Eight Places You’ve Never Been at Walt Disney World

Even if you’ve been to Disney World a dozen times, we guarantee that there are spots around the parks and resorts that you’ve never seen.

There’s so much to see in Disney World!

Whether it’s a tucked-away trail or a little-known restaurant, there’s so much to see, do, and explore, it would likely take you months to conquer it all!

Don’t believe us? Today, we’re sharing the list of the places you’ve never been to in Disney World.

Discovery Island Trails in Animal Kingdom

Ever looked at Animal Kingdom‘s Tree of Life and thought about how you’d like to see it up close? Well, the good news is that you can (and you don’t even have to watch It’s Tough to be a Bug to do it!). The Discovery Island Trails run around the Tree of Life in the front and back, and they’re open for guests to explore.

The Discovery Island Trails are full of fun surprises.

You’ll find a few different entrances to the trails around Discovery Island (check your park map), and some offer some really great views and photo ops. Plus, you might encounter some animal exhibits back there as well!

There are some really cool views of the tree!

Carolwood Pacific Room at Wilderness Lodge

Over at the Boulder Creek Villas at Wilderness Lodge, there’s a special room filled with Disney history that many fans don’t know about. The Carolwood Pacific Room is a cozy little spot to relax, and it’s dedicated to Walt Disney’s love of trains!

There are all kinds of great things to see in here!

All around the room, you’ll find photos of Walt with his trains, two models of trains that Walt loved, and fun facts on the history of the memorabilia. And after you’ve read the details, this is the perfect place to sit in a comfy chair next to the fireplace and just relax.

It’s beautiful in here.

Rafiki’s Planet Watch in Animal Kingdom

Another seldom-visited spot in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Rafiki’s Planet Watch. Guests often overlook this experience because you’re required to take a train to get out there.

The Wildlife Express is a ride in and of itself!

But once you reach Rafiki’s Planet Watch, you’ll find that there’s plenty to do! You can visit the Affection Section and pet the farm animals or participate in the Animation Experience and learn how to draw your favorite Disney characters. And if you’re lucky, you may just catch an animal getting a medical checkup in the main building!

Rafiki’s Planet Watch has several attractions.

Exhibits in EPCOT’s World Showcase

All around the World Showcase, you’ll find special cultural exhibits dedicated to various aspects of each country. If you visit the Stave Church in Norway, you’ll get to view an exhibit on Norse gods and if you head into the main American Adventure building, there are two exhibits on jazz and Native Americans. 

These are great fillers in between rides and attractions!

The China Pavilion is home to an exhibit on Shanghai Disneyland and Japan has a Kawaii showcase on “cute culture.” In Morocco, you can learn more about desert racing, and you’ll want to stop by the lobby of the Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along to check out memorabilia from French theater.

Head in this lobby to check it out.

Voyageurs’ Lounge at the Riviera Resort

At Disney’s Riviera Resort, there’s a cute little library located next to Le Petit Cafe that you definitely need to check out on your next visit!

How cozy is this?!

Inside, you’ll find Disney memorabilia and photos from Walt Disney’s travels. We could imagine a lovely day spent here reading, doing work, or just relaxing with a cup of coffee.

Look at all these interesting details!

Tom Sawyer Island at Magic Kingdom

Have you ever wondered what’s on the island over by Frontierland and Liberty Square? Well, that’s Tom Sawyer Island, and we highly recommend visiting it at least once!

Tom Sawyer Island has so much to see.

You’ll have to take a raft across the Rivers of America to get here, but once you arrive you’ll find plenty to explore. There are hidden tunnels, forts to climb, pathways to walk, and bridges to traverse — it’s the perfect place to let kids run off steam!

Take the rafts across the river!

Walt Disney Presents at Hollywood Studios

If you’re a Disney history fan, you certainly don’t want to miss Walt Disney Presents at Hollywood Studios. Inside, you’ll find an exhibit featuring the history of the Walt Disney Company and the theme parks.

Walt Disney Presents is full of fun history tidbits.

At the end of the exhibit, you can watch a film called “One Man’s Dream” or sometimes they have movie previews to show. It’s a nice way to slow down in the middle of a busy day. 

You’ll find dozens of old photographs.

Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto at the Polynesian Resort

And last but not least, let’s talk about Trader Sam’s. This bar at Disney’s Polynesian Resort is a fan-favorite, but new guests often walk right past thanks to its inconspicuous entrance.

Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto

The menu is filled with interesting drinks and the lounge is littered with fun shenanigans — from crazy sound effects to moving barstools. It could be a great way to spend the evening!

It’s so secret it feels hidden!

How many of these places have you been to? Next time you’re in Disney World, make sure to check them all off of your list if you get the chance — then you’ll be an expert navigator!

Stay tuned to AllEars for more Disney details, facts, and tidbits!

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What’s your favorite hidden place in Disney World?

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  1. I’v been and done all the places you mentioned, except the ones at the resorts. I really like the places in World Showcase and Tom Sawyer’s island. Who needs to be a kid to enjoy the slower pace of the island?