Is Citrus Swirl GONE for Good in Disney World? What We’re Seeing.

The Sunshine Tree Terrace is known as the home of the Orange Bird, but it’s also the home of one of Disney’s most popular citrus-flavored treats: the Citrus Swirl! At least, it was the home of the Citrus Swirl… .

Aloha from Sunshine Tree Terrace!

Did you know that the iconic Citrus Swirl treat is in the middle of a tangled, confusing story? Let us explain.

Admittedly, we’ve heard a lot about the Citrus Swirl over the past few months.

What happened to the Citrus Swirl?!

Back in July 2021, we noticed that the treat was gone from Disney’s mobile order menu, so we did a little investigating!

We did a little digging…

At first, we were told that the machines for the citrus swirl were down. A few days later, a Cast Member informed us that the product was on back-order and that it should be back soon. Keep in mind this was back in July of 2021.

What is going on?!

Fast-forward to October 2021 when we checked back in on the ole Citrus Swirl. It was still unavailable! A Cast Member reassured us that it would be back soon, so we kept our eyes peeled for an update.

Do you think he knows he’s teasing us?

Months went by, and the Citrus Swirl was nowhere to be found. We went to sleep thinking about that tart-yet-sweet treat and woke up wishing for a breakthrough. But alas, no such luck. Finally, in February 2022, we went over to Sunshine Tree Terrace to ask a Cast Member once again about the fate of the Citrus Swirl.

Please give us an update!

A Cast Member informed us that the Citrus Swirl had still not returned, and they were not sure of a timeline yet for when it would do so.

We did not expect that!

Although the beloved Citrus Swirl is unavailable, Disney has lots of other citrus-y desserts to choose from, like the iconic DOLE Whip, Orange Cream Soft-serve, and the Sparkling Sunshine float!

Dole Whip is still available!

We will continue to look out for updates to the great Citrus Swirl saga, but in the meantime, stay tuned for all the latest Disney news!

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2 Replies to “Is Citrus Swirl GONE for Good in Disney World? What We’re Seeing.”

  1. Why would Disney get rid of something cheap to make but so Delicious they make a fortune on? It’s a Florida Icon along with Orange Birdy. Get Smart DW