The Perfect Time to Ride Slinky Dog Dash in Disney World

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is full of different highly sought-after attractions, so it stands to reason that this park usually has the highest wait times.

Toy Story Land at night

While Rise of the Resistance may be the big thrill ride in this park, Slinky Dog Dash often has the highest wait times due to its family-friendly nature (and it’s so stinkin’ cute!) and the fact that it’s a ton of fun! If you’re heading into Hollywood Studios soon and need to know the perfect time to ride it so you’re not waiting in an hours-long line in the hot sun, we’ve got you covered.

At Rope Drop

While rope-dropping in Hollywood Studios is a little bit harder than in other parks (you don’t really get to spread out through different lands, you’re all just crammed together at the front), rope-dropping Slinky Dog Dash is still one of the best times to ride.

Slinky Dog Dash

Wait times are often the lowest they’re going to be during this time, because even though hotel guests with early entry are already in line, you’re getting ahead of the massive amounts of crowds that are coming in after them. Even if you see the line at 60-65 minutes, that’s still better than the 100+ minute wait it’ll be later in the day!

Right Before Park Close

Now, if you’re not an early bird, we get it. Riding Slinky Dog Dash right before the park closes can also be a way to catch it at a shorter wait time (likely not shorter than it was at rope drop though).

Slinky Dog Dash

However, keep in mind that this ride can break down, and we’ve seen it break down an hour before park close and then never open back up, therefore leaving people unable to ride. So keep in mind that you’re running a risky game with this one!

When It’s Raining

If it’s raining but there’s no lightning in the area, outdoor rides will often stay open. This includes Slinky Dog Dash, and not too many people are keen to get on a roller coaster when it’s raining, so this may be another time to try to ride with a shorter wait!

Slinky Dog Dash with some storm clouds

However, lightning could flash at any moment, and the ride may be forced to closed for some time. If the storm continues, they may empty the queue, or it may be up to you if you want to stay in line and wait for the storm to pass. It’s a hard call to make, but sometimes, it may end up being your best bet!

Slinky Dog Dash second launch

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This popular Hollywood Studios show can be IMPACTED if it rains too hard!

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