Is Halloween Horror Nights WORTH IT at Universal Orlando?

Halloween Horror Nights is an iconic event at Universal Orlando that is beloved by many.

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But if you’ve never been before, how can you find out if it’s right for you? Well, for starters, you can check out our page dedicated to explaining all you need to know about the spooky event. There are haunted houses, exclusive snacks, and great entertainment. Plus, we’ve broken down all you need to know to decide if Halloween Horror Nights are worth the money right here!

Our number #1 Halloween Horror Nights fan and expert here on the team is none other than Quincy herself! She keeps up with all the lore of each event, and genuinely really loves attending each year.

Quincy at Halloween Horror Nights 2023

After chatting with her and some other fans on the team, we‘ve determined that this event is DEFINITELY worth it for anyone who loves horror! Why exactly though? Let’s break it down!

What You Get for the Cost

Tickets for Halloween Horror Nights start at $82.99 on less busy nights (Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights usually), and go as high as $122.99 on Saturday nights closer to Halloween. Yes, that’s cheaper than some of the CHEAPEST Disney World after-hours events!

Screenshot from Universal’s website

For this price, you get access to 10 Haunted Houses, 5 scare zones, special live entertainment shows, and hopping on Universal Orlando rides with little to no waits. There’s so much to do at this event that there’s almost always no time to do it all in one night, but since these tickets are less expensive than other special event tickets at places like Disney World, it may even be affordable to go more than once!

Express Pass Is AFFORDABLE

If you NEED to do everything in one night, you’ll want to invest in an Express Pass, which allows you to skip the line at every Haunted House once. While these tickets are more expensive, starting at $129.99 and going as high as $239.99, it may be worth it if your goal is to get on every ride.

Universal Monsters: Unmasked at HHN 32 (2023)

Now, the high end of that is HIGH, but it’s worth it for a lot of horror fans. And if you go earlier in the season or on a less busy night, you still could be paying less than a Disney World after-hours ticket costs to pretty much ensure you can do EVERYTHING. Lines for these houses can get very long, so this is a great way to save yourself hours.

Scream Early Pass

If splurging for the Express Pass isn’t your thing, Quincy recommends going in September and getting the Scream Early Ticket!

The Last of Us (2023)

This add-on to your regular Halloween Horror Nights ticket usually costs around $40. You’ll be able to enter Universal Orlando at 3PM, and then proceed to the Stay and Scream holding area around 5PM, which usually allows you early access to at least one house, if not two or three. This is how Quincy is able to get to all the houses without splurging for Express Pass!

Daytime Tours Are a Thing!

If you love the hard work and artistry of horror, but absolutely hate being scared, then you’ll love this option — you can tour 3 or 6 haunted houses during the DAY with the Halloween Horror Nights Behind-the-Screams: Unmasking the Horror Tour!

Chucky House 2023

This tour takes around 5 hours and ranges from $99.99-$149.99 for 3 houses and from $179.99-$199.99 for 6 houses. You’ll be able to walk through the houses with the lights on and take in the houses without the jump scares in the dark! Limited slots are available spanning from mid August-early November, so you’ll want to grab your ticket faster than regular tickets for these tours. Plus, you do NOT need regular theme park admission — yay for saving money!

You Can Group Your Ticket In With a Hotel Stay!

If you’re looking to make a whole trip out of your Halloween Horror Nights venture, you can bundle your HHN tickets with regular theme park admission AND a hotel stay! 

Nightmare Fuel Revenge Dream Show

It may not seem like it at first, but that means you’re saving money and making sure you can do EVERYTHING in both parks! If you’re not planning on spending a full day in the parks, then bundling a regular admission ticket with a Halloween Horror Night ticket might not make sense for you, but if you plan on spending a couple of days at Universal, this could be a great option.

Stranger Things 4

However, if you’ve got members in your party that are younger than 13 or anyone who want absolutely NOTHING TO DO with horror, PLEASE don’t drag them through this experience. As we learned from poor Emma, who is not a fan of horror, going through the experience, it’s usually the furthest thing from fun for them.

Emma at Halloween Horror Nights (she was a great sport about it and braver than I ever would be)

We’ll be updating you on all the latest Halloween Horror Nights news as it comes out, so you can continue to make the best choice for you and your party, so stay tuned to AllEars!

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What are you most looking forward to at Halloween Horror Nights this year? Tell us in the comments!

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One Reply to “Is Halloween Horror Nights WORTH IT at Universal Orlando?”

  1. I’ve always enjoyed Halloween Horror Nights, but once I tried it with an Express Pass, there was no turning back. You spend so much time on your feet walking and standing in queue lines, it’s legit exhausting. In fact, I’ve spent full days in Epcot without feeling the same level of exhaustion that I get at Horror Nights, so I consider an Express Pass to be profoundly worth the splurge. I’ve never waited longer than 10 minutes to get inside a haunted house on nights when waits could get up to 90 minutes. Without an Express Pass, I might find myself waiting a total of 4 and a half hours to see three houses, and before I know it, the clock is approaching midnight with 7 houses left to see and I haven’t made time for any rides or shows. My humble advice: Treat yourself.