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NOTE: The Mulan parade's final run was March 11, 2001.



The current afternoon parade at Disney's Hollywood Studios is based on Disney's 36th full-length animated feature, Mulan, the story of a courageous young Chinese girl who goes to war on her father's behalf.


The parade begins with that pipsqueak of a dragon Mushu, who leads the way in a rickshaw that circles and cavorts down the street. He is followed by a larger-than-life matchmaker and a corps of future brides. Two tall pagodas and the moongate where Mulan and her father sit to exchange thoughts about the future finish out this opening sequence that pays tribute to Mulan's hometown.

great wall

Triumphant warriors returning from battle follow, hoisting the captured and shackled Shan Yu on their shoulders. Mushu has transformed into giant dragon with a battalion of soldiers re-enacting the battle against the Mongolian horde on the 150-foot long Great Wall.

A victory celebration follows, with joyous street performers, including stiltwalkers, kung-fu performers and a fleet-footed Chinese lion weave back and forth across the route. The grand procession concludes with the heroes of the story: the handsome Shang, beautiful Mulan herself and her proud father ride atop an elaborately decorated, horse-drawn carriage as they receive their heroes' welcome. The Emperor overlooks the end of the parade, watching the brave souls who have brought honor to their people.


Some of the suggested viewing spots for this parade:

— Near the entrance of the park, there is an information kiosk, right in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard. Stand there, facing the Chinese Theater.

— If it's a hot day, head for a spot in the shade near Sid Cahuenga's One of a Kind Shop. There are even benches nearby.

— You might try the outdoor seating area at the Backlot Express restaurant over by Star Tours; the parade passes directly in front.

— In front of the Sounds Dangerous or Doug theaters can afford some good views, especially if you're able to stand on the stairs there.

The Wheelchair Viewing Area is located near the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular theater.


Sometimes Mickey, Mary Poppins and other Disney characters appear several minutes before this parade starts.

Several of the characters from this parade will stop and shake hands with children sitting or standing along the curb.

Check your daily Guide Map for times and locations of other Character Meet and Greet opportunities throughout Disney's Hollywood Studios.


The Mulan parade debuted at Disney's Hollywood Studios on June 19, 1998, the same day the film opened at theaters nationwide.

The Mulan parade replaced the "Hercules — Zero to Hero Victory Parade" which debuted in June 1997 with the theatrical release of "Hercules."

The Great Wall of China is represented by a 150-foot-long Great Stone Dragon, which requires 17 performers.

Mulan was the first full-length film to be produced primarily by Walt Disney Feature Animation in Florida.

Disney's Hollywood Studios daytime parade always highlights a recent Disney animated movie. Previous parades have featured Aladdin (1995), Toy Story (1996), and Hercules (1997).

Rumor is that the Mulan parade will be replaced with a new parade that will debut as part of the "100 Years of Disney" celebration set to begin in late 2001.