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We incorporate the autographs my children collect on our trip into our vacation scrapbook. Instead of pulling pages out of the book, I scan the autographs and then print them out on the computer. Then I can put the character's autograph right next to the picture I took! - Vicki Potter
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When we do autographs, we take index cards and have the character sign those. We also take a picture of our kids with each character. When we get home, we put them in those clear photo protector sheets that hold 2 per page (top and bottom) front and back in those smaller albums. On the top half of the page we put the autographed index card and then put the photo at the bottom half. That way we could have the autograph and the picture on the same page. It works great because the index card is the same size as a picture and they are in the same place in their album! - Sarah
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I have each character sign on one page [of my children's autograph books] and leave the other facing page blank. Of course, the autograph session is photographed. When I get home I trim the picture to size and put photo corner holders on the blank facing page. I then have the corresponding picture of my kids with the character's autograph on the facing page. My kids loved helping to put this together--and they were only 5 and 2! Also, the kids wanted to photograph characters that we didn't actually meet, such as at the parades. These pictures can also be put in this character photo/autograph book. My kids love to look through this book! - Lisa Lipscomb
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My 6-year-old daughter Kelsey came up with a great idea for her autograph book. She saved the page next to the autograph to place a picture of herself and the character. She and her friends love going through the book looking at the autographs and photos. It has made a very special keepsake for her.

The other thing that I do to the autograph books is to write the kids' names along the page ends. Just hold the book tightly closed and write their names along the top edge of the book pages. It really helps when you are in a hurry pulling the books out of your fanny pack to give to three kids. No more opening the inside flap to tell whose book is whose. - The Fuchs Family of Winfield, Illinois

Consider putting names and addresses (contact information) on used film and autograph books. It's heartbreaking to find these items and have no reliable way to get them back to the owner. - A thoughtful Disney Theme Park Cast Member -
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