Disney World Transportation Guide: How To Get From Hollywood Studios to the Magic Kingdom

Traveling around Walt Disney World can be intimidating, even for the most seasoned guest. While some transportation routes are straight forward, others can seem a bit convoluted and frankly take way more time than you’d expect. For example, it’s just a wee bit confusing figuring out the best way to get from Hollywood Studios to the Magic Kingdom, especially since they’re neither connected by monorail nor in walking distance of each other. However fear not, we’ve got you covered. This is every way to get from Hollywood Studios to the Magic Kingdom in a timely manner.

Disney Bus to Ticket and Transportation Center:

The first, and most straightforward Disney Transportation way to get from Hollywood Studios to the Magic Kingdom involves at least two modes of transportation. First, you’ll need to board the bus at the Studios park entrance, which will take you to the Magic Kingdom’s Transportation and Ticket Center. From there, you’ll need to hop on either the Monorail or take one of the watercraft that traverse the Seven Seas Lagoon. Either of these options will leave you at the park’s entrance gates.

Disney Bus to Contemporary Resort:

While this is technically a less direct route from Hollywood Studios to the Magic Kingdom, it’s arguably the quickest. First, hop on a bus from the Studios entrance to the Contemporary Resort. From there, take a quick walk – or a slightly longer, but aesthetically pleasing Monorail ride – to the Kingdom’s entrance gates.

We’ve got you covered!

How to Take a Minnie Van or Ride Share from Hollywood Studios to Magic Kingdom:

There are ride share options between Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom, these of course will be at an additional cost to you. Uber and Lyft can take you from a pickup point outside Hollywood Studios main gate to the Transportation and Ticket Center, where you can then catch the aforementioned Monorail or watercraft. However, using the Disney company’s on-site Minnie Van service may be worthwhile in this scenario, as the pickup point is closer to the Studios’ gates and – more importantly – the drop-off point at the Magic Kingdom is the bus loop just outside the park, eliminating the need to head over from the TTC.

How to Drive From Hollywood Studios to Magic Kingdom:

If you so desire, you can drive between Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom. Advantages of this method include speed – it’s about a 5-mile ride – and the fact that you’ll only need to pay for parking once. However, these benefits may be outweighed by the time it’ll take to find your car at the Studios, drive to Magic Kingdom, park at Magic Kingdom, then commute over to the park from the Transportation and Ticket Center.

Magic Kingdom Parking Lot

Which of these routes do you prefer when traveling from Hollywood Studios to the Magic Kingdom? Did we miss a major one? Let us know in the comments below.

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