PHOTOS: How Long Are the LINES at EPCOT’s Food and Wine Festival?

It’s hard to believe that we’re already at our second EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival since the theme parks reopened last summer! If you recall, last year’s festival kicked off the same day that EPCOT reopened.

It’s time for the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival!

Lots of things have changed in the past year. Distancing rules have changed, and the parks are continuing to increase capacity. We’ve already taken a look at the crowds in general in EPCOT for the Food & Wine Festival’s opening day, but now we’re taking a look at something a bit more specific — the lines for the food booths!

The Food & Wine Festival officially started today, July 15th, and let’s just say we weren’t the only ones excited to eat some treats and try some drinks.

Some of the lines around the parks weren’t too bad while others were longer. Here’s a peek at the line for the Joffrey’s booth near Canada.

Joffrey’s Canada Booth

And here’s a look at the lines inside the Canada Theater where the Appleseed Orchard booth is located. This spot is a bit more tucked away so it can be easy to overlook. But it can be an especially great place to escape from the Florida heat, so if you want to try some items from here and relax in the cool air conditioning for a minute, be sure to add it to your list.

Appleseed Orchard

Here’s a peek at the line for the Shimmering Sips booth, where you’ll find the NEW exclusive CORKCICLE souvenir and lots of mimosas.

Gotta Wait Your Turn

And here’s a look at the lines at The Donut Box…

Donut Box Line

…Brew-Wing at the EPCOT Experience…

Brew-Wing Line

…and Refreshment Port.

Refreshment Port

There was an especially LONG line at the China booth.

That’s Quite the Line!

It stretched out far from the booth’s entrance.

You’ll Need to Give Yourself a Bit of Time to Get Through These Longer Lines

Overall, there were decent-sized lines at some booths and smaller lines at others. Things will likely vary depending on what day and time you visit.

Just keep in mind that the lines around the park won’t just be for the food and drinks. We also encountered a line to get into Mouse Gear and spotted lines at other shops in the park.


Of course, with today being the first day, there are a lot of Food and Wine fans looking to be among the earliest to see all that there is to try! Just keep in mind that when a festival is going on in EPCOT, crowds will generally be larger on the weekends as Orlando locals come to check out the new eats. If you can avoid visiting the Food & Wine Festival during the weekends you may encounter less crowds and lines.

Hawaii Booth

We’ll keep an eye on the crowds in the coming weeks and months. Remember the Food & Wine Festival runs through November 20th, so you’ve got plenty of time to visit. Be sure to follow along with us for more news and updates!

Click here to check out the menus from this year’s Food and Wine Festival!

Are you checking out the Food and Wine Festival this year? Let us know in the comments!

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