The Line for EPCOT’s New Moana Attraction Got SCARY Today!

The NEW Moana attraction has soft-opened in EPCOT, and a lot of people want to check out the interactive gardens inside.

Look at that View!

Although Disney is currently utilizing a virtual queue system whenever demand is high for this attraction, we still saw a SUPER long line this afternoon!

When we stopped by Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana in the early afternoon, it looked like people were walking right into the attraction as soon as their boarding groups were called.

However, that wasn’t the case the whole day. When our group was called back, we found that there was a LONG line waiting for us.

Long line

The line stretched all the way to the Land pavilion and looped back on itself several times, making it even longer.

Looping back

Although the line moved quickly, it still looked like we’d be waiting a while before we’d be able to go inside! It seemed like Disney accidentally called back too many groups at once, or maybe people were simply taking a bit longer than usual to walk through the attraction.

Lots of people

Keep in mind that it’s only the second day of this attraction’s soft-opening, so it makes sense that it’s very busy. Once the attraction has been open for a while, we expect the crowds to die down a little bit.

Ocean Effect

Disney will probably use a virtual queue system for Journey of Water at least until the crowds calm down a little. You can join the virtual queue on the My Disney Experience app. Once your group is called, you have one hour to return to the attraction entrance.

Inside Journey of Water

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