6 MAJOR Disney Announcements You CANNOT Miss

The 2022 D23 Expo has certainly lived up to the hype when it comes to announcements for new and upcoming Disney projects!


We’ve learned that a Figment meet-and-greet is coming to EPCOT, the Hatbox Ghost will be added into the Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom, Journey of Water — Inspired by Moana will open sometime in late 2023, and that’s just the beginning. In case you missed all of the breaking news, here’s a recap of the 6 BIGGEST news drops we got from the 2022 D23 Expo.

Almost all of the biggest news drops from this year’s D23 Expo came from the Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products panel, hosted by Josh D’Amaro. The panel, called “A Boundless Future,” gave updates on all kinds of projects — both ongoing and new — that are happening at Disney Parks around the world.

Josh D’Amaro, president of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts at D23 Expo

Without further ado, let’s get to the news!

Magic Kingdom Expansion

Probably the biggest news to come out of this year’s D23 Expo was that Magic Kingdom in Disney World could potentially get a BIG expansion! A lot of the ideas mentioned are just that — ideas — and haven’t been solidified yet. Disney said that these concepts are in the early stages of development, but that’s not stopping us from getting VERY excited about what could come to this park.

Magic Kingdom

Disney asked the question, “What could be beyond Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Magic Kingdom?” Apparently, the answer was Coco- and Encanto-themed lands! One Disney Cast Member said, “What if you could walk into the Madrigals’ casita? What if Mirabel is your guide? What if you could walk up to a door, and discover your own magical gift?”





As we mentioned before, nothing is set in stone yet for these lands, but we did get to see some awesome concept art of what could be.


But we might be MOST excited about the potential VILLAINS-themed land that could also be a part of the upcoming expansion! Disney said, “We love to hate, and sometimes love to adore, obsessively love to adore … our villains.” They mentioned that a land overrun by some favorite Disney baddies could also be part of the new expansion in the park.





When will we see this expansion take place, and what exactly will be coming to Magic Kingdom? Only time may tell, but for now, we’re dreaming about visiting La Casa Madrigal, riding Alebrijes with Miguel, and meeting all of our favorite villains.

Click here to learn more about the Magic Kingdom expansion.

DinoLand U.S.A. Re-Theme at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Magic Kingdom isn’t the only Disney World park that could potentially get a major update. Disney announced that DinoLand U.S.A. in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is going to see some major changes soon.

DinoLand U.S.A.

Like the Magic Kingdom additions, the Animal Kingdom changes are still in what Disney Imagineers call the “blue sky” stage — meaning the concepts are still very new and could be changed quite a bit later on. Together with Jennifer Lee from Walt Disney Animations Studios and Chris Beatty from Walt Disney Imagineering, Josh D’Amaro announced that Disney is working on incorporating Disney’s Moana and Zootopia into the updates at DinoLand U.S.A.!





Check out the concept art revealed for the re-theme:

Concept Art for potential ‘Zootopia’ or ‘Moana’ Lands ©Disney

We could see some new attractions, shops, or other areas themed to these movies, but we don’t have any details about what the re-theme could entail just yet.

Click here to learn more about the DinoLand U.S.A. re-theme.

Opening Timeline for TRON: Lightcycle Run in Disney World

We have been WAITING to hear when TRON: Lightcycle Run could open in Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom. Construction has been coming along, and we’ve kept up with the changes. If you’re looking for an exact opening date, you’ll, unfortunately, have to wait a little longer. BUT Disney did announce an opening timeline for the coaster!

TRON construction in Magic Kingdom

TRON: Lightcycle Run will open in Disney World in the spring of 2023. Josh D’Amaro showed a video of him test-riding the attraction recently, and we’re suffering from major FOMO right now.





We’ll continue to watch for more updates on this coaster, and we’ll definitely be watching for the exact opening date to be revealed.

Click here to see the update about TRON: Lightcycle Run.

Update on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure (Splash Mountain Re-Theme)

Remember how Splash Mountain is being updated in both Disneyland and Disney World to incorporate a Princess and the Frog theme? Well, we got to learn a LOT more about Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at the D23 Expo!





We saw a scale model of the updated ride, which showed guests floating through Tiana’s gardens. At the top of the big drop, we spotted some colorful lights — could those be coming from The Other Side?

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Model

Disney also announced that several voice actors from the movie will be returning as their characters for the ride. Music will be a big part of the ride as well. The storyline concept will be that we’re helping Tiana find some missing ingredients for a big Mardi Gras festival, which we’ll get to attend at the end of the ride!

Sign in front of the ride

Louis, Prince Naveen, Mama Odie, and some new characters will make appearances at the attraction.


Disney Imagineers showed off a look at some concept art of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at night, and it looks like this attraction is going to be stunning after dark. As a quick reminder, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is opening in both Disneyland and Disney World in late 2024. Disney hasn’t announced yet when Splash Mountain will close for the updates to begin.

Get a NEW LOOK at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure here.

Happily Ever After Returning (Kind Of) and Other NEW Shows

Fans of Magic Kingdom’s former Happily Ever After nighttime spectacular, get excited. Some of the FIRST news we heard from the Disney Parks panel is that Happily Ever After will be returning to Disney World in a new way!




Happily Ever After is returning as part of an “updated spectacular” in Magic Kingdom, which will debut sometime next year. We do have confirmation that the iconic music from the show will be part of the new show.

Happily Ever After

In addition, EPCOT will be getting a new nighttime spectacular! Disney announced that a new show is being planned for EPCOT to celebrate Disney’s 100th Anniversary, which starts in 2023. They said the new show will continue “the park’s legacy of inspiring nighttime entertainment on World Showcase Lagoon.”




And over in Disneyland, there will also be 2 new fireworks shows! Both will debut in January 2023 as part of Disney’s 100th Anniversary. Disneyland Park will get a new show called Wondrous Journeys, featuring a new theme song, “It’s Wondrous.”




Disney California Adventure will have a new nighttime show as well, called World of Color One. “It is going to be a World of Color like nothing you’ve ever seen before – with an all-new inspiring story told by some of your favorite, favorite characters,” D’Amaro said.

Learn more about Disneyland’s upcoming fireworks shows here.

Avengers Campus Expansion at Disneyland Resort

Disney hinted earlier this weekend that a new expansion is being planned for Avengers Campus at Disneyland Resort. Now, we have more information about this expansion!

Avengers Campus concept art ©Disney

The new area of Avengers Campus will feature a new multiverse-themed ride, which will allow guests to join their favorite Marvel superheroes to battle villains from all across the multiverse.

King Thanos

One of those characters will be King Thanos, who will make his debut on the new ride.

Click here to learn more about the new multiverse expansion.

Those are just some of the biggest updates from the 2022 D23 Expo — to check out even more news, be sure to see our full guide to the Expo here!

D23 Expo

We’re always looking out for the latest announcements and updates from Disney, so stay tuned to AllEars to get all the news.

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Which announcement are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. None of this is in the planning stages, they spoke about how they were talking about it. This was an entire smoke and mirrors presentation to take peoples attention away from the fact they are not putting any money into the parks.

  2. believe all of it when i see it. and what does moana have to do with animal kingdom? dinoland should be changed to match the rest of the park, as in make it south america or australia. i’m in favor of zootopia but that needs to be the planet watch area, the train is already there.

  3. I can’t allow myself to get excited about Magic Kingdom expansion when the Mary Poppins and Play Pavilion expansions in EPCOT have yet to happen (and may not happen after not being mentioned at all at D23).