I Can’t Believe Disney ACTUALLY Lets You Do This in EPCOT 😱

There is so much more to Disney World than what you might see on the surface.


There are delicious restaurants, immersive hotels, and of course — those world-class attractions. But, did you know you can actually go inside certain attractions, especially at EPCOT? It may feel illegal, but it’s true.

Disney Vacation Planner

EPCOT is home to a massive aquarium inside The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion, and over 2,000 sea creatures live inside this 5.7-million-gallon saltwater aquarium. It’s a great place to take a break in the air conditioning while getting a glimpse of some incredible animal life.

The Seas

If you’ve ever spent time here, you may have seen some divers in these tanks and figured they were Disney World Cast Members. But, did you know that YOU can actually swim inside the giant aquarium at The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion in EPCOT?? It’s true! The EPCOT DiveQuest experience allows guests to swim with these 2,000+ sea creatures through a special tour.

The Seas Pavilion

One AllEars reader who took this tour gave it a glowing review and said:

“The tour itself is a short session in the ‘classroom’ where you discuss the ocean and conservation and they explain the dive plan. All of the gear is provided for you — divers can bring a personal mask (if you have a prescription lens) but nothing else and no cameras. A PhotoPass diver will be with you and take a video while you are diving… The tank itself is lovely, and the amount of sea life you can see in the 30 or so minutes under the water is amazing. Turtles and sand sharks, fish of all kinds, rays — they stage a swim through for you for the sake of the video of it and you have some time to explore around with your dive buddy in a good percentage of the tank.”

Diving at The Seas

According to Disney, EPCOT Seas Adventures – DiveQuest lasts 2 hours, and you’ll spend about 40 minutes on your actual dive. You’ll also get a backstage tour to see the inner workings of the massive aquarium!

But, keep in mind you must be SCUBA-certified to participate.

Divers in the massive aquarium

The DiveQuest experience costs between $229-$249 per person depending on the date you choose to book and folks under 18 need a parent or guardian permission to participate. You can make reservations on the Disney World website or My Disney Experience app if you’re interested in this tour!

So much to explore

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One Reply to “I Can’t Believe Disney ACTUALLY Lets You Do This in EPCOT 😱”

  1. I love this experience. I have done it 3 times pre Covid closure but not since they recently restarted offering the DiveQuest. The quality of the video that is made is worth the extra charge. The group was able to watch the video during the post dive session with coffee or hot chocolate and if purchased was available immediately on USB. If you are certified to dive, add this to your dive bucket list and if you aren’t certified…. Why not? Get certified and join a DiveQuest!