now helps out in the kitchen six days a week. He can often be coaxed out of the kitchen four times a day to mingle with the patrons. He is accompanied by one of the restaurant employees who helps translate his squeaky voice. And just for the record, he’s more than happy to say “cheese” when posing for a photograph.

25. United Kingdom

What is the motto of the Rose and Crown?

A. Otium Cum Dignitate (Leisure With Dignity)
B. Totus Es Exspectata (All Are Welcome)
C. Porro Ago Rex (Long Live The King)
D. Amicitia Ut Totus (Friendship To All)
E. None of the above

Leisure With Dignity

A. The Rose and Crown bears the Latin motto ‘Otium Cum Dignitate’ (‘Leisure with dignity’).

26. Canada

Canada ranks _______ in size among the countries of the world?

A. First
B. Second
C. Third
D. Fourth
E. None of the above


B. Canada is the second largest country in the world. It spans six time zones and offers outstanding scenery from coast to coast. The Imagineers decided to use this boundless expanse and capture the natural elements of Canada’s sprawling landscape rather than focus on architecture. Yet, the structures that were selected are unique to this vast land. I think the Imagineers did a fantastic job. There is no mistaking the identity of this northern jewel among the World Showcase nations.

27. World Showplace

What attraction was once planned for this area?

A. Comminicore
B. Innoventions
C. American Adventure
D. Imagination
E. None of the above

American Adventure

C. Showcase Plaza is located at the entrance of World Showcase. This is the area surrounding the two Tower Shops. Early plans for Epcot called for a modern structure to be located here that would house the American Adventure. However, the Imagineers didn’t want it to look like Disney was showing favoritism to the United States and eventually moved this attraction to its current location at the back of the park.

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  1. Jack,

    one small correction: LGB stands for Lehmann Garten Bahn. As you already mentioned the special feature is the outdoor usage, not the scale.

    Greeting from Germany

  2. I was sure I would get a B but got a C – didn’t use the open book though. It’s time for a refresher trip obviously! We’ll be there on the 19th (9 days!).

    That was a fun quiz Jack. Can you do one like this with all the blogs you created for the resorts?


  3. Something simple you added made the quiz much harder. The mere addition of “E) None Of The Above” made me think you were going to throw a couple of trick questions in there. Then none of the answers were “E”!!!! (No E tickets?)

    Good job, as always.


  4. Hey Jack,
    I was in the “C” range. I did it as a “test”, not open book. I guess that I didn’t know or remember as much as I thought I did.
    One thing that is great about these “quizzes” is the amount of information I get from them.


  5. Well I got 15 1/2 right. I gave myself a 1/2 for # 21 I knew it was voices of something! hehehhe obviously I didn’t use the open book!

  6. I got an A – by one point! 🙂

    Are we going to get a Star Wars Weekends column? I’m SO excited about it!!


    Jack’s Answer:

    At the moment, I have no plans to cover the Star Wars Weekend this year. However, I did cover it a couple of years ago and had a good time.

  7. I got a C…did not use the open book. But, some of them I knew I knew, but just couldn’t remember! Thanks Jack!

  8. hey jack
    well i got a C. they always say go with your gut but for many of the answers i was correct with my second guess. it was still fun though. can’t wait for your next blog and as always keep up the great work.

  9. Good quiz, Jack (I’m not telling how well I did).

    But I’m doing my “job” and found a typo. I realize you probably copied and pasted the answers from your previou blog so you may want to fix it there too.

    “For the Norway Pavilion, the Imagineers decided to reverse things and place the film (Sprite of Norway) at the end of the movie to better continue the modern story of Norway”

    I think you meant “Spirit of Norway” not “Sprite”.

    Just keeping you honest. 😉


  10. ok i got a C on a couple when i seen the answers i said i know that, so why did i answer it wrong well you know….