A Popular Disney Mug Has a NEW (and Improved) Look!

Disney recently released an entire collection of Beauty and the Beast-inspired home goods!

Chip Succulents!

Apart from the adorable Chip Succulent Holder seen above, the collection includes another item where Chip is the star! It’s a new Chip mug, and it certainly outshines its older design.

The new mug design still shows the very lovable character, with his signature chip, of course. But there are a few small details that are definitely improvements.

NEW Chip Mug!

For reference, here’s the older design! It’s certainly cute, but in comparison to the new design, it falls a little flat.

Older Design

Let’s take a closer look at “new” Chip. The mug’s base has a little bend in it, which adds life to the design! It’s much easier to picture Chip hopping around Beast’s castle with this added detail.

Is Chip ready to spring into action?

Plus, there’s a lot more expression in his face. Look at those rosy, round cheeks! The extra details added to Chip’s eyes and mouth also help to make him look more life-like.

Smiley Chip

Congrats to Chip on this little makeover! We spotted the new mugs in Riverside Depot in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and they’re also available online! It costs $22.99. Check back with us for more Disney merchandise updates!

Spaghetti-Covered Stitch Comes to a Disney Store Near YOU!

Did you spot all the differences? Which mug design do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

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